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R.I.P. Lily

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Posted 09 April 2012 - 09:16 PM ( #1 )

Well, I thought dad was going to take her away so I hid her with her sound off and totally forgot about her. -__- why did i do this oh whyyy

Anyways, she was a Purimatchi before she died. I didn't even know this until I looked back at the memory. God, I feel like such a terrible Tama dad right now. xD

In her place emerged a baby boy named Vice. I'm surely going to take better care of him than I did of Lily. Can't let another Tama die in my care.

Well, at least that's only the fourth Tamagotchi that's ever died in my care. c: Gonna try to keep that number where it is.






09 Apr 2012