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The Tama-GO, A backwards step in the history of Tamagotchis?

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Posted 11 September 2012 - 07:12 PM ( #1 )

I've been pondering on this for some time now, and i'd like to get a feel for what others thing about the Tama-Go line of Tamagotchis.
I myself am not a fan of them, I think they are gimmicky and a bit of a step backwards in the series for a number of reasons, yes the game itself may be good, but in my opinion think they went about it the wrong way.

Firstly there's the size of the thing, I've always seen tamagotchis as something portable that you can carry anywhere with you, Tama-Go (a name that would suggest movement) is far from it, its not pocket size and just feels way too bulky for my liking.

Secondly we have those Gotchi characters, In order to unlock the full features of the Tama-Go you are asked to collect these cheap feeling plastic figures to slot onto your Tama, now if that isn't just a big money making scheme I don't know what is, its expensive, you shouldn't have to pay more just to unlock features that should be there in the first place, and it just makes it even less portable when you have to carry around a ton of figures in your pockets too.

So.. That's quite a negative view of the Tama-go but there ya go, that's how I feel about it, on top of that I also feel that it has probably damaged the Tamagotchi brand slightly, but hopefully Bandai shan't be doing a similar release again.

My two cents~ What are yours?






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Posted 11 September 2012 - 07:24 PM ( #2 )

Before we go make complains about size.... It could be worse. I have a Bandai Japan item, still Bandai. Who made a huge tamagotchi thing, but for Precure. Now THAT is large.

Yes its big and hard to carry, but atleast its not as big as the pink/white thing.... Those are my personal images from my collection.

Its size, over-all cost, the greyscale... The let down that its not color after Bandai Japan has had them for a while.
The figures, they came out costly... To buy both sets, worth another tamago... Or maybe another. They would have done much better releasing the figures as a set, maybe with a playset. Then the whole issue with the screen cover and the paper things being... Paper. It might have done better with a "TV connector" (like V-Migo pets, although those seemed to not last long...) it needed something. That is clear it needed something, but that, I don't know.


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Posted 11 September 2012 - 07:25 PM ( #3 )

The Tama-Go is okay, I guess, but not as nice as the past versions. I mean, you're right, they are HUGE, and not portable at all. I always carry around a tamagotchi in my pocket at school, and whenever I carried around my Tama-Go, I looked ridiculous. There's also the price. Where I live, a Music Star or v5 costed about $10 (Before they stopped selling them....) and they charge over $25 for a Tama-Go! What? I always thought the figurines were a little bit expensive and stuff, and they make the tama even huger and harder to carry around. I was a big fan of the house decorating and the screen with multiple shades of grey and black, it made things look a lot more detailed. But that was the only step up from the last few versions.


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Posted 11 September 2012 - 07:57 PM ( #4 )

I would say that I do like the Tama-Go--but I don't really love it. I think Bandai made a mistake by not releasing a colorized Tamagotchi. Long-time fans spent their money on imports, and though they may have bought a Tama-Go as well since they were already fans, people who were new to Tamagotchi or were thinking about getting back into the franchise were unlikely to be impressed.

Tama-Go gameplay sort of feels like old "vanilla" Tamagotchi. Without a real gameplay gimmick (not just a merchandise gimmick) or more built-in features, it's not really anything particularly new and exciting.


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Posted 11 September 2012 - 08:03 PM ( #5 )

I dont hate my tama-go but I dont like it half as much as I do my well-loved music star. I would expect Tamas, like cellphones to be huge back in the 90's and get smaller, sleeker, more detailed, more features without sucking a pocketbook dry. Nooo they started out tiny and got clunky. Instead, we get something that would be much more fitting in the 90's than in this decade. Also is it just me or does the tama-go have ALOT fainter beeps and noises that make it hard to hear?? Mine, I had to attach my music star to the bead chain thingy on the tama-go so it could remind me to check on both of them when I heard it beep.
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Posted 11 September 2012 - 08:30 PM ( #6 )

I dont hate my tama-go but I dont like it half as much as I do my well-loved music star. I would expect Tamas, like cellphones to be huge back in the 90's and get smaller, sleeker, more detailed, more features without sucking a pocketbook dry. Nooo they started out tiny and got clunky. Instead, we get something that would be much more fitting in the 90's than in this decade. Also is it just me or does the tama-go have ALOT fainter beeps and noises that make it hard to hear?? Mine, I had to attach my music star to the bead chain thingy on the tama-go so it could remind me to check on both of them when I heard it beep.

Yeah my tama-go has fainter beeps too.
Just like you i'm ok with the tama go. I had fun with it but I had the impression that it was indeed a step back from the other (smaller) tamagotchis.
And it was sooooooooo expensive.... x_x When i think of how much i spent on the tama-go and the figures (I had to buy it all on e-bay, since they didn't sell them out there).. I feel a bit crazy.

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Posted 11 September 2012 - 08:59 PM ( #7 )

I like it as a collector's item, it gave me an excuse to buy some figurines to add to my collection, but it does not at all represent what Tamagotchis were supposed to be all about which was a fun portable pet. I do like a lot of the features on it such as the possible amount of games you can play with your pet and also things like going to the park or a resterraunt, but I can get those same features plus way more on an iD or iD L. They also left out toys and things so that was no good :/
A good question to ask about a product is that after having it, would you buy it again? (yes I got that from a car commercial lol)
I'd say I'd buy it again just to have for my collection, but it would not be on the top of my tama wishlist.


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Posted 11 September 2012 - 09:37 PM ( #8 )

It appears "backwards" because we tend to compare the Tama-Go with the Japanese releases.
We can recall that Bandai Japan has released the TMGC+C in late 2008 and the iD a year later (2009).
Tama-Go was released in 2010, and clearly it is plausible that Bandai US has used both TMGC+C and the iD as its base but "toned down" many features (such as the coloured screen to greyscale conversion).

However, if we are to compare the Tama-Go with the previously-released Connections, I can say it is pretty much "forward"; minus the fact that the product itself is like 3-4 times larger than the previous ones which is contrary to how modern technology works (going from larger-to-smaller devices).

I personally preferred not going for the Tama-Go not because of it being "backward"; but because of its obnoxiously-large and awkward size. :P

Let's not forget that Bandai US and Bandai JP are completely different entities despite having the same name.

Speaking of "going backwards", many are speculating that even Japan is going backwards by introducing the said "Deco Pierce" features in its upcoming Tamagotchi P's release because it relies on "cartridges" to add new content (similar to how the old Famicom consoles work in the 80's).

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Posted 12 September 2012 - 12:27 AM ( #9 )

I try to keep separate Bandai America vs Bandai Japan but I do overall think that this model seemed rushed and a half-hearted effort. Sure, they brought some of my loved characters from all the different versions previous but it's like they tried to try many different fads and the product was this over-sized clunker. On my Tama-go, the sound is quite terrible and it was brand new out of the box. I obviously underestimated the size when I ended up scratching the screen trying to jam it in the little pouch I had. I regretted my purchase and felt terrible for making my husband spend 20 some dollars on it. It just doesn't have the same feel to it like the previous versions which is why I still have that behemoth in my tama box.


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Posted 12 September 2012 - 01:35 AM ( #10 )

It's okay, there wasn't an option for that, so I said I like it (because I don't hate it). The problem is, Bandai America decided to go for the modern style. Many companies, even today, make products which can also get more advantages by collecting items for the product. Some of these products success, some of them don't. I guess Tamagotchi was one of them, the one that didn't success.

Sometimes I feel a bit sorry for Bandai America. They tried very hard to make the Tama-Go popular, but still it didn't work. Sometimes, I like the feeling of having the a Tamagotchi which is like the ID-L (of course the ID-L is way better but the Tama-Go has a house where they can live in too.) If you don't like collecting figures to go with your Tamagotchi, this is not the Tamagotchi for you.

Figures? Well, I guess they are okay - I love the idea of putting a restaurant (it's totally ID-L like), buying figures is worth it because there is quite a lot in one figure. That's just my opinion.

What I completely dislike on the Tama-Go is that your Tamagotchi does nothing. I mean, in previous versions, your Tamagotchi gets a job, goes to pre-school, does concerts etc. - although on the Tama-Go there's nothing like that, there's no theme. You just collect figures and your Tamagotchi just has fun.

Size..well..the good thing is that you can make it stand up, and its easier to find. The bad thing is, Tamagotchi is supposed to be a tiny pet which you can carry anywhere. I love keeping Tamagotchis in my pocket when I go to a Coffee Shop or somewhere else. So I can just take it out of my pocket when its hungry. I'm pretty scared to put my Tama-Go in my pocket because it might fall out. So I put it in my backpack or keep it at home.

Faceplates are cool. Lots of people on Tamatalk just LOVE making faceplates for their Tama-Go, and its good they come with figures so you don't need to buy them seperately. I like faceplates.

Overall, its nice. I am currently running it and change faceplates from time to time, as well as changing the figures. My rating is: 8/10

Eternal Mametchi Fan

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Posted 12 September 2012 - 03:16 AM ( #11 )

Well. I have four of 'em so.

Tama-Go is the best version EVER!
After the iD L of course.

But I mean, hey, it's like the iD L! Am I the only one who thinks it's cool to be able to change the way your Tamagotchi's room looks? That's a feature in no other English Tama, but is on the iD L! The figures are so cute and fun to collect, and they give you lots and lots of games, kind of like downloading on the iD L. :D

Also, I really don't mind the large size - it makes them harder to lose, and it's cool how they can stay upright. I LOVE the Tama-Go, and it's ten times better than my V6 and V4 and Veverything. There may be no theme like going to concerts or school, but is the V2 and V3 any different?

Tama-Go forever. <3
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Posted 12 September 2012 - 04:40 AM ( #12 )

THANK YOU EMF!!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE MY TAMA-GO!!!!!!!!!! I mean seriously ppl your gonna complain just because its big.Well I like to ignore the size and think about this what other tamagotchi has an option to toilet train your tama,only this and the idl let you change the room and the characters aren't totally random like some previous tamagotchis.


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Posted 12 September 2012 - 10:44 AM ( #13 )

I think that's the issue though, like Ichiro said earlier, you can't really put Bandai America and Bandai Japan in the same league as one another. Sure, they are "kinda" the same company but really, they are completely independent of one another.

Size is obviously mentionable because the simple fact all of the previous Bandai America models where much smaller before. We're not talking just a millimeter here, this thing gained serious girth/heft with no medium size inbetween. I've never been much for "themes" so I can't really comment on that.

It does have some new features sure, like potty training and decorating a house for your tama but that's really all the new things it had going for it. Oh, and the fact you had a friendship meter but meh. I like customizing stuff like a house for my tama and I do like the toilet training feature but I felt if these features were put in at the cost. Meaning they sacrificed solid gameplay just so you could decorate the house and you HAVE to buy figurines just to improve on what should already be in the game. I also miss the fact you can't name your tamas on the Tama Go.

There is even the game breaking age counter glitch that could force you to reset you tama. (Yes, there was the ball glitch but usually it was avoidable, rare, and mostly annoying rather than game breaking.)


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Posted 12 September 2012 - 11:30 AM ( #14 )

Like jwolf said, Bandai America and Bandai Asia are pretty much seperate companies under the same branding.... Bandai America hasn't been doing too well in the past few years. I think unfortunately they have gotten a few too many bad contracts with different companies partnering up to make toys and action figures that just didn't sell as well as they hoped. The other thing is - a lot of the older, or longer collecting people on here actually buy the Japanese color versions. Those versions are not within a price range that most people would spend money on, especially in this economy still.

Hasboro is going to be selling a revamped Furby this year, but it's price point is $60 or so - the one I had when I was a kid was only about $20. I don't know a lot of parents that will get one for their kid out of the blue - maybe for like birthday or Christmas, but a lot of people or families don't have an extra $60 to just blow on a toy....

Bandai America probably knows that there are some die hard collectors in America that would be totally over the moon to have an American release of a color tamagotchi, but they know that while maybe even just like 200-500 sell, they won't make a real profit off of it. The cost of a single unit usually doesn't completely cover the actual costs that goes into design, programming, materials, manufacturing, and man hours. They would be selling at a loss....

As for the Tama-go, I have to say I liked the effort, but I think it was rushed out too quickly as a way to kind of brush off collectors and people interested in Tamagotchi. The design of the unit was terrible and probably not cost effect at all with all the extra space in the back to make it more "egg shaped" and rolly polly....
The connectors for the figures to the device is somewhat shoddy and if used by younger kids who may not be as careful I could see getting ruined or broken easily. I was also not thrilled about having to fork over another $7-8 just to get like 2 new games, so I only have like 2 characters..... :/
Also as others have pointed out the tama doesn't really do too much at all. I mean you potty train this version, but that was really the only thing it had going for it. The character feels very stagnant compared the other recent American releases.

So I liked the Tama-go, but I feel that it was released a bit too early and should have had a bit more effort put into the programming before it was released. However, it is a nice hearkening back to the original tamas and is pretty easy to take care of cause it just doesn't do all that much LOL. So, I just like it. Don't love it, don't hate it, just like it.

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Posted 24 September 2012 - 03:24 PM ( #15 )

I LOVE MY TAMA-GO AND HEARING ALL OF YOU (EXEPT EMF) DIS THE TAMA-GO IS MAKING ME ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE A TAMA-GO AND A V5.5 AND I TREAT THEM BOTH EQUALLY EVEN THOUGH ONE IS BIGGER AND HOW MANY OF YOU WHO ARE SAYING THE TAMA-GO ISN'T GOOD LOOOOOOOOVE UR NANOS AND MINIS HMMMMMMMMM????Look I'm sorry if this sounds mean but the tama-go is what got me back into tamagotchis and when I was researching it that's how I found this site.So hearing all of you (exept EMF) dis it makes me sad and angry so I just have to stand up for my precious tama-go.


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Posted 24 September 2012 - 04:12 PM ( #16 )

I love reading feedback about these. I had just finally gave in and purchased my personal favourite white Kuchipatchi from Amazon with a few figures. Yet to get it, but I was never really a fan of them to begin with. I really only got it for my collection. Keep the opinions coming :D


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Posted 24 September 2012 - 04:29 PM ( #17 )

Off topic - Can you guys please try not to spam with saying you love tamagotchi? It's stretching my page and I can't load it very well. Sorry everyone, back to topic

Well I don't hate the TamaGo. There are some things I like and some things I don't. For example, I don't like how it constantly beeps at you when all it does most of the time it comes up to the screen and that's it. Second, I dont like how you need to wait two days for a baby to come and two days for it to leave, the previous versions (V5 and iD L) all you did was marry it and it would start next generation. Last, the growth. It's so confusing! I mean it's been two years and there hasn't been an official growth (Same goes for V6).

Now, what I like about the TamaGo! I love the Gotchi Figures! They aren't fun but what I like about them is the games. You see - this is bandai's reason for having the games, kinda like a throw back. If you think of it, it could just be the same games because they couldn't think of good games, needed to make money, or this would be V1 - V6 tamagotchi all in one (look at some of the figure reviews!) so people could pay less and they could have it all in one.

- TamaTamatchi