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Posted 01 September 2012 - 04:32 AM ( #18 )

Okay so I hatched my music star ^_^ (Btw I say ^_^ a lot, got it from Caomi xD)

Posted Image
And here is another picture:
Posted ImageYou can see more details in my log.

P.S: Hardcore, in answer to your question, I have a Memetchi Lite figure (Wave 1 - which came with my Tama-Go, and 3 figures which I bought, Chamametchi, Violetchi and Kuchipatchi. I got the Kuchipatchi one FREE :)

Hardcore Tama

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Posted 04 September 2012 - 04:16 PM ( #19 )

Hello again, sorry for the very delayed post, but not much has happened till now haha!

September 4th
My Tama-go had been pretty plain after Eros became a Mametchi. I always seem to get him haha! Anywho, I took him to the dating place I believe yesterday, and married him to his first lady. She was a Kunoitchi! I love her, although she seems to be a bad influence on Eros, as every time they beep I praise them, but they are mischievous! Today was exciting because I received my Tama-Go figures in the mail! I got Shimashimatchi, Memetchi, and Ringotchi. Shimashimatchi is my favourite one! The games are awesome <3
I'm curious to know when they are going to have a baby, They seemed to go on a date at Ringotchi's dessert place. It was adorable! I wish I had gotten pictures!
I have a total of 5 figures, so there was a big song and dance when I plugged my 5th one in lol! It was hilarious.

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