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Posted 30 September 2012 - 06:06 AM ( #1 )

DTD4 stands for Dazzmina's Tamagotchi Diary 4, because it is my fourth log with that name. I would have posted in the old one - if it wasn't majorly outdated and I would probably be bumping it.

Here are the details of this log:

Updated: Whenever I feel like it but probably not on Tuesdays or Thursdays - there is a reason!
Photos: Usually none...maybe one a page if I get a new Tama or a super-cute character
Tamas logged: However many I'm running, which is usually one or none
Log breaks: None unless there is a school trip or other event when it is impossible to get internet
Posting of Stats: Depends on version and how much time I have, but not usually
Versions: I usually run my V4 or one of my iD Ls
Sign-off: I've always done ~ Dazzmina and *Tama name(s)* ~ so I will keep it that way
Font: Purple Comic Sans, my usual font

So, that's what you have to look forward to with this log. I'm currently not running any Tamas but I'm going to start my V4 now. It's some random Smart-family toddler and is called Alice (I'm doing an alphabet name thing, and that was the only girls' name beginning with A I thought of that wasn't a TamaTalker, one of my friends or relatives, or more than five letters). Alice is currently paused because she had been neglected the day before because I had to have a shower while she was still a baby. But I will un-pause her soon and update when something happens to her.

~ Dazzmina and Alice ~
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30 Sep 2012

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04 Oct 2012


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Posted 01 October 2012 - 01:32 PM ( #2 )

I unpaused Alice today, and started up her "sister" Emmie, my white V4! Emmie was actually hatched on August 15th this year for EMF's birthday hatch, but she is still a toddler - the same one as Alice! Alice is about 6 hours older though, and already started at pre-school. They have one Training bar each. Alice's skill points are 14 Smart, 12 Beauty and 0 Social. Emmie's are 6 Smart, 15 Beauty, 0 Social.

On my old log (actually all of my old logs right back to 2009), I used to have Tama conversations...and I'm bringing that back! It's sort of a replacement for photos. The first one might be a bit boring, but once I get into it my Tamas have some really fun conversations! :)

Me: Okay, this is our first conversation on my new log so please don't end up in an argument, Alice and Emmie.
Alice: Emmie, guess what? I'm FIVE HOURS older than you! And I'm in pre-school already!
Emmie: Hey! Dazz needs to give you a Time Out for that...right, Dazz?
Me: Yep. Alice just beeped for no reason too! All the more reason for a Time Out!
Alice: WAAAAH! Wait...does that mean I have one more Training bar than Emmie?
Me: Yes it does, but -
Alice: AWESOME! I have one more Training bar than you, Emmie, AND I get to go to pre-school!
Emmie: Surely she deserves a Time Out for that too, Dazz?
Me: No, I only give Time Outs where the Tama calls for attention. It will have no effect unless there was a reason within the actual Tama, not on this conversation.
Alice: WHAT?! Emmie, you just pooped on the floor! Ugh, how unhygenic! I'm better trained than you so I definitely wouldn't do THAT!
Emmie: Unhygenic? Who are you to say I'm unhygenic? I have more Beauty points than you!
Alice: Yeah, well I have more Smart points, and I'm going to use them! I'm going to work out how many skill points each of us has altogether, then add them up and see who has more. I bet you anything it will be me! So...I have 100,000,000,000,000 points and you have 0.000000000000001!
Me: No, Alice. You have 26 points and Emmie has 21. However, you are a little older than her.
Emmie: Yes! You need a lot more points to work THAT out, Alice! Dazz, how many do you have?
Me: Ummm...none. Only certain Tama versions use skill points, and I'm not a Tama.
Alice: Kiana, Dazzmina's first skill-point Tama that she logged, hardly had any skill points in the end. Who says you need loads of them to be a great Tama?
Emmie: That was more than a year ago! Things have changed since then.
Me: Well, sign off for today, now -
Emmie: YAAAY! I JUST GOT INTO PRE-SCHOOL! Now we're equal, Alice!
Alice: I still have more skill points than -
Me: Sign off now! I have to go soon and I still need to do colour and font!

~ Dazzmina, Alice and Emmie ~
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Posted 04 October 2012 - 11:17 AM ( #3 )

Last night, Alice and Emmie evolved into Young Mimitchis! They're going to be my first identical twins ever, because I'm sending them to the same teacher when they get into school so they can both become Mimitchis. This is the first time I've had the first three growth stages identical, and the same in age too. Alice and Emmie somehow evolved at exactly the same time. This might be my only chance to get identical twins for all the growth stages, so I'd better make sure that in a few days I have two Mimitchis...
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