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Princess Spacy iD L... ;^;

id l princess spacy shoot me

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Posted 09 October 2012 - 07:43 AM ( #1 )


Here's the deal. I had Giragiratchi, age 4, generation 11, on my Princess Spacy. But I also had her on my iD L, and so when I checked on my Tamas I saw a happy, well-fed Giragiratchi and forget that I had her on TWO Tamas, and unfortunately the Giragiratchi on my Princess Spacy turned out to have a suitcase. 0.o

I knew she was dying, so I did that little trick where you reset and select download but she was STILL carrying a suitcase. I was so mad I did the stupidest thing ever.

I COMPLETELY reset the entire thing. ._.

Now, that's not TOO bad because I only had 7 characters in the book and could easily get them again, but you see...the Princess Spacy was what Dazzmina gave me when I met her. I connected the Princess Spacy to her 15th Anniversary iD L, and it felt special to have her in my Tama's friend list. And she sent me an item only found on the 15th Anniversary iD L. Now it's all gone, and I'll probably never see Dazzmina again. =_=

I can't believe myself. X_x I am SO sorry.






09 Oct 2012

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