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Dark By Lia M.

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Posted 01 May 2012 - 01:46 PM ( #1 )

Hey you guys! Well, I'm what I like to call myself: A writer. I write poems and short stories (only because I'm too lazy to write a whooole book). I haven't really written in a while, but I'm excited to start again. This poem I wrote, entitled Dark, is a little something I wrote back in 8th grade. I'm 18 now, lol, so this so this isn't the best I can do, but at the age I wrote it, I think it's pretty good. Please, feel free to leave comments and CRITIQUE! Lol yes, I'm inviting people to criticize my work. It's going to help me get better, so please, comment or pm me what you think, and your critique if you're also an advanced writer. SO! Without further adieu...

p.s., the proper way to read poetry is continuously as if it were one sentence, unless the author put punctuation marks that indicate a pause, like a comma and etc, so even tho my poem might end at a line and continue at the next line, don't make a pause. Just trying to help you guys get the rhythm of my poem :)


I'm blended with the dark,
Like water and Kool-Aid mix.
I am a bat
Flying free in the cover of the night.
No one sees the real me.

I break out and live
In the dark.
It keeps my secrets,
That no one knows.

But alas,
The sun is coming.
I quickly slip home
In the remaining shadows.
I put on my shell.
The shell that contains me.
The real me.
The one you should know.

P.s. The real you is the way you act when no one is watching.

Thank you for reading! :D






01 May 2012