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Posted 29 May 2012 - 05:36 PM ( #1 )

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This was supposed to be started a few weeks ago. :tarakotchi: I was not lazy lazy to update my logs. I promise to try and update with pictures everytime. :blink: If you see me not adding pictures, that means I...

1. Camera has a dead battery (which is happening right now... -_-).
2. Too busy to update or take pictures.
3. Has iPod pictures (which I don't think is gonna happen.)

Anyways, I'll start off with a picture of my Tamagotchi collection. I never count them though. I mostly have packages and figurines. (I realized I have too much Kuchipatchi figures! :lol:)

I'm currently running 10 Tamagotchis.

Tamagotchi Nano - Kira - Maisutatchi
Tamagotchi iD L - Derek - Kuchipatchi
Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary Ver. - Darren - Nonopotchi
V4.5 - Pinky - Zouritchi
V1 - Dale - Ichigotchi
Tama-Go Pink - Bella - Belutchi
Tama-Go Black - Kirakira - Kiraratchi
Tama-Go Purple - Ella (you know who you are!) - Makiko
Tama-Go Green - Necktie - Necktietchi
Golden V6 Modded - Daniel (why are my tamas starting with Ds? o.o) - Kuribotchi

I'll add the pictures when I clean my room and organize my collection. <_< You can shoot me if you wanna. >:DD






29 May 2012

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