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Stories of online buying

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Posted 23 August 2012 - 10:04 AM ( #18 )

I do agree with you, CherubHorse; in China, there are loads of fakes everywhere. :P I would say that they're sort of infamous for fakes.
I have spent a lot of time around Chinese/Asian people (almost all of my friends are Asian) and I have to say most of them also look out carefully for fakes as well. I do agree that really, anybody can produce fakes; maybe Asian people want to sell real stuff these days to drop that reputation. :P
To me, regardless of what country the seller or item is from, if you check the item carefully, compare it to others, the price is good, you can afford it, buy it. Don't discriminate because of one bad experience with a seller, or because of race or country of origin. I understand why you're hesitant about getting stuff from China, though; I've come to be a little cautious too over the years. :P I remember buying a fake Dinkie Dino numerous times, only to have it break after 5 minutes (although that was from a dollar store).
But let's get off that.
I've bought stuff from eBay (only iD L's, I'm afraid), and both have been pretty good experiences. One was shipped to me by a Caucasian man living in Japan, one was shipped via a Japanese person. Both were real, worked perfectly, and one broke because I was a teeny bit abusive (moral: never carry Tamagotchis in your hoodie pockets).
So far, my online buying experience has been very good, and to be honest, if I couldn't use eBay, I'd be pretty annoyed.

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Posted 23 August 2012 - 11:42 PM ( #19 )

I've only had one bad experience with buying online, but it was so minor, it's not even really worth mentioning. I had bought an ipod case from Ebay, and the seller was in HongKong... With my experience of buying figures and models, I'm aware that there are alot of bootleg ones, mainly coming from HongKong. But I thought, since this wasn't a figure, I'd go ahead and purchase it... besides, it was super cheap~ When I got it... it was so terrible.. the stitching was so bad, and didn't fit nicely over the ipod... it was just kind of a mess, so I just tossed it. It was cheap, and so I didn't bother getting my money back or anything...

But, I buy aloooot online... and so far, it's all been pretty good~ You just have to be smart about it~