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Posted 06 August 2012 - 10:25 PM ( #1 )

I have a whole bunch of tamagotchis (All American Connections, versions 1-5) and I want to mix them up, i.e., put the insides in different shells and change buttons around, etc. But I can't decide what I want to do with them. Can anyone post some feedback? I'll describe them all and post a picture.

I have:
v1 - solid light pink with red buttons (missing: B button and back cover)
v1 - fuchsia with yellow stars, yellow screen border and purple buttons (missing: reset button, keychain and holes for keychain)
v1 - violet with pink and orange swirls, light blue screen border and red buttons
v2 - baby blue with pastel sea green and white flowers, medium pink screen border and buttons (I have two of these)
v3 - chartreuse with fucshia flowers, lavender screen border and buttons
v3 - white with black zebra stripes, light orange screen border and buttons
v3 - midnight blue with yellow constellations, black screen border and light blue buttons
v4 - white shell with face of royal blue ocean waves, black screen border and red antenna ball and buttons
v4 - navy blue with light blue, white and red stars/swirls/, red screen border, yellow buttons and a red antenna ball
v4.5 - purple with fuchsia, light blue and light green puzzle pieces over dark purple swirls, dark purple screen border, and chartreuse antenna star and buttons
v4.5 - light blue with baby blue hibiscus flowers, and white screen border, buttons and antenna star (most of keychain is broken off)
v5 - indigo with green and blue spaceships and white stars, lavender screen border and buttons, and white antenna pyramid/house thing.

So! Creative people out there... Does anyone have any ideas for me? :D

By the way I'm pretty sure this is an okay thing to post but if it violates anything I'm sorry.

Here is my collection. http://www.freeimagehosting.net/7uvkq the light blue v4.5 is missing from the picture.






06 Aug 2012

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