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Posted 17 December 2013 - 04:43 PM ( #18 )

I'm running my 2 v4's now. Their parents (Chico and Flow) disappeared last night leaving only a note telling me to call them Life and Death. So the twin Flow was looking after became Life and the twin Chico was looking after became Death. They played a few multiplayer games when they were babies and Life won every. single. one. And let's just say Death wasn't a 'good loser' 3 and a half tantrums later they evolved.

Life became a Mohitamatchi and 

Death became a Mizutamatchi.

Which to me is strange. I thought they'd evolve into the exact same thing as I gave them the exact same care so I'm confused.


Anyway that's all for now I'll bring more updates soon. :D

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