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Tamagotchi names

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Posted 22 October 2012 - 06:29 PM ( #1 )

Type out as many five letter names for a tamagotchi you can think of :)






22 Oct 2012

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22 Oct 2012


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Posted 22 October 2012 - 07:53 PM ( #2 )

I'll do English/non japanese tama names:

Pixel, Digit, Uno (most of the >10 Spanish numbers and a few exceptions), Zero, Star, Comet, Alex, Eevee, Flash, Zip/Kip, Tama, Storm, Red/Blue/Green/Pink/White/Black/some other colors, Angel, Taco, Zen, Yuki, Darcy, Gizmo, Zig/Zag, Jinx, Rhys/Reese, Pan, Vex/Hex, Noel, Lotus, Coco, Howl, Fang, Ghost, Duo, Jaime, Demon, (insert fruit based names here like Apple or Lemon), Ash, Tracy, Remi, Alpha/Beta/Theta/Gamma, June/July, Billy/Billi, Bobby/Bobbi, Chris.

Aiden, Ryan, Max, Dane, Jet, Dave, Hanz/Hans, Peter, Jack, Steve, Alec, Drew, Perry, Luke/Lucas, Greg, Paul, Heath, Axel, Ollie, Kevin, Link, Onyx, Saul, Will, John/Jon, Moe, Shinx, Lance, Wally, Iggy, Rex, Van, Pax/Jax, Khan, Thor, Kyo/Kyou, Gin, Leo, Eliot, Draco, Kain(e)/Cain(e), Bono, Westy, Aaron, Adam, Atlas, Ben/Benji, Basil, Baker, Blaze, Boris, Brian, Bruno, Cecil, Caleb, Cyrus.

Polly/Molly, Grace, Zoe/Zoey, Lucy, Fiona, Rose, Kandy/Candy, Carly, Liza/Eliza, Elody, Holo/Halo, Kate, Nina, Steph, Raine/Rain, Yuna, Elle, Lily/Lulu, Zelda, Allie, Daisy, Ai, Laura, Mel, Saya, Patty, Cammy, Rinny, Sasha, Winry, Penny, Oprah, Jacki, Yumi, Holly, Nell, Sonya, Kat/Cat, Anna, Linda, Eve, Eden, Abby/Abbie, Erin, Alice, Anita, April/May, Ariel, Berry, Bunny, Blair, Buffy, Calla, Carol, Cathi/Cathy, Celia, Chloe.

I got more but I'm kinda tired...

EDIT- Compiled the lists.

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