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Adventures in Ponderland 2012 <3

ilovetamas new 2012 log!

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Posted 17 August 2012 - 08:43 AM ( #1 )

Heyy!! Today I actually realised that I had not logged for almost TWO YEARS! D: Shocking.
So anyways I decided to revive my tamagotchi music star, which currently has a second generation Kuromametchi named Benji on it, the Son of the Violetchi named Amelia. (I'm following an alphabet-name theme here :D)

Age: 4
Weight: 30lb
Points: 999/999/999
Species: Kuromametchi
Money: 11507780p
Stress: 20 :o
Genre: Rock 'n' Roll
Gen: 2G

Less of that boring stuff, I want to talk! <_<

Okay Honey I -

Stop calling me honey, I'm an adult now! Only my wife is allowed to do that <3

Its nice to see you thinking about that already, only one more day 'til you're allowed to date! :)

You know, I've been thinking... that I shall only marry a dazzilitchi, a mimitchi, or a chantotchi.

Wow. You have... high standards...

I am a Kuromame afterall, and they're THE perfect character. THE best. ^_^ It runs in the family!

Hon- I mean, Benji, you mother was a Violetchi...


Well.... *checks growth chart* It was only an okay character...

But thats her. I'm going to have perfect characters as my future generations. :P


~Benji [wanting to date]
~ilt [#dunnowhattosay]

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17 Aug 2012

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31 Aug 2012


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Posted 17 August 2012 - 12:12 PM ( #2 )

Lalalalala! Benji is-

I'm five! Yippeeee!! Now I can fall for a perfect tama <333 Come on, Mr. Band Manager!

OMG OMG Skyhigh! has just gotten to rank 4th ^_^

Thats great Hon- er, I mean, thats really good, I knew those practices would have paid off! *prays he doesn't hear the 'hon' part*

Yeeess, first award for me, here I come! And what's with you calling me hon? -__-

Well, its a sort of habit, I usually... erm, stop myself before I say 'honey'...

* <_<*

~Benji [#waitingforlurve]

I just notice that we've had erm, 13 views! Just in around 3 and half hours! I'm proud X3

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Posted 18 August 2012 - 06:54 AM ( #3 )

Age: 5
Weight: 30lb
Points: 999/999/999
Species: Kuromametchi
Money: 21485830p
Stress: 42 :o [Honey you practise to much... I am NOT! And don't call me honey... Okay then... Hotpie <3 * :angry:* ]
Genre: Rock 'n' Roll
Gen: 2G

WOOOPPP!! Rank 1st Rock award ^_^ well, ilt did fiddle with my concert times :angry:

Only a little :)

ilt, can you STOP fiddling with my times now please? I went through about 5 phases of '16:30' and had to answer the freaking door 5 times now. <_<

I'm sorry... I'm just way to eager for you to have a child.

I guess its okay, I'm keen on it too, and unless Mr. Band manager comes I'm not getting a partner :( But... he did bring me 10000000p, and the king came twice, to bring me a wig and a burger, I don't see why I would wear a wig, but the hamburger is safely stored in my pantry, or erm, my stomach :o

WHAT? You received 10000000 without telling me? :angry:

It is my money! I brought... a car!!!

D: And what makes you think I'll let you drive the darn thing? >.<

Because I'm an adult? B) Byeee *hops in car and drives off*

*stands and stares*

~Benji [#can'tstopme!!]
~ilt [watevs :(]

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Posted 25 August 2012 - 09:11 AM ( #4 )

Sorry guys, I've been REALLY busy recently, unbelievably busy... I'm going to catch up, hope you like ^^

19th August
Jazz award! Wooooooppp

:o And you've got like, 300 million fans!

Life is just great. Amazing. :D
But I still really want a fricking baby! :'(

I tried, but it really didn't work! I'll try again tomorrow, Lordy, I hope you aren't going to be childless!

* :(*


OMG!! The band manager just came... like, 20 minutes ago :3


Well, he introduced a Memetchi called Sarah...

I honestly hope you didn't deny, Benji, that could have been you're last chance to ever get married!

Oh silly, of course I didn't, it was love at first kiss.



Sarah, can you calm the baby?

He's your child too, you know...

Its a boy?


Yeah... what's the matter?

I was kind of erm, hoping for a girl... Because I wanted to name her Candy...

Oh great. You should really stay out of this you know, its me and Sarah's baby after all...


You should be nicer to your mum!

Fine. I'm sorry. Whatever.


~ilt [mybabygotmarried^^]
~Benji [Ilikemaboy<3]
~Sarah [glad to be new :D]
~Baby [Waahh. INEEDANAME.]

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Posted 25 August 2012 - 09:32 AM ( #5 )

20th August
The baby [Cedric after Harry Potter] played on the slide with - er - mummy and daddy, and Benji and Sarah took turns feeding... n'aww.
They spent an eventful day, travelling in the car, eating, laughing, playing, listening to Benji play his instrument... Benji was a tad overweight (47lb) so I took care of that by giving him diet drink (Blergh!) and playing games.

21st August
I think we should go...

Come one, let's stay a little longer, just ten minutes.



Bye guys, I'm gonna miss you...

I'll miss you too, ilt... my guardian on earth <3

So would I! I'm gonna miss little Cedric... :'(

Me too, Sarah, me too.

Lets leave him your savings.

All of it? That'd ruin him.

Come on, you can always earn more in Tama planet!

No, its good to know to earn money at a young age!


No buts.


Okaii, lets go, Sarah!

Let's kiss him one last time... *kisses Cedric* *kisses Cedric*

*Goes to tama planet*

Aww... Last stats time....

Age: 8
Weight: 30lb
Points: 999/999/999
Species: Kuromametchi
Money: 51485830p
Stress: 0 :o
Genre: Jazz
Gen: 2G


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Posted 25 August 2012 - 10:05 AM ( #6 )

21st August (Continued after they left)
Lets officially name you, darling...


(At the birth registry office)

Legal name, er, Cedric... the legitimate child of Sarah and Benji.

Okay, he's registered, ma'am you're free to go.




Oh dear, mama isn't here anymore...

:( Da.

Erm, daddy has gone too... I'll feed you milk...

:DDD ilt <33


Age: 0
Weight: 5lb
Points: 999/999/999
Species: Kuromametchi
Money: 0p D:
Stress: 5
Genre: Hip hop
Gen: 3G

~ilt [waycute :wub: ]
~Cedric [:D]

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Posted 28 August 2012 - 05:45 AM ( #7 )

OMG. My tama fell down my balcony (there's a tiny gap at a corner of balcony where little things can be dropped down to the floor below - I live on the third floor). I'll go and ask my neibours later today to see if they picked it up at all... And if they haven't, then the log will be temporarily 'discontinued' until I get another tama.

Well, I guess... Laterz <37



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Posted 28 August 2012 - 09:54 AM ( #8 )

OMG OMG! My tam is BACKK!! My neighbours found it and gave it back to me, so its all good :')
So yeah, back to logging... horray!

21st August
After staying for Cedric turned into a kuribotchi (I think) and the letter came for preschool :D

Today the nursery teacher came ^.^ and she gave me a lovely new toy, its a globe and its currently my favourite item!

Thats good to hear, what did you do at the nursery then?

Well, erm, I played with Hitodetchi and kuchitamatchi on the jump rope, I won everytime, of course :)

Aww, that's the spirit, but you didn't see tamatchi, the little child that we saw at the park...? Her guardian said that she went to the same nursery.

Noo... Can I go again today?

* O_o *
22nd August
And then today, he turned into a lovely kikitchi and got accepted into music school.


What? Its only 9:30!

The door, ilt! the door!!

Is there someone outside?

No, the door is just making the knocking noise for the fun of it...

Are you being... sarcastic?

Just answer the door!!

Oh fine... *Opens door* Hello?

Good morning, I have recently been notified of Cedric coming of age for the Music Academy, would you like to enrol?

Yes of course.

Hello Mr. Music teacher [How inventive of me :/]

Hello Cedric, here is a keyboard as a gift to you being accepted into the school.

Thank you! *Changes Keyboard as fav instrument immediately*

*door close, teacher goes out*

Well.. You've taken to the keyboard quickly, I see!

Its much more nicer than that stupid boring piano... seriously, its just too old fashioned!

But that was your grandmother AND your father's favourite instrument!

See, the piano IS old fashioned, they're old fashioned!


~ilt [You modern teenagers...]
~Cedric [#woohookeyboard<3]


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Posted 29 August 2012 - 06:30 AM ( #9 )

22nd August - CONTINUED
YAY! Music School here I come!

*Cedric sings a song while the teacher plays the piano. He meets a nonopotchi called David and a hinotamatchi called Toby. They decide to name themselves 'Beatles' after the rock band. Toby's instrument is a guitar and David's instrument is the singing robots c:*

Lets practise!

*Practises with Toby, and David*

Common Guys, lets go rock and roll!

Thats common. Lets go asian!

I agree with Cedric, we just CAN'T have an asian band with our instruments... guitars, robot singers and keyboards are perfect... and plus, we're born to rock!

Wow, that was quite a speech... Fine, Rock and roll it is!

*Finish practise and go home*

So you decided on Rock music?

Sure, why not?

Wow, so we're going to have to rockers in the family now!

Was my father one?


So how did he rock with a piano?!

Well, when he was younger, he used to play the guitar, it was his favourite instrument... until he had you and married Sarah... Your mum ;)

So I do have rock and roll in me afterall! BEATLES were a great human band, weren't they?

They're the BEST! Were? They still are!...

23rd August

Mametchi For the win!!

Huh...? You evolved into Mametchi? :o

Yep! I'm going to go to school and get my debut and stuff... see ya later!


Hey guys...! You've evolved too!

Yep, Toby got to be a Kuromametch though, and I'm a ... Tosakatchi... which is like, the worst care tama -__-

A Tosakatchi is pretty cool! So you guys ready to play for the judges?

Of course!

Sure, let's go!

*Gets xox*

Omigod guys, that was crap!!



~ilt [#feelingsorry]
~ Cedric [Crappy.]
~ Toby [Dayum]
~ David [ :(]

[Oh well :/ they're all pretty upset...]

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Posted 29 August 2012 - 06:52 AM ( #10 )

24th August

Quick update. Cedric the Mametchi is now 3. Practised a lot but still no pro debut :( I need to get the skill points up... And his dad came with 20000p :D I think he spent some points on food and is comfort eating...

Age: 3
Weight: 30lb
Points: 703/685/734
Species: Mametchi
Money: 18400p
Stress: 23
Genre: Rock and Roll
Gen: 3G

25th August
Lowered the stress of Cedric, and sent him for another audition. He got ooo this time, and has 10000p!

Well done guys!

* * *Thanks ilt * * *


** ^_^ Only one more day until the date thing!!**

26th August

Okaii Guys... Have I got news for you? YES!

I got married! To a seribetchi called Debbie ^_^ She's so nice and cute :D

Cute? :rolleyes: Whatever.

N'aww... You're such a cute couple... with an adorable baby boy!

Gah! I'm adorable.


Learns fast, doesn't he?

More than fast!

Like a lightening bolt!

You two sound like an advert.

Mummy and daddy sound like advert!

Crap. :/

Crap! Crappy crappy crap!!

Oh holy mother of God :/

Mother of God?

Stop teaching him all these... stuff. And shut your big gob!

Daddy has big gob. ^_^

D: *Picks up baby and leaves the room, in case he picks up any other bad words before he's even a toddler :/*

Age: 6
Weight: 32lb
Points: 999/999/999
Species: Mametchi
Money: 998560p :)
Stress: 00
Genre: Rock and roll
Gen: 3G, soon to be 4G!

~itl [Darn this child learns fast D:]
~Baby [Darn D:] *ilt - DX killmenao*
~Cedric [Crap.]
~Debbie [Shutup!DX]

Edit: I dropped my tama down the balcony on the 26th, didn't get it until the 28th. Luckily when it hit the floor it paused, otherwise it would have been dead by the time I got it. So no updates on the 27th, Okaii?!

P.S: and by the way, if you read this, thank you! <3

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Posted 30 August 2012 - 02:35 PM ( #11 )

28th August
Nothing much, except that he got pro debut <3

29th August
Got to 1st ranking Rock and Roll

30th August
Cedric is 7 years old. Tried today in vain to get him off to tamaland... And...


Woop! I guess I'm so lucky since I got the last one from the argos thats nearby :3

To say that I'm inpressed is an understatement. True, its bulky, its big, but the starter games are much more fun and challenging than the music star ones. To sum up all the versions I've experienced, V4.5 is my favourite, followed very closely by Tamago, then music star, then deviltchi and angelgotchi - the reason I don't like these two that much is because of the one-game thing... and its simple! :c

So I shall be logging with my TAMA-GO! <3

30th August, Afternoon
3:38pm - Hatched and stuff neat to go.
The tama since then has pooped a lot in baby stage.
The lovely little baby changed into a hoshitchi, the star toddler. Loved the games Shoot the bug and long jumper... but I kept on getting 98 on shoot the bug, which is quite frustrating :L managed to get to the end of long jumper twice... the games are challenging! Not too keen on cradles though, as its really hard to drop the little bug right into the cradles...
I catched her poop everytime except once, when she changed into a toddler and I had to cook - time (19:33).
I also went to the shop to get her bread, chicken, beef bowl, hot dog, pear and corn dog, so her ladder is filled and she'll probably grow fat D:
8:00pm (I think) - Hoshitchi slept. Here are her stats:

Hoshitchi (I kind of like the fact that you can't name her... I used to be obsessed with naming tamas! And spent a lot of time choosing the perfect name DX)
Gender: Girl
Age: 0yr
Weight: 16lb
Hungry: 5/5
Happy: 5/5
Train: 6/15
Frendship: 6/6
Points: 10860p (gets rich fast, doesn't she?)

My Tama-go is Green with Mametchi, btw.

Edit: If you are reading this log, please drop a pm about whether you like a factual log (like this post), or a log where I have the characters talk (like the previous posts)...
Thanks for reading and stuff!

~ilt [TAMAGO!]
~Hoshitchi [...z....z....z]

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Posted 31 August 2012 - 07:08 AM ( #12 )


Yes you did, now that was good, wasn't it?

Yes mummy, and also I've got full training now :D

^_^ Good girl. I presume you'll be potty trained when you grow older.... But the naughty girl all me for attention... twice! SO I had to give her time out.

But its BORING on my own! I called you so that I knew you were still there!

But you know I'm ALWAYS there, and besides, other people leave their tama for hours on end, and I don't seem to recall them calling for attention!

:( I'm sowwy *Makes big puppy eyes*

Hey! You should be evolving in an hour and a half... to a teenager! You'd better not embarrass yourself with what you say!

-_- Being a teenager? I don't wanna be teenager! :( I want to be forever young!!

We'll see about that! ;) ^_^

:( #Foreveryoung~


~ilt [Motherknowsbest#]
~Hoshitchi [*sulk*]

EDIT: This colour's pweety <3

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