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Rise To Fame: Music, Love and Friendship

new tamalog music star

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Posted 16 June 2012 - 10:33 AM ( #1 )

Hello everyone, I dont know how to add photos here otherwise I'd show you my current Music star (please feel free to message me to tell me how)
Anyway I started a log again because I got back into my tamas.
My first generation was a girl named Celeste, she had a band named Candy and Celeste herself was a Chantotchi
Celeste went onto get married and had a daughter named Maria, Maria became a Mimitchi created a band called Lies and went onto have a daughter (GIRL STREAK AHHH! XD) called Rose

Thats me! I am a Memetchi now! I'm 5!
Yes darling, Now how about you tell them about that surprise of yours
Ah yes! Well I was practising my Piano skills when I received a knock at the door! Opening it, my Band Manager approached me. I said hello and greeted him, shook his hand and everything, thinking he was bringing me another bag of 50million gotchipoints. But then he pulled a suprise on me, KuroMametchi came from outside as well. I blushed you see, I knew him and he was one of my best friends, still is actually, from school and never really knew he liked me. He then got down on one knee! I was shocked, I really was! But my heart was torn. You see, I have a band called Narnia, I play the piano, my friend Penny who is a Kunoitchi plays a guitar and my other crush, my other best friend Dino, a Mametchi plays the Bass Drum. I wanted Dino to be here, so I turned Kuro down and both my Band Manager left and Kuro. I honestly was heartbroken
Resetting the time, I gave you another chance
I waited for the doorbell again, in hope that Dino would come. So when the doorbell rang, I sprung from my Piano and flung open the door. But I came face to face with my Band Manager again and thats when I knew Dino wasn't coming and I knew where my heart now lied. Tears escaping my eyes, I rejected Kutchipatchi who was behind the Band Manager. "I'm sorry Kutchi, but I know where my heart lies." and with just one look at the band manager, he knew who I was on about. He winked and left
So for the final time, I reset the time again and we waited for the moment to come....and then...
Soon as the doorbell rang, I flung open the door to see Kuro and the Band Manager.
"Oh Kuro, yes I will! I'm sorry I rejected you the first time!" and with that I leapt into his arms, slamming the door shut and into the bedroom where....

They get the picture Rose.
Yeah well anyway, the big surprise is...... I HAD A BABY BOY!!!!!! We haven't named him yet though...and if Tamatown was actually working we'd be there right now...
Anyway thats all folks, we love you all!

After that, I put the time right and yeah, thats all there is to it folks!
Feel free to send fanmail! We'll answer them all and feature them on here

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16 Jun 2012

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