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What's your school like?

school boring fun or what?

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XxX KennyLover XxX

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Posted 06 October 2012 - 08:17 AM ( #41 )

My school isn't too bad. I'm in top set of year 9 and we all have a laugh. There is obviously bad things about it like students, the girls are the worst and some of the teachers are pretty bad too.
Last year I wrote a report on my French teacher saying about how he teaches. I handed it into the head-teacher and the French teacher ended up getting fired, we got a better teacher and our classes grades went up. Because of that students in my class have asked me to do a report on the new maths teacher, why? Well during one of them many terrible lessons no one understood the work but me, so, I got up and started teaching the lesson, everyone understood. I've also done one on the geography teacher.

It's now becoming an academy with another school in my town and everybody hates the idea.
Also, you may like this (I'm not sure though). I always have my tamas out on the table at lunch, when people see them they come over to play with them and ask me where they can buy some. So far 4 girls have bought them and come to ask me questions on how to look after them better.


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Posted 14 October 2012 - 06:45 AM ( #42 )

Well let's see...
My elementry school was really fun. It wasn't a huge school But in Grade 4 I broke my arm and when I broke it the lunch monitors didn't do anything about it even though I screamed at the top of my lungs, and also when I had my cast on I dropped all my Cheerios and the fat lunch supervisor yelled at me to pick it up, and my friends said "She doesn't need to pick it all up by herself!" but the lady just said "She can handle it. She's not dumb, you know." and I was in pain from bending my arm a bit. But those where the only 2 bad things that happened in elementry.

Middle School was like a prison in Grade 6 and 8. In Grade 6 I had a Math teacher who stole my Pokewalker from my pocket and wouldn't give it back, plus she would yell at us even if we whispered. But Grade 8 was BAD. We had a couple class clowns who wouldn't shut their mouths and was kicked out of the class often, and 2 teachers had a very bad temper. Our Science teacher on the 4th day suddenly got out of her seat and yelled "OK! THAT'S IT! YOU THREE GO TO THE OFFICE NOW!" and she stormed out of the room, a couple minutes later she came back and gave us a little speech and in her speech she called them stupid and idiots. Which to me is really harsh since the clowns have smartened up now. And our French Teacher would basically yell like a drill instructor would. It was so bad that I skipped French althogether.

And now Im in high school, it's way better than Middle School, that's for sure. But there is a lot of foul mouthed people and people who smoke. (they are allowed to smoke on school property but away from where most people go) and this school is kinda old, it was build in 1958! o_o But the only thing I have to complain about is my homeroom. First off, it's a room where speical needs kids go, but are higher functioning. Well, one person in my class likes to hit other people and I've gotten 2 bruises already! And I feel that they are labeling me as "dumb" because I'm in that class. Sure it's exclusive for more higher functioning people, but still.

Amat Gotchi

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Posted 15 October 2012 - 06:46 PM ( #43 )

Built in 1950s after the original (fancy, awesome) building was destroyed by an earthquake, called a ghetto by the other high school in town, has wood-paneled ugly walls, great teachers mostly.
The creepy people (they do drugs etc) are mostly not in my classes. Except PE, where we've got a male teacher of questionable chastity (how can I say it appropriately?), and it's filled with creepy kids who swear at the top of their lungs, do drugs, think they're cool, etc. Every single student swears regularly (is that normal?) and the discipline is kind of loose. But I've at least got friends here. My old school was a private school where no one did drugs but everyone spouted their political views (radically different from mine), smearing the other political parties. Thinking they're cool and everything. Annoying.
So my school's a lot like most other schools, I think.


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Posted 16 October 2012 - 03:06 AM ( #44 )

Uh, well, I'm in year 7 (my school goes from year 1 - 8) and I go to a small country school, that got flooded before I started. There are a few under 50 kids and I know everyone's names. Seriously. We have three main teachers (that includes our principal) and we are spoilt rotten. Let's say it is rare to have less than 5 outings a term. There is no bullying, there are two class rooms (year 1-4 & 5-8) and we have a pool. The school is very orderly. And we also have huts, also according to the teachers, no one achieving below average!


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Posted 22 October 2012 - 08:29 AM ( #45 )

My old school was the worst school in the area I live in.
My new school is amazing, I mean, I actually miss it when im not there o_O It must be good lol

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Posted 31 October 2012 - 07:04 PM ( #46 )

you guys already know what it was like for me in middle school I hated it

but you guys know now that I am now a 9th grader in High school and actaully its ok. yeah people are nice to me I have 1 friend so far that I met and I hope to make more. I think the thing I like about this school the best is that we are allowed to do ythings with our iPods and phones and stuff and I get too listin to my iPod touch on the way to classes. the computers are kinda nice I like how some of them have google chrome on them. and also the teachers are pretty nice to me. so yeah I kinda like my high school but I bet later I'm gonna start hating it

EDIT: I kinda forgot to say how people still dress like there inapp girls or something and also people are very loud in science but I'm starting to deal with it and get used too it

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Cave Johnson

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Posted 02 November 2012 - 12:43 AM ( #47 )

Posted Image
It's run by this guy, and it's awesome. Zero tolerance for pretty much everything, so it's cool. Was previously really mediocre, but then this guy shows up and he's just "lolno" and now it's good \o/

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Posted 09 November 2012 - 04:14 PM ( #48 )

Let me think...
My school is an ordinary high school in the UK (I didn't take the u-11 test), and I am in year 8. In most lessons, I sit next to a boy who has special needs (only minor), and he thinks I am his 'best friend'. I don't really get bullied, but the boy with special needs gets picked on constantly, due to him be weak and 'easy to kick around and have some fun with'. I do not think it is fair for others to pick on someone because of them having special needs, being bad at sports etc.
I am in set one for every subject that has sets, except for maths (set 2 out of 4), and P.E (set 3 out of 3, the worst set D:). If I even search for any related to tamagotchis on the library computers, my friends think I am childish, but I know they don't really mean it. The strictness at my school, well lets say if I brought a tama into school, I wouldn't see for weeks, maybe even a month or two.


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Posted 23 November 2012 - 11:00 PM ( #49 )

I am in elementry right now. Great school no bullies or anything like that. I remeber last year some people were cursing though. Lots of safety`s (I am one of them!)


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Posted 24 November 2012 - 12:20 AM ( #50 )

God... some of the people at my school are pathetic. They bully others, talk behind others backs and are just plain horrible people.

To le horrible boys:
You're not tough, you wear skinny jeans and listen to dubstep, you should just drop out now you have no future.

To le horrible girls:
As soon as one of your friends leave you backchat them, and you literally destroy some people mentally, what's wrong with you?

To my friends:
you are all amazeballs ^_^


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Posted 24 November 2012 - 10:26 AM ( #51 )

I love my school except one teacher. In most lessons we can get away with pretty much anything (yelling the answers to everything, talking when we're not supposed to etc.) but there are some pointless rules like:
  • Year 12 and 13 don't have to wear uniform, get lunch half an hour earlier and can push in front in the lunch queue. Seriously, if they get early lunch, WHY can't they just go then instead of pushing in front of the rest of us at our lunch time!
  • At the opposite end of the uniform strictness scale, it couldn't get much fussier in Year 7. No jewellery except plain watches, no nail polish, socks must be a certain colour and length, skirt all year round...you name a uniform rule, they've got it. :(
  • If you miss a day you have to do all that day's homework and copy the lesson stuff from someone else's book. I hope I don't get ill in my whole time at school, so then I won't have to do that.
They only have sets for 4 things (Maths, English, Science, PE) and there are 2 sets for each of those subjects. I'm in the top set for all of them except PE.

Amat Gotchi

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Posted 25 November 2012 - 09:07 PM ( #52 )

My least favorite class is PE. Not because I don't like physical activity, but my teacher is...how do I say this appropriately...supposedly of "questionable chastity" if that makes sense.
Besides that, he made us go fishing (why?) and then take a test on the parts of a fishing pole and classify/name all the different fish in our area. He didn't tell us what to study and was so very surprised and angry when we ALL FAILED! If we miss a day of PE, we have to have a signed slip from parents, saying we did 45 minutes of cardio and our heart rates before and after that (I just fabricate the heart rate; who actually takes their heart rate during sports?).He has convinced himself that his class is actually important. :angry:
Does our future fitness level/lifetime success really depend on how well we did in a stupid PE class?


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Posted 30 November 2012 - 10:55 AM ( #53 )

oh glob exams next week :(


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Posted 20 December 2012 - 07:46 AM ( #54 )

Bullies, hard work, and lots of home work describe my middle school. I'm in 7th grade at the time and I hate it.... I'm practically bullied everyday, but I have some friends. Not too many though, and they sometimes can be bullies...


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Posted 21 December 2012 - 10:59 AM ( #55 )

I love secondary school! I've only just finished my first term of Year 7, but it's way better than primary school! Nobody has yet called me an idiot or said my phone is rubbish and I should get an iPhone. Most of the other girls are okay and the teachers are great. Before I came to this school I hadn't done any proper religious studies, computer stuff, history, geography, science, art or PE. I've caught up on most of those subjects already because of the good teaching.


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Posted 21 December 2012 - 04:15 PM ( #56 )

I'm no longer in school. The school I went to was a lot like the Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars. You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.


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Posted 22 December 2012 - 03:20 PM ( #57 )

My entire SCHOOL is lazy. I'm not talking about 50% of the kids either, I'm talking some most of the teachers and even the PRINCIPAL. You can bully and the only thing the principal makes you do is write an apology letter.

god I wish i was homeschooled

EDIT: Most of the students are also corrupted. Most girls become fashionistas, most boys become heartless jerks...

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Posted 12 January 2013 - 09:02 AM ( #58 )

My school is actually nice compared to the other posts, but I hate my subsitute teacher sooo much. She boots everyone into another classroom at lunch for no apperant reason and it's really crowded, and if your on a site like Cartoonnetwork.com (even during free time!) she either blanks your screen or repeatedly sends you pop ups telling you in all caps "GET OFF THAT SITE, NOW!" I wish my nice teacher would come back :( *sigh*

Anyways, back on topic. On Thursday, all of us had this meeting on how to handle stress during exams but one problem...I don't do exams! So it's kinda a waste of time for those who aren't coming or participating on exam days. They say I don't do exams because I'm on something called a IPP program in case you where wondering.
And besides my sub teacher, nobody is mean to me (of my knowledge) and at lunch I tend to avoid walking in the halls due to a risk of me getting beaten up or something in that case, and there's this kid in my class who smokes and he's my age! And they let him just get up and wander the halls without question.


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Posted 14 January 2013 - 06:47 AM ( #59 )

The thing about my school is it's a bit "exclusive", like no one's friends with everyone, they're all split into different groups, so you're either included in a group or not. I'm not sure I should even try anymore, not worth trying anyways I mean I don't even have the same interests as them so it's hard to strike a conversation, and even when they're talking about something that I know about and I can actually contribute information to I don't speak up because I know they wouldn't care anyways

"Remember that TV show kid's next door something?"
"There was a guy who's bald who wears sunglasses, and a girl with a green shirt who's always happy who has these stuffed bears or something"
^the conversation went something like that, but not exactly

I could have told them his name was Nigel Uno, or that those were Rainbow Monkeys and not stuffed bears...

I guess it's partly my fault for not making an effort from the start and being all "anti-social" reading books and browsing online forums instead of hanging out with them...oh well as long as I have Owl City I don't care music is my best friend and my only way to cope with loneliness now, man I wish I had an ipod

Today in homeroom the guidance counselor did a presentation about "belonging" and whatever and it took all my self control to not burst into tears on the spot because that's exactly what I feel like, what they were talking about, belonging in a group... I don't care about popularity at all, I'd rather have at least one best friend and be called an outcast or weirdo than throwing them away for popularity but yeah there's no one... but seriously, friends...they don't know how lucky they are having friends... I don't even know what to do anymore...but I do know one thing

I belong with the hoot owls.

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