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Posted 25 November 2012 - 12:31 PM ( #1 )

Rayman's past life was a good life,
even though he had a nymph for a mother.

"My mother," Rayman had said.
"My mother is a nymph, who is a leader of the Nymph Sisterhood."

Great things had happened to Rayman,
Though something went awry.

He had no limbs, but he turned out to be a good guy.
He only had hands, feet, a body, and a head.

"That's just fine." Rayman said in a calm tone of voice.
"I am the one that everyone loves. Though the hate that everyone gives me, is nothing to me."

The hate that seeps through him when the insults get too far,
Makes him hate himself and for what he looks like.

"I wish I did have limbs," Rayman had said in a sad tone.
"But why not be a hero without them?"

Though some people think he looks creepy with no limbs,
He tries to fight the insults that are about him.

His heart is made of 100% gold, though he is made of Yellow Lums,
His heart pumps a rush of blood, when he fights another enemy.

"If you think I'm one to make fun of,
You're making fun of your own self." Rayman spoke.

His voice speaks like a wise Owl,
Though he doesn't have the characteristics.

His life is based on how he lives and thrives throughout his years.
You may not see him as a human, but to you,
You see him as a living, breathing creature.

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25 Nov 2012