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Yellow And Purple, One In the Same

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Zachary Konreignes

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Posted 29 July 2012 - 04:36 AM ( #1 )

I thought I had said good bye.

You've given me every reason why.

But I'm still here...

Holding back the millionth tear...

She would be torn...

Her emotions are already too worn.

I, still yet, can't deny...

That I'm feeling something inside.

Twice, I've been rejected.

My feeling, I've still reflected.

I shouldn't even try.

I'll just end up ready to cry.

You see right into my eyes...

Oh, you, I'll always despise.

Your smile weakens me.

Your soul beacons me...

No matter what you feel...

You always put up that shield...

I don't want you to hide...

Can I please be your guide?

Yellow and Purple, one in the same.

Every day is like fame.

Every moment is a blur...

And every day, I'm more unsure...

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29 Jul 2012