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Posted 19 October 2012 - 11:02 PM ( #1 )


I guess ill blog now that it went to sleep.....

~he evolved into a kilalatchi :wub:

~1 bar away from complete 100% training

~i did the standard calculator cheat(ill explain how to do it)

~i changed the faceplate to http://2.bp.blogspot...dafaceplate.jpg

~and played some games


-im guessing that tama town isnt coming back, at least for a long time... is there any alternate ones?

-is there methods or certain ways to care for you tamagotchi to grow into certain characters?

-why is ito so big( give details please)

-any more information on the tama-go will be helpful

Progammer calculator cheat: :wacko:

=get ur tama-go and a progammer calculator(doesnt need to be pc calc.)

=(tama-go)go to the door icon, got to pc, donate 0 gp, and leave the login password

=(programmer calculator) enter in your password WITH NO SPACES, press Xor, enter in 800003E7

=(tama-go) DO NOT PRESS A!!!! press the B button -the midle button- showing you the loggout page, enter in the number your calculator gave you as the pass word

=(tama-go) you now have +999000 gp (idk if thats exact, but its around there...

Other cheat:

i heard that if you put the tamagotchi figure ur in slightly, it will read it as other tamagotchis...

well, see ya guys tomorrow...






19 Oct 2012

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24 Oct 2012


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Posted 20 October 2012 - 08:32 PM ( #2 )


Tobi is now a Kikitchi

all day i played the same game, bug shooter, and got at least 700pts. i want to remodel, but all the rooms up for sale suck...
i brought it to the park a few times... kuromametchi keep showing up and they both got dizzy on the swings...
either Tobi is constipated or he is finally toilet trained :D... hadnt cleaned up after him today...

i need to find people with tama-go....

i also need a smooth faceplate.... mine is shaped like a diamond..

Jirano out...


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Posted 24 October 2012 - 04:29 PM ( #3 )

TAMAblog G1 D5 - D7

Im late on my blogging... i know :(

I'm just lazy

BACK ON TOPIC NOW :excl: :excl:

Day 5

well i'm still looking for a tamatown site that someone made for tama-go.... so far... no luck

I am now to greatest Spider killer i know....

I am also the worst person who can jump block-to-block i know....

I bought everything the had to offer in the store....

i woke up Tobi at night to play the spider shooting game :D

Day 6

I noticed the the dating place was open on the door icon....

Tobi rejected 5 women.... they didnt look happy...

Tobi finally found the one.... the only.... his soul mate.... Lola, the Lovelitchi :wub:

Now when i feed Tobi, his WIFE, Lola, sits at the table....

Day 7

Not much happened today.... scince i when to the hospital and had a small surgery done on me....

DONT WORRY.... i'm fine.... i'll live.... hopefully... :lol:

seeya next time :wacko:

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