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Sorry, Eddie

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Posted 30 July 2012 - 10:08 PM ( #1 )

My 2nd generation Shimashimatchi on my V4, named Eddie, died today at school. He was 7, weighed 37 lbs, and worked as a bus driver when he died.

It's kind of a long story how he died. I get to check on my Tamas 4 times during the school day: Just after arriving, morning break, lunch, and on the bus home. When I got to school, he hadn't yet woken up so I didn't get the chance to take care of him before morning break. By then he was awake and I cared for him fully. I think his death was caused by the fact I missed the lunch-time care opportunity - I got into school late after lunch and I didn't want to miss the afternoon register. When I pulled him out of my pocket while waiting for the bus, I saw the death screen. As if that wasn't enough, the little plastic bobble on the antenna had broken off.

After recovering from the shock of that, I went out into the playground, chose a quiet corner in case it beeped or I got bothered by other kids, and pressed A and C buttons together. The egg hatched into a baby girl. My tradition when Tamas die is to name the baby a name very close to the one that just died, so I named her Ebony. Eddie's job as a bus driver was commemorated by the fact that the first stage of Ebony's baby-stage care took place on a bus - which was coincidence, she was born at about 3:10 PM, and the bus leaves at 3:30 (I had paused her between her birth and getting on the bus).

Ebony and I wish you luck in Tama-World, Eddie, and we hope you appreciate the 555 Gotchi Points we sent you!

~ Dazzmina and Ebony ~






30 Jul 2012