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R.I.P Neko & Pookie (GameBoy Tamagotchi)

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Posted 21 May 2012 - 01:44 AM ( #1 )

Well, on my Tamagotchi Gameboy game, I had three Tamas, Kiki, Neko, and Pookie. Neko and Pookie evolved into adults I didn't particularly care for, and I spent all my time looking after Kiki instead (who was a Mametchi). I was sure I gave them perfect care, but they died young...

My poor little Nyorotchi... My first GameBoy Tama ever. She died as soon as she woke up on day seven.

My Kusatchi who survived a little longer than Neko, but still died at age seven.

They will both be greatly missed. I feel so bad for killing them. Watching them die was punishment enough... The day before their death, they could barely move and had to wear some sort of special mask to help them breathe. I tried to give them medicine, but they did not recover. They would not eat, would not play. Then they collapsed. The screen flashed so much, I almost had a seizure. =___= Then it showed them struggling in pain, and finally... Still. Dead on the ground with eyes like this: X__X After a few minutes, it showed them as an angel. But SAD angels. I listened to the sad music and cried. Rest in peace, Neko and Pookie. :(

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21 May 2012