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Star Stable, anyone?

play! star stable

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Posted 01 November 2012 - 02:36 PM ( #1 )


Anyone on Star Stable? I thought it was a little dodgy at first, you have to install it, etc, but it's actually quite addictive, especially horse fans, (like me xD oh but I think tamas come first!!!) You create your character (girls only, I'm afraid!) and create your horse, and then are planted in this 3D Online world, where you get to explore the island, stables, beaches, shops, and complete quests. Now, obviously there IS a small catch, as all things come with at least a little one - and that is that in order to become a Star Rider, and gain access to more quests, and access to the whole island, and shops, you must pay a fee of £5 a month (!) which is, I think about $8/$9, but other than that, an A* game :)
I'll post a proper review when I get the chance ;)
PS: it takes AGES to load/install!! Sorry to you people with slow networks out there!!!

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01 Nov 2012