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Posted 28 April 2012 - 04:35 PM ( #1 )

This is meant for all those hardcore Pokémon trainers out there who know how to form the best teams possible. Those super-gamers that do all that EV and IV training stuff.

I plan on getting White 2 once the new games come out. And for this game, I want to make a team based off of the anime "Puella Magi Madoka Magica." I'm going to choose the female character and name her "Yuki" after the woman that provided the show's awesome soundtrack. Here's what I have so far for my Pokémon:

~Female Adamant Samurott (Razor Shell, Swords Dance)-"Sayaka"
~Female Timid Audino (Wish, Secret Power)-"Madoka"
~Male Serious Espeon (Future Sight, Trick)-"Kyuubey"
~Female Naďve Pikachu (Thunderwave, Thunderbolt)-"Mami"
~Female Lax Infernape (Close Combat, Stone Edge)-"Kyouko"
~Female Lonely Absol (Detect, Sucker Punch)-"Homura"

Would someone be willing to finish the movesets of my Pokémon, give them items, choose their abilities, and explain how I should train them individually (IVs and EVs)? I realize the moves and natures I've chosen might not be the best, but I picked them to correspond with their character of inspiration. However, I'd like their other two moves to compliment their movesets , abilities, and natures as well as possible. Please keep double and triple battles in mind, and if possible I'd like to stay away from egg moves (I realize Wish is an egg move for Audino) and dream world abilities. Thanks! :)

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Posted 28 April 2012 - 06:23 PM ( #2 )

Ooh.... I like those. Madoka....-ism?

When does it come out...? Soonish? I forgot about it ....... Shame on my forgetful brain! Hahaha... I cant believe I did though....


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Posted 29 April 2012 - 09:55 AM ( #3 )

It comes out in the Fall for North Americans and Europeans.

I know what I want for my Pokemon team now.

Sayaka the Samurott.
~Night Slash
~Razor Shell
~Swords Dance
Item: Life Orb

Homura the Absol.
~Psycho Cut
~Sucker Punch
Ability: Super Luck
Item: Scope Lens

Madoka the Audino.
~Echoed Voice
~Heal Pulse
Ability: Regenerator
Item: Leftovers

 Mami the Pikachu.
~Brick Break
~Grass Knot
Ability: Static
Item: Light Ball

Kyouko the Infernape.
~Close Combat
~Flare Blitz
~Stone Edge
~Swords Dance
Item: Muscle Band

Kyuubey the Espeon
~Hidden Power (Fire/Fighting)
~Light Screen
Ability: Magic Bounce
Item: Light Clay

I changed Madoka's Secret Power to Echoed Voice simply because Secret Power would suck with her nature. And Echoed Voice is a great move for her.

I changed Mami's Thunder Wave to Grass Knot since it'll get more use. Plus, the purpose of the first was to mimic Mami's binding ribbons, and Grass Knot kind of does the same thing :P

I replaced Kyuubey's Future Sight with Hidden Power because I thought about it, and Kyuubey actually doesn't even have the ability to see into the future xD Trick had to be removed because its only available for Espeon in Generations 3 and 4.

Now that I've made the choices already, I would appreciate some opinions from y'all. Also, I need some advice for EV training them.

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