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Fearless (False Smiles)

false smiles fearless

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Posted 05 July 2012 - 02:08 PM ( #1 )

False smiles loiter here

More and more, coming ever near.

Am I still not good enough?

Am I still not tough enough?

Go ahead and point your finger at me.

Living my life like a champ, that's where I'll be.

Judge me, for I am wrong.

Punish me, for writing this song.

Go ahead, nobody's stopping you...

And act like you're little perfect miss Sue.

You have made your place clear...

You raised me to fear.

I am scared of darkness.

And you come, with your sharpness...

I burn your words with my flames.

You're speaking to me? You oughta refrain.

I look at you, and you're in denial.

I decide to give you a false smile.

Now you think everything's okay, that it's all fine.

Act like it's all good, and that you're mine.

Words cannot convey the pain you inflicted.

With every time I've been indicted.

You may have brang me into this world,

But I am not your son.

I am your worst nightmare,

quicker than a gun.

So give me another false smile, I'll be waiting here.

I am stronger now, and you are not something I fear.

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05 Jul 2012