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Posted 28 October 2013 - 05:44 AM ( #21 )

Next-day post #LikeABoss!

My ID L is just amazing as ever! I still cannot believe it's finally mine! xD After acquiring an enormous amount of 10,000+ Gotchi Points from my enthusiastic siblings obsessing over winning the two games on there xD I decided to buy a cute background, and after going over quite a few sorts, I finally settled on this one:


{Excuse fingers xD}




I forgot to mention last time that I entered my username as a few symbols including a musical note.

So everytime my Sabosabotchi (yes she changed!) calls for me, she sings a little song!

(Not really, but one can pretend! XD)




The second plant that I sowed yesterday was harvested today! It turned into a strange sort of... Stick! Rather cute animations though!




And this is Sabosabotchi's little profile! She's two years old, a girl, weighs an astoundingly small amount of just 10g, (why not pounds again? D:) and is on her first generation.




A closer look at the stick, I meant to have this picture before the picture of the animation, but, sighs, tinypic wouldn't have it, missed being "cool" at picture cue this time.




So yes! I can't wait until my tama evolves into an adult and I can dress it up xD I looked at a growth chart for the ID L, made by Tama-Star_Girl, which stated that if I miss 4 calls, Sabosabotchi will turn into Makiko! I don't fancy any of the other characters, so let's see if I can achieve my goal of Makiko!

That's all folks, see you soon! :)



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