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Braces and Retainersss. :P

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Posted 05 August 2012 - 11:49 AM ( #18 )

I got my braces on my six top teeth, because when I smiled or bit, my bottom teeth were my front teeth. Sounds kinda hard to explain, so thispicture might show it a lot better. It's called an 'Underbite', and I was nine when I got my braces. The fact they were glow in the dark was the best thing, but for the first 3 days, I would cry randomly because they would be very painful whilst pushing my teeth back where they were supposed to be. I had them for a year, and somehow, being the first child ever in my primary (elementary) school to ever have braces, especially at my age. They actually made me quite popular, and everybody made me tell them the story for the rest of that school! I got them off after a year, which was quite upsetting at first, but then I remembered that I had vomit stuck in them once, and that was definatley not the most pleasent experience in my life. To boost my teeth up, to give my Molars space to grow, they also inserted 'Bite Blocks' which can be seen here, which were slightly bigger, and were welded to my teeths. When they were removed, there was a LOT of residue and made cracks in my Molars. Almost 5 years after my Braces and Bite Blocks were removed, I still do have the residue, but I love my perfect smile! I had to wear my retainer for two years too, and my popularity for braces turned to disgust when I took it out for dinner!

The residue does annoy me though, who knows, maybe when (if ever) I'm rich & famous, I can sue them! Haha!


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