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The Rayman Chomp Song

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Posted 16 September 2012 - 08:05 AM ( #1 )

In this game, you have to figure out what Rayman is chomping on. When we get to the rhyming, try to figure out what is happening by back spacing the lines, and type in the words in the word bank. We will fill in some of the words for you.

*game music playing*

Rayman: *chomping on items*

Ly: hey, Rayman, whatcha doing?

Rayman, Oh Rayman, woah Rayman....

Ly: Hey Rayman, have you seen my...

Gruel Logs, Fudge Frogs, ________, Grog Logs, Dead Hogs.

Ly: Rayman, stop eating all of the...

Water Reds, Flying Beds, _______, Cheese Heads, Clothes Pegs!

Ly: Rayman, lay off my....

Water Wands, Wave Hands, Owl Wings, ________!

Ly: Rayman, you're eating too much!!!!

_______, Lemon Squeezy, Getting queasy....

Ly: Rayman, you're gonna burp!!!!

Rayman: *belches out Rainbows*

*rock music playing*

Okay, now that the song is done, try to fill in some of the words from our word bank:

Cheese Rings, Teensie Cheesies, Big Kegs, Great Cogs (Geez, only four words???? Man, maybe I need to make the song longer...)

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16 Sep 2012