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The Awesome Tamachat log!

tamachat logs tamagotchis awesome

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Posted 21 May 2012 - 08:20 PM ( #35 )

Had a worse than bad day today, but I'm still blogging!

Name: Blake
Generation: 2nd
Character: Kuribotchi
Stress: 04
Years old: 0
Weight: 10 lbs

Tone: 286
Rhythm: 284
Original: 262

Blake's band:


Gotchi Points: 22,957,850

Classical is Blake's favorite genre.

Toy: Teddy bear
Instrument: Piano

Star ranking: N/A
Tama fans: N/A


...Oh my God.

Color code:
Blue is for me (jasen221).
Grey is for Purge.
Gold is for Blake.

Zach, I've made a decision.
Yeah Purge?
I'm going to do it.
Yes. I'm sick of being an experiment.
Okay, Purge. I'll reply to the King and tell him that you're going to get the procedure.
I'll be away from the blog for an entire day...
It's a small price to pay for your happiness.
Thank you. I wonder when they'll be able to do the procedure...
Blake... We've already talked about this.
Blake, I told you. When your mom and dad are together with you, their bodies secrete a hormone to stop your growth.
You said that already!
You parents had to leave or else they would keep inhibiting your growth forever.
So... I wouldn't be a Kuribotchi?
No. You'd still be a Petitchi.
Oh... But... Isn't there a way to stop them from secreting the hormone?
Nope, Tama scientists have tried. It only appears in Tamagotchis who are from Earth.
Why does that happen?
Tama scientists say it's to make the Tamagotchis come back to TamaTown. Basically so they don't move their society to Earth completely.
Oh... So... They left so I could grow...
Yes. It's a normal thing.
Oh... good...
Okay Blake, do you want to play your piano?

Alright, well, I'll end this entry here. I'll see you guys later :3

It's Purge, and I'm here for the photo bin!

Posted Image

Blake, playing his piano. He does that alot xD

Well that's all the photos for today. See you all later!


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Posted 22 May 2012 - 04:29 AM ( #36 )

A scottish guy. I will update with a real name soon.
BTW! Dazz, You have three presents. Here: Posted Image

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It`s Teri

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Posted 22 May 2012 - 11:17 PM ( #37 )

Well, sorry I haven't updated in a while, Madison has been paused. But I unpaused her today. And now Wicked Hipster Pink is ranked at 5th. Hopefully they win or something tomorrow (probably won't be tonight)
Yeah, hey, whatever.
She's been like that lately. idk why.
I don't have much to say that's why.
Well okay then! There isn't much to say really, so byeeee!!!
~Teri and Madison


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Posted 23 May 2012 - 07:16 PM ( #38 )

I have really been slacking but just so you know I am switching the tamas I use in this log. I will tab all my connections this friday when my Tama-go and angelgotchi come. (4 is too much for me) I will continue the hatch with my tama-go. (maybe not all but at least half of them.


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Posted 24 May 2012 - 11:22 AM ( #39 )

Neck-tietchi. I will mate them. now choose a color!!

I want LIME!!!!!
I want purple!!!!!
I get pink then!!!!!
Why not?
'Cause I said.
Oh, fine.BYE!


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Posted 25 May 2012 - 05:51 PM ( #40 )

Joseph is old. Maddy and Joseph got married and wait for it............... They had...........................
BOYS!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
I'll mate next time I get different genders.
Bye! Please leave comments for Lyssie and the log starter through PMs. GOO! GOO!

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Posted 25 May 2012 - 10:08 PM ( #41 )

Well guys, sad news. Madison died/left today. It's kinda my fault, I left her at home unpaused while I was at a birthday party. But I didn't realise I'd be gone so long xD Well, I restarted and I got a boy, who I named Feliks (I already know I've used this name before, no need to tell me! I couldn't think of anything else xD) Anyways, Feliks is now a Kuchitamatchi.
Heeeeey people of TamaTalk! Hey, Teri, when do I get to go to preschool?
When Ms Frill comes to tell you you can.
I don't wanna wait too long!
Well, I don't know how long you'll have to wait.
Can we go on TamaTown?
Maybe, Feliks. Maybe.
Well I hope so!
It's very unlikely, I hardly ever take tamas on TamaTown.
Aw, don't be sad...
Okay we might go soon.
I guess I can live with that...
Too bad if you can't because you're gonna have to!
Well, that's enough for now. No pics because I'm lazy. Byeeee!!!
~Teri and Feliks
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Posted 26 May 2012 - 12:31 AM ( #42 )

Hello Guys I have rejoined the log with my tamago. No pictures today but I will talk about him. He is a Hoshitchi
Name: Pasta
Gender: Girl
Weight: 16lbs
Age: 0 y/o
**Pasta raises his hand**
The board recognizes his friend Pasta. Do you have anything to say?
Ok that was taken from Hetalia but me and Pasta just love it so much
Yup we sure do.
Anyways but is there seriously anything you have to say.
Not much except for how much I love you!
No whatever it is you want you can't have it. I can't believe you would put me on the spot like this.
You don't even know what I want!?
Oh yeah thats right. I need to know what you want before I tell you to go to hell.
I want you to buy me some food in the shop.
Go to Hell! Wait what you don't want a car or something?
What no I'm too young to drive.
Ok We'll talk about this later but the answer is probably yes.
Ok I will say bye now. Bye!
Oh yeah Bye!!
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Posted 26 May 2012 - 04:44 AM ( #43 )

I decided to name my tama-go boy baby Elmer and my music star baby Garren. Don't ask. <highlight me

Edit: RIP Garren. Now have GIRL!!! Mating again!!! Her name is Elanoras. Yes I WILL mate them!!!

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Posted 26 May 2012 - 03:02 PM ( #44 )

Ok Now I will post pictures today. Pasta is fine, and yes her name is pasta. Pasta, my mom, my dogs, and I went on a really long walk today(not that long about 2 miles maybe) and got a starbucks, So she has been kinda neglected today.
Sorry Pasta!
It's good don't worry. You take good care of me. He is my favorite owner btw.
I'm your only owner.
Duh that's why your my favorite.
Do you want your knife back? if so it's in my back. Anyways it is time for her stats Pasta. Sorry you can talk to the audience when I'm done.
Ok go ahead.
Pasta's Stats:
Age:1 y/o
weight:15 lbs(I like to keep my tamas at there base weight.)
gender: female
generation: 1
Hungry: 4 out of 5 hearts filled (feed you in a minute, and then I will take you to the arcade to work off that weight!)
Yey! sounds like fun! I am sooooo excited.
Not done yet Pasta can you please wait a minute.
Oh ok.
Happy: 5 out of 5
Training: 3 points(She's a good girl dont need to scold her much)
Friendship: 6 out of 6 hearts!!
Character: still Hoshitchi!
Points: 3420p
Ok Now you can talk to the audience, Pasta.
Oh okay. My owner is very good to me. He takes me to tamatown alot. OH and yesterday remember when I asked him for food, He did more than buy me food he also bought me a new room! It s so cool it has a nice couch in the corner, and A nice HUGE window that gives me lots of sunlight. I love my new house.
Ok they got it you got a house.Anyways is there anything else you want to talk about?
Oh We are going to the arcade in a minute.
there you go talk about the arcade what is your favorite game to play there?
I like the game where you get to shoot those little buggies they are so gross though. They like explode once you shoot them.
Yeah but the game is still fun right!
Yes I love it so much. I can't wait till I'm older Matt says when I'm older I get to play games off the kuchipatchi thing that gets attached to my tamago. I can't wait.
Yeah Ok well these people are busy we should go.
Ok bye people. Imma go to the arcade now bye!
Bye audience. OH BTW pics below:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Kinda blurry sorry All I have to use is my 3Ds.
Edit: newly added Picture of me and teri on tamatown(I'm XX0450 Btw teri is the TD5225 one I dont know who the others are)
Posted Image
Edit: pixie joined us again. ( everyone is labelled)
Ps: the weird guest mametchi was still there that person died xDDD
Posted Image

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Posted 26 May 2012 - 04:45 PM ( #45 )

Sorry for not updating recently. :U

iD L
Over the past few days, I managed to get Spacytchi, another successfully planned character I got. That makes 9 TamaTomo characters. (still so many to obtain)
I'll work on his happy symbols, the TamaMori item (pretty sure it's the tuxedo), the king steak(or maybe just the steak) and the metal guitar. I also can't take pictures because my iPod's battery is dead.
His house is also dirty, I'll get onto that. :/

Tama Profy updates will come if possible. ;]

Now, here is a picture of Me, Teri, and xxKuchipatchixx on TamaTown:

Actually, the picture button is broken, so I'll just post a link. :/
I did the IMG code thing, so it works.

Posted Image

There is also a dizzy Prince Tamahiko:
Posted Image

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Posted 27 May 2012 - 01:43 AM ( #46 )

Right, so not much happened today, except Feliks got accepted into preschool. I also took him on TamaTown earlier today, where he met up with xxKuchipatchixx and Pixie's tamas.
Posted Image
Yeah, in case you can't tell from previous posts, my TamaTown ID is TD5225.
It was fun!
Yes, Feliks, I'm sure it was!
And we can go to preschool too?
At some stage.
Well, like I said, not much happened, so byeeee for now!!!
~Teri and Feliks
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Posted 27 May 2012 - 02:00 AM ( #47 )

W00T! TicTax says I can use this awesome log (but I will post in my other log, too.)

In this log, I will write about my purple iD L and PassionFuit Nano.

Say hello to... MOMO! She is an ugly Hineonetchi on my iD L, generation 10. I have 12 characters and all ten Tama Pets in my book, and yes, I know Hineonetchi is a bad care teen but that's so I can get a new character. If I ever get Lovelitchi again for the umpteenth time, I will decorate the ceiling with her organs.

Anyway, after cleaning up the mountain of doo that reached the ceiling, I took Momo to Melody Land. It is such a boring place. All that happens is an ugly fat cat comes along and says boring stuff in Japanese. Probably saying boring stuff like who invented Teletubbies or something.

And as for my Nano, I have a Kuchipatchi who is almost as phat as me. I fed him candy and... and... what IS that? Then I played the lame mini-game. But I only caught the letters T-A-M-A and then lost because I accidentally caught a C instead of a G due to those lame energy-saving lightbulbs.

Now for a conversation. The purple writing is done by my iD L, Momo, and the green writing is done by my Nano, Kuchipachi. And the boring gray (not grey like those dumb Australians spell it) writing is done by boring me.

Introducing Momo and Fattypatchi!
Hello, everybody! I AM THE AWSMEST TAMA IN DA WORLD AND - Did you just call me Fattypatchi?! ** Sends EMF to Timbuktu **
Why did you send her to Timbuktu? There are worse places in the world, like... ugh... China with all the pollution.
** Starts playing Wii **
** Comes back from Timbuktu ** THAT'S MINE! YOU WILL WASTE THE BATTERIES!
Don't worry, EMF. If you obey my command, I will give you 10 million batteries.
** Interested ** What is your command?
How dare you! ** Punches Momo in the face 50 times **
** Goes out onto the balcony to relax **

The end. :3

~ EMF :newmametchi:

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Posted 27 May 2012 - 02:00 AM ( #48 )

** Edit: Momo made me do a double post. :angry: **
~ EMF :newmametchi:

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Posted 27 May 2012 - 02:12 AM ( #49 )

ok so Ella did evolve into Memetchi! Posted Image her close up 8D Posted Image


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Posted 27 May 2012 - 08:35 AM ( #50 )

Tamagotchi iD L
This morning, I woke up to seeing Spacytchi dirty. (I didn't get a chance to clean his room. :/) I also can't seem to find the happy symbol for him, but it might be the tuxedo.
Otherwise, he's nice and happy today.

EDIT: It was the tiramasu. =_=

Tamagotchi Nano
Chamametchi is stll here.

Tama-Go (that's right, I never even thought about hard resetting it)
I hope Resetti doesn't kill me for doing this. Anyways, I'm going to be resetting my Purple Tama-Go, a creepy Marotchi named Blanca on it, and starting fresh. I will be doing that soon.

EDIT: My Tama-Go hatched a Nokotchi, so naming it Alex because, well, nokotchi (the user) is named Alex. xD I also bought PASTAAA~ at the shop. **shot**
She's happily sleeping right now. <3

Tama Profy
I got two rare plate Tama-Hearts yesterday (use this link for passwords; http://tama-zone.com...showtopic=25104) in addition to my Christmas Tree Tama-Heart, the Water Tama-Heart and the Kizuna Tama-Heart, or in this case on the Tama Profy, Heart Tama-Heart. xD I believe I got the Flame and Flower Tama-Hearts yesterday.

Sorry for this ramble-ish post. xD

EDIT (why do I keep on editing? xD): Me and xxKuchipatchixx went on TamaTown, so we decided to do random stuff, and I logged in my Mametchi. 2 TIMES. (also xxKuchipatchixx got 500,000 Gotchi Points from a video with a code. >8D) Oh, and me, Jeressa and xxKuchipatchixx are stalking people.

Posted Image

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Posted 27 May 2012 - 12:25 PM ( #51 )

Ok well yesterday my tamago turned into a shellitchi! which is a good care character so I shouldn't be surprised but I didn't know that when it evolved! Well anyways me and pixie went on tamatown this morning we had lots of fun! Didn't we Pasta
Yes we did! He helped me decorate my room.
He did he gave us two UFO's.
Yup that was nice of him.
Anyways stats now.
Weight:20 lbs
Age: 2 years old
Gender: Girl
Generation: 1G
Friendship points: full 6 out of 6 hearts!(each heart has the darkest shade)
Hungry:5 out of 5
Happy:5 out of 5
Training: 6 points
Character: Shelltchi
Now I will give you pics
Posted Image
blurry I know but you can see the layout of her room which is what I wanted to show.
Posted Image
ok there you can see the shelltchi close up Not as blurry
OK now I'm gonna show the tamatown pictures.
Posted Image
Here is Pasta totally Fangirling xDDD
It's true I hope to marry a kuromametchi one day!
I will do my best to make that happen.
That is awesome!
Posted Image
Aww there is me and pixie! I love going to Tamatown.
I know you do that is why I try to take you everyday.
Posted Image
Aww look at the puppy! I love my pets!
GOOD! They cost me lots of money as did you house. I got the two UFO's from pixie xD Thanks Pixie!\
Thank you Pixie!
I so spoil you Pasta!
I know and I love you for that but it is your Job. You know as a parent.
Yeah Ok fine but I could never take you on Tamatown how would you like that! I could take bad care of you and then you would be a bad care character. HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES!
I don't know I have never had apples you never buy them for me!
There hasn't been any in the store yet! I buy you lots of food like cereal for breakfast. OH And corn for dinner last night AND Cheese cake for desert!
Anyways these people got to go so we should let them go. *sigh* Teenagers. She is such an ingrate sometimes I blame the teenager in her.
I TAKE DARN GOOD CARE OF YOU SO SHUT THE HECK UP! **Matt turning on filter**
Ok we are ending this arguement! Ok I take good care of you and you know it. I take you to tamatown every day and you have never had a care miss PERIOD! EOD(End of disscussion)
Sorry about this guys I did not mean to argue in front of you.
*cough* Coward *cough* *whispers to audience* He just ended the discussion cuz I was winning.
I heard that but i am going to forget I did so we don't argue anymore Bye Guys!
Edit: it's true I did use a code to get 500,000 points on tamatown. Its just those games are so boring. I didn't want to earn them myself.

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