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Splash. Splash. Splash

The water dripped from the tap slowly, yet the man at the table made no effort to turn it off. It had been a year, a year since he lost his only son - his little bokkie

He remembered the way his chocolate eyes would sparkle every time they went to a game, the way he'd run around the park - hoping someday to become a great springbok. And he recalled every time the boy smiled, there were gaps where teeth had fallen out.

His teammates were fond of the child - particularly Patrick and Elton, as they were only young themselves - and were almost as devastated when they heard what had happened.

Ring! Ring! the phone shouted.

Jean frowned as he let it continue to voicemail. The wretched thing was always going off, and no matter how irritating it was, he was too numb to reach it. The machine clicked and a heavily accented voice left another one of those messages.

'Uh, hey Jean. It's Jannie here. Just lettin' ya know that the team is worried about you. You've been missing training for a week now and I want to know if you're okay - Bissie's just the same.'

There was an uncomfortable pause and the sound of nervous swallowing.

'Coach says that if you don't arrive to the next training session, Adriaan will be taking your place as captain. He'll be a good captain, I'm sure, but so are you and once again - we're all worried sick about you.'

Jean sighed, burying his face in his hands. His teammates had been constantly calling him. Patrick, Elton, Morne and Francois offering to take him out to town, Adriaan apologizing for taking over as captain and saying that Jean was the better leader, Bismarck and Jannie always coming over to clean up when Jean got too upset because he walked into Johan's bedroom.

'Johan's bedroom' Jean thought, allowing a slight tear to roll down his cheek. That place was alone and desolate, full of sadness and empty memories, and he abandoned the thought of ever stepping foot in there again.

rugby fanfiction by ella lemme explain

this is an au where young!johan goosen, one of south africas irl flyhalves, goes missing. the man who took him in at a young age, south africa's centre/captain, jean de villiers is sad and omg its terrible and not finished sorry

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I love your stories!


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oh my gosh thanks so so so much! uwu

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