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LeaChaos' TamaLog~

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Posted 21 October 2012 - 08:18 AM ( #1 )

Posted Image
Welcome to LeaChaos' TamaLog!

I shall use this Log to keep track of any and all Tamagotchi I shall use (if I remember to keep track that is)

Currently I have my TamaTown Tama-Go running. I have already gone through one generation on it and had my VERY FIRST perfect care Tamagtochi: Lovelitchi!
This is the only picture I took of her but it's when she was younger :
Posted Image (sorry for blurriness. my phone quality sucks..)

Well after this Hoshitchi matured into Shelltchi and then later a lovely Lovelitchi, she settled down and married Mametchi and gave birth to this little one
Posted Image Belltchi
I accidently had a care miss with Belltchi. The time her parents left my Tama-Go I was asleep. She woke me up by beeping uncontrollably and I found her crying and starving! Poor thing!...
She's doing fine now. She just got back from playing games with her mothers old friend, Kuromametchi.

That's all for today! Stay tuned. I have a Tamagotchi ID-L, Akai, TamaOtch, and Music Star coming soon! :wub:

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21 Oct 2012

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Posted 22 October 2012 - 10:17 PM ( #2 )

Welcome to LeaChaos' TamaLog!

Today lots of exciting things happened!
Let's take a look!

Posted Image My little Belltchi grew up into a Shelltchi! She has her mothers good looks. Upon growing a pair of arms, Shelltchi decided to put them to use and shoot some hoops wth her mothers old basketball.
I decided to take her out for a stroll in the park to enjoy the scenery when who did I run into?!
Posted ImageNONE OTHER THAN MOTHER LOVELITCHI HERSELF! Lovelitchi was so proud to see that her baby had grown up into a lovely teenager! They built a sandcastle together while catching up and telling stories. Lovelitchi confessed that she was never good at driving, even though her old pal, Kuromametchi, was there to teach her. She gave Shelltchi Kuromametchi's business card so she could learn how to drive!
It was getting late, so the mother and child bid farewell and headed off.
Posted ImageUpon returing home, Shelltchi was so excited, she bounced off the screen on her favorite toy!
After settling down, Shelltchi enjoyed a nice cup of delicious pudding before heading off to bed!~

Posted ImageMy Japanese ID-L arrived today! So that means this Log will also cover my adventures on this little thing!
It took only about a week and a half to arrive since it was shipped~ Veerrry awesomeeee

After a good half an hour dedicated to looking for a mini screwdriver I finally realized that the ID-L did not need a screwdriver...*facepalm* :rolleyes: (Thank youtube for how-to videos...)
I powered this sucker up and excitedly waited for my first egg to hatch
Posted ImageTHE SUSPENCE!!
A couple minutes passed when it started to shake and crack and.....
Posted Image KABLAM! A baby Choribotchi emerged and greeted me! "Lea"!
We ate some food and played around and explored this new world a bit. I took her to the discount merchant and bought her some lovely seeds to plant a garden for her outside.
Posted ImageShe was overjoyed! The rain really livened up the little seeds!
After some time spent at the arcade, we came back home and I was about to give her a bath when...
Posted ImageShe grew up into Paletchi! (I really like this Tamagotchi! Very artistic!~)
Being now a little older, I was able to bring Paletchi to new places. I took her out shopping at the TamaDepa. Something caught her eye
Of course I bought it for her~ Music is good for the soul! Her eyes twinkled when I handed it to her. She couldn't wait to try it out!
When we got home she immediatly started rocking out to her own beat!
Posted ImageNatural talent I'd say! A born star! With practice she shall be even greater!

Well that's all for today! T'was a very fun day filled with awesomeness! I can't wait to be able to download more games and wallpapers on my ID-L with my new phone! (and I swear that once I get all my hardware re-installed on my computer I shall take photos with an actual camera and not my cell phone! ((my computer recently crashed and I had to restore it so all my old programs are gone...)))
Stay tuned! :lol:

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Posted 24 October 2012 - 04:22 PM ( #3 )

Welcome To LeaChaos' TamaLog

(I'll have to use my cell phone camera to post pics on here...sorry bout that... my regular camera doesn't take good close up pics and my usb cord is broken....)
I was woken up in the middle of the night by beepinggg. Sleepily I reached off the side of my bed and grabbed my Tama-Go to check up on my Shelltchi only to find that it was no longer a Shelltchi.
Posted Image She grew up into a Ringotchi! (unfortunatly she isn't potty trained...I have to put her on pause while I'm at work)
Right before I had to go to work I took Ringotchi to the arcade where we played her favorite game
Posted Image She leaps like a champ!

Ringotchi wasn't the only one to grow up today!
Posted Image Paletchi grew up into a Painiputchi! (I like to call her Pinapple Head)
After a good jam session on guitar me and Pinapple Head went out to the park where we met this little fellow
Posted ImageI'm a little too lazy to look up what this pet is called so let's just call him "Bag Head Dog".
We also met two other pets, but I didn't take pics of them.

Posted Image I just got three more Tamagotchi's in the mail today (bottom three). I bought them from a member here!
The new ones are a TamaOtch, Akai, and a Music Star!
I'll be able to connect my Tama-Go with the Music Star!!
Does anyone know what versions the Akai can connect to? It has a IR port too.

I need to find a mini screwdriver so I can start them up!
*off in search*

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Posted 29 October 2012 - 12:36 AM ( #4 )

Welcome to LeaChaos' TamaLog!~

This one is going to be quite long. I didn't update this in a couple days and a lot had happened. I hope you enjoy the crappy pictures :lol:

I'll start off with my ID-L

The other day I had turned on my ID-L to find that Pinapple Head had grown into a Lovelitchi! This is the second Lovelitchi I've raised! (the first being from my Tama-Go)
Posted ImageI have no idea what the Happy Birthday banner was for..
Later we had went shopping. Lovelitchi came up to me begging me to buy her a pretty pink microphone, so of course, I did
Posted ImageShe put on a show for a couple of her friends. She sure loves the stage!
We went for a walk in the park, where we ran into a lost puppy. Lovelitchi played with it for a while and went to leave for home. The puppy followed us back, so we adopted it.
Posted ImageThe puppy loved to tag along everywhere we went~
The next day I was greeted by this image vv. (Idk what the bottom line says, but I'm sure it's something good)
Posted ImageLovelitchi had told me that she wanted to go out there and meet her "special someone". I agreed. She was all giddy while we walked to the Matchmaker.
There, she instantly crushed on the amazing Kuromametchi~
Posted ImageThey're blushes are soooo cutee :wub:
The Matchmaker went on and presented her to two other eligible bachelors, neither of which interested her. She was dead set on Kuromametchi!
Kuromametchi was happy that she had chosen him and then they had their first kiss!
Posted Image(if I remember correctly: Kuromametchi had a secret crush on Lovlitchi in the anime. so this pairing is perfecttt~)
Posted ImageLater on, she popped the question, and he said yes!
Their wedding was beautiful and their honeymoon afterwards was spectacular! They settled down and eventually....!
Lovelitchi played with her newborn son and tucked him into bed. She then approached me and gave me a huge hug and asked me to watch over her son.
Posted ImageShe kissed him farewell then left. I'LL MISS YOU LOVELITCHIIII!!
Before she left she stamped my record book with her pretty picture.
Posted ImageYay Happy Stamps



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Posted 29 October 2012 - 12:51 AM ( #5 )

Upon awaking and finding that his mother wasn't around, Nittobotchi burst out in tears. Of course I was there to confort him.
Posted Image "Lea"!
After a while of entertaining the baby, he started to get tired. Before he dozed off...!
Posted Image He grew up into Furutsupantchi. I guess he's going through that wierd "Pinapple Stage" his mother went through :huh:
I like pinapples

Onto the Music Star!
Out from the egg hatched a baby boy! I named him Darius.
After a while he grew up into Kuribotchi who also has a knack for the keyboard!
Darius loves to practice!
Posted Image He then grew up into Hinotamatchi! He now has spiky hair and specialized in Rock n' Roll music~~
(I made a few really bad mistakes with disipline. He kept calling my attention even when his bars where full, so I disciplined him....later I realized he calls for attention when the doorbell ring.. I felt soo bad afterwards... I'm sorry Darius!)
Posted Image The poor mailman was still waiting at the door when I finally let him in.. He left a present for Darius. An adorable little dinosaur toy. He loves that thing so much!
He also started going to school where he made a couple friends and started a band! They named their band "Checkers".
Nearing the end of the day, I gave Darius a bath. He had gotten dirty from his playtime and band practice. I even made sure to wash his dinosaur so it stays nice and fresh.
The next day I was surprised
Posted Image Darius grew up into a Mametchi!!!!! I have never had a Mametchi thoughout my entire Tamagotchi playtimes! I was excitedd.
The next day at school, his friends were amazed to see that he had grown up so fast. Later they followed suit.

Now for the Akai. Not as many pics for this one cuz it's quite hard to see..
I started it up exactly the same time I did for the Music Star and TamaOtch. Three needy babies all beeping for attention!!!
Posted Image it hatched I started having difficulties. It refused to play games with me. I thought she was just being stubborn but later I found out that all she wanted was some snacks. *facepalm*
After proper care she ended up growing up to be a....!
Posted Image Another Ringotchi??!! Posted Image (Ringotchi on my Tama-Go married a Wooltchi! Don't they look adorable together??~)

One more entry coming up!


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Posted 29 October 2012 - 12:52 AM ( #6 )


And now it's time for the TamaOtch!
I had quite some difficulty with this one too...
Posted ImageI chose the pretty striped egg and patiently awaited it to hatch.
After 5 minutes or so a Karatchi hopped on out and not that long after grew into aa Ashitchi.
I started having problems using the TamaOtch. Since it's all in Japanese and not as straightforward as the Akai or ID-L.
She kept on beeping nonstop and eventually got really sick. So before her sickness could get any worse I put her on pause and looked up instructions in English.
After APPROPRIATE care she was feeling much better.
Posted ImageSo much better she even started performing!
The Next day she grew up into a Mochimotchi!
Posted Image Now she looks like a pear. Om nom nom :lol:
Then today I was woken up the a most annoying set of beeps..
I checked up on her and found that she was halfway off the screen!
I looked it up and found that there was nothing wrong. It's just this character is that way.
Posted Image Whattya doin' over there? It's really funny when it eats cuz he's completely off screen and the food magically devours itself!
This is hilarious!!! vvv THAT'S HOW IT SLEEPS!!! Need a pillow? Cushion? Anything?? ...Fine.
Posted Image For some reason this character makes me think of Posted Image Sexy waiter England!!!
And thus I bestow the name, Iggy, upon this Tamagotchi! (uhhhhhhhh i can't edit the size of that England picture...... <.< >.> I guess it stays the way it is)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this (reallly long) update!
I'll try not making them this long next time since this took a while to do...

Stay tuned!

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