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A Note About Discount Stores

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Posted 31 March 2012 - 07:21 AM ( #1 )

Discount stores are known for selling fake, cheap stuff... but, sometimes, they DO sell legitimate Tamagotchis. For example, one such shop called "The Reject Shop" sells fake, $2 virtual pets that look almost exactly like P2s except they have 4 buttons instead of three. However, this very same shop sells authentic Wave 2 Tama-Gos for $8 and Tamagotchi Deco-Ratchi kits. So when buying a Tama from a discount store you should know that...
♥ The real Tamagotchis would cost at least $5; a price like $2 is unrealistic
♥ The store is unlikely going to sell a Tamagotchi from several years back; so if you think you find a considerably old Tamagotchi version, it could be a fake
♥ Discount stores often sell things from other countries, so if the Tamagotchi comes with a CD / DVD (like the Music Star that came with a Tamagotchi the Movie DVD I got which turned out to only work in the US)you should check the country it says in the tiny writing on the disk
♥ You should probably check to see if the product for sale has been for sale in other non-discount shops, to be sure it's not fake

Hope I helped!

~ EMF :wacko:
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31 Mar 2012

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Posted 31 March 2012 - 05:15 PM ( #2 )

I don't think you can call them "fake" unless they say they are tamagotchi and made by Bandai. From what I can understand, it seems like they are just other virtual pets, not fake tamas. And if a V-pet is only $2, I wouldn't worry about being ripped off, since it wasn't any huge price. But thanks anyway. :)