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Tamagotchi shipped but still hasn't arrived?

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Posted 01 September 2012 - 10:36 AM ( #21 )

Hey Ashashichi,

1) I just ordered an iDL from Amazon. The carrier is Japan Post. You mentioned that you tracked yours down on the USPS website. How did you track it down? Cause they ask for the label/ receipt number. But I couldn't find anything but the order number on the Amazon site.
2) And also, on the Japan Post website, they told me to enter my item number. I entered the order number (cause that's the only number i could find), but they said that is incorrect.
3) Can you tell me how did you track yours down?
4) Did you use the order number or was it another number besides that?

once its in the US you can track it via USPS using the same tracking number given to you by Japan Post

The order number is not the tracking number, ususally the JP numbers look like this RRxxxxxxxxxJP