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Loki Haffaysun Konreignes

loki haffaysun konreignes

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 09:53 PM ( #1 )

Tamagotchi's Name: Loki Haffaysun Konreignes
Tamagotchi's Age: 7
Date of Birth: July 17th, 2012
Date of Passing: July 26th, 12:00 AM
What Generation? 1st
Gender: Male
Job: Karate teacher at Loki's Dojo
Offspring: Melody Loki Konreignes

Loki left a letter for us all. It reads...

"Dear TamaTalk... If you are reading this, it means I have returned to my home planet. I am very sorry for this. I made so many mistakes before I left, some unforgivable. Yet, before I left, I managed to marry Ellie, the love of my life. She'll eventually join me... But... For now, she has to stay here. I have some specific letters I want to give out.

Dear Zach:
I can't express my thanks to you. You helped me throughout all of my life. Out of all the good-byes that I must say, this one is probably the toughest. You made me into the Tamagotchi I am today. Nothing I could do could ever repay for that. You were my father when nobody else would be. Thank you... For everything...

Dear Ellie:
I only have three words to say: I love you.

No matter how far away I am, nobody can ever tear me away from all my memories on Earth and on TamaTalk.

Goodbye. ~Loki"

I couldn't be prouder of my little- of my karate master. From this little baby...
Posted Image

To where he had his own baby...

Posted Image

I celebrate his return to Tamagotchi Planet, though I'll always miss him.

Goodbye, Loki. You will be dearly missed.
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25 Jul 2012