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Vampire Bones

by myself alexandra walace (1 (12 yrs old)

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Posted 16 April 2012 - 03:13 AM ( #1 )

Enjoy :D

My chest was thumping faster than before, while sweat was running down my face with worry. I swallowed.

I didn’t want to tell anyone my secret but they have been asking me for my answer for years, they’ve been begging, pouting and howling for one answer. Why would these girls think I was a vampire? Why would they think that? I’m at a vampire hunting college for girls, but it is true… It’s pretty obvious to see. I have shiny black hair that is darker than the deepest abyss in the ocean, I have pale blue eyes that glitter in the moonlight and the most obvious part is that I have sharp pearly white fangs.

My father is Dracula. Yes, I know Dracula. He signed me up for this school 2 years ago and I’ve been here ever since. My secret is getting harder and harder to not say every second of the day; it is starting to make my brain tick as if it was going to explode.

“So are you going to tell us?” Miranda asked one more time in frustration, I replied more slowly “I told you 4 times and I’m going to tell you one more time, I’m not a vampire and I’ll never be.” I shook my head in pain; the truth inside of me is making me feel agony. ~ I’m not going to tell them. They are hunters, they are my enemies but they don’t know it. But at the same time I’m friends with all of them and I don’t want to lie. ~

Soon after my friends where whispering and muttering about me, well that’s what I thought.







16 Apr 2012