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Your Favorite Tamagotchi Version?

favorite version

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Posted 03 June 2012 - 01:02 AM ( #1 )

Alright, everyone. Please chip in! I'm sure this question has been asked here time and time again, but I'm sure as we all collect and play with our Tamas more and more, our favorites may change as well, so It's always a good question to ask!

My question is What is your favorite Tamagotchi Version? And Why?

Also, if your favorite version happens to be one of the few color versions out, could you please also share which version is your favorite out of the black and white ones?


I'll go first, I guess!

My favorite so far is the Tama-go.

I've only owned a V5, V6, and the Tama-go, but the Tama-go is my favorite because I really enjoy the interchangeable figures and all the fun games and shops that come with them. On some of the other versions, I have gotten a little bit tired of playing the same few games over and over, so I like that this one has so many to choose from if you purchase additional figures. Also, the four tone grayscale screen makes the animations so much more detailed and fun. I love that there are so many cute animations in this version and that your Tama can leave the house to visit friends and go on trips. It really makes the experience feel a lot more adventurous and less like your Tama is just sitting in one room by himself all the time. I can't wait to collect a few more of the figures I haven't picked up yet. :3

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Posted 03 June 2012 - 07:38 AM ( #2 )

My faviorte Tama's are the V.2 and the ID L. The V.2 It's so simple and reminds me of awhile a go when everyone had a Tama~


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Posted 03 June 2012 - 09:02 AM ( #3 )

My favourite version would have to be the Tamagotchi iD L, which is in fact, one of the colour versions. xD
Not only do I love the coloured screen, but the features are so much better than any other version out there, but also the tamagotchi isn't high maintenance, which is perfect for me. There are so many things you can unlock and do, that it never really gets boring for me to play. The only thing that I don't like about it is the short battery life, as I have to pause it when I go to school and that really uses up the battery. I always love changing the backgrounds of my house, and unlocking places that you can get by having a variety of characters. Usually I try to take good care of all of my tamagotchis, but I like how the iD L forces you to challenge yourself and try to achieve different characters to unlock more features.

Out of the black and white tamagotchis, I would have to say the V3 is my favourite, but also the Music Star when I have more time on my hands.
I love the V3's features, simple but extremely fun. The games on it are amazing, and the Tamatown feature is also tons of fun. I don't have to worry about skill points which annoys me a lot, just playing games and getting stuff on Tamatown. It has just the perfect balance to make it a great version.
Though I said the skill points annoy me, if I have lots of time on my hands like in the summer, I usually try and run the Music Star. I think it's great joining a band and having concerts, and the games are actually quite fun.

Overall, I don't really dislike any version of tamagotchi, but these are just the ones that I enjoy the most! C:
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Posted 03 June 2012 - 11:03 AM ( #4 )

My Top 3 are these in this order.
2. Music Star( or V6)
3. Tamagotchi angel

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Posted 04 June 2012 - 12:20 AM ( #5 )

My favorite would be the iD L because I like how you can remodel all the different rooms in the house and unlock new locations.

And my favorite English release is definitely Tama-Go. I didn't really like it much at first, but then I bought a few figures and loved it! I like all the characters it has, like Uwasatchi and Pipotchi, and it's just a totally cool version! :D

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