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Dream job...

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Posted 18 May 2012 - 11:19 AM ( #21 )

I've wanted to be a writer for seven years and that's not showing any sign of changing. I also wanted to be a vet before, but my dream job hardly ever changed. I remember nobody took me seriously when I was 4 and said I wanted to be a writer, but I always was pretty proficient with words. Knowing and using the word proficient at age 10 is a sign of good vocabulary. :)

I guess others have made super long posts, so I might as well too. Here is the entire story of my wanting to be a writer (and the proof it's not just a little kid being silly!):

When I was really little, like 2 or 3, I loved talking and using the few words I knew. I always said what I was doing whenever I did something, I'm sure that was really cute. I even remember a little bit - I loved learning new words and using them. It was like my hobby at the time.
When I started learning to write (which was before I started school), I loved it. My first story was called "The Car Wash Capter 8" (supposed to be chapter 8 but I was 3 then) and it was very short and about washing a car (LOL), but it seemed like a very long story to me. Looking back, I'm amazed at the handwriting and spelling I used.
I also started using the computer at a very young age - 5 or 6. I played with Microsoft Excel and made pictures by colouring squares, like the pixel art I sometimes do nowadays. I learned to type very quickly, even though I was slow at first, so by the time I was 7 I could type about 10 words per minute. I typed a two-page story about guinea pigs and dolphins at school, but I remember it took ages because by then I was well-known in my class for good spelling, and everyone kept asking me how to spell words I saw as easy but were actually difficult for their age. I loved writing, and I remember once the teacher was writing on the whiteboard what we had to do for our English lesson; it said "write a story" and I got all excited, but then she wrote "about a monster in the park" and my heart sank. I made up a giant dolphin monster that had an oversized beak and had got stranded at the park. Unlike the other kids' stories, mine was about people rescuing a giant dolphin from a park.
This kind of thing went on through my early years at school, but when I moved to my third school in 3rd grade I noticed that school (which I'm still at now) had much less creative work and more easy things. When I started my 5th grade SATs (which I just finished yesterday) I was completely taken aback by how BORING the subjects we needed to write about were. A page-long review about a pair of trainers or a singer or how excited you are before a hot air balloon ride - impossible! There was one practice paper where we had to write a spooky story about a girl entering a shed. I completely missed out on most of the marks for "composition and effect" because I made up a sign saying "Silly Moocow Club" and chairs the right size for exactly 100 ants. Hardly spooky...
Another memorable incident happened quite recently - we had to write a story for English. A story about, for once, ANYTHING WE WANTED. I completely grabbed the opportunity and before I knew it had written 11 pages and still was not done. It was a story about living fruits attacking each other. My teacher didn't like it OF COURSE, but my friends think my writing is hilarious. :D

So, that's my long and far from finished description of why a writer would be the perfect future job for me!