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Fond Furbish memories

furby nostalgia

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Posted 01 October 2012 - 12:07 PM ( #1 )

Do you have any fond memories of your Furby like when did you get it and why? and did you take it places with you?

I will always remember my Furby its name was May-may and i got it for christmas the year they came out. I was a little be disappointed because I wanted the Gizmo one and had never even seen the Furbys on TV, but I as soon as the batteries went in I loved it and it was my new best friend. May-may came almost everywhere with me, he used to be strapped into the doll seat I had on the back of my little pink bike and come on adventures with me.

The scariest memory I have of May-may was the first time the batteries ran out I thought he was broken/ dieing and I ran home crying, his speech had slurred and he was making noises like there was a bee inside him. I was so relieved when my dad brought him back to life again.

I remember how much my Grandparents used to hate my Furby they would call him an evil penguin like the one out of Wallis and Grommet.

Then around this time last year I got my Furby out the cupboard for the last time, I had decided to put him into storage. I turned him upside down and he says "Me scared" then I began to un-do the screws and he goes "Ah bright light"just before I removed the batteries.

I still love my Furby and will never sell him and I still think about maybe taking him out of storage.






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Posted 02 October 2012 - 07:25 AM ( #2 )

I remember my first Furby well. He was a solid black Furby whose name was Toh Loo Kah. I got him at the height of the Furby craze in 1998. Furbys were impossible to find at the time. It was the holiday season and I got a tip that KB Toys would be selling their supply of Furbys on the day after Thanksgiving. I was determined to get one. I planned to get up at 3 AM and go line up in front of KB in order to ensure I got a Furby. The problem was I couldn't sleep that night. I stayed up most of the night watching a Beavis and Butthead marathon and drifted off to sleep at around 2 AM. Fortunately my mom, who was going with me, thought to set her alarm. She woke me up and we headed off.
We lined up in front of the mall with a few other people. Unfortunately we quickly found out we were in the wrong place. There was a door on the other side of the mall that was unlocked and people were already inside and lining up in front of KB Toys. Fortunately the line wasn't too long. That was about to change. People started lining up behind us and as I looked back I could see the line stretching from the front of KB all the way to the back of the mall. Thank God we got there fairly early.
Finally someone came out of the KB. They went down the line passing out slips of paper. If you got a piece of paper you got a Furby. Judging by the size of the line more than a few folks went home empty handed. Of course, I got mine. Little did I know what that one Furby was going to start. I went on to start collecting electronic pets. By the time it was over I had a roomfull of various electronic pets. I had about 60 Furbys and that was just a start. I pretty much had every electronic pet released, from super expensive ones like Sony's Aibo robots to obscure ones like Weebots and Dog.com. Looking back those were the best times of my life. I really wish I hadn't sold them all.
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