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Stefan's Log

tama-go log

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Stefan Bauwens

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Posted 30 December 2012 - 05:15 AM ( #18 )

Due to the the fact that my tamagotchi yesterdays magically switched on pause mode, my oldie is only 10 years old.
Anyway, yesterday I noticed that there was a new theme! The jail theme, and "only" for 4000. Seriously, the man who made up that algorithm? First pricy themes, and then less pricy? :P
Sadly enough, I only had like 20000. So I let my sister play a few games.(She won about 3000 for me).
Today, I played quite some games and his gotchi points are above the 30000, so I'm getting there.

I'm wondering when I should let him marry? Maybe I'll drop into date-place today just for fun, and maybe if there's somebody nice I'll marry him.
I just hope that since he's an oldie, he will still have the choice to choose and not forced to marry the female senior, although I must admit they'll probably fit together. :P

Okay, that's it for now. I know it isn't anything special, but there wasn't much more to note.


Stefan Bauwens

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Posted 04 January 2013 - 03:19 AM ( #19 )

Okay, excuse me for not logging earlier, but I really didn't have that much time.

Clueless jr. is 15(!) years old. He only married yesterday with the female senior. In other words, the only one you can choose after declining the first 3 every day.
So, I bought the jail-theme. In fact I believe I bough it the same day of my last post. :P
So far, me being very busy I've only seen the living-room and bedroom. I still have to see the bathroom.

On newyear I forgot to look so I guessed I missed the fireworks, if there were any. However on 2 january, I got a message saying "Happy New-Year!". It was the same kind of way, when the sleigh would come. So probably the first 2 days of january it was showing that message at 1 and 5 pm.

A thing I noticed though, is that the Christmas tree is gone. And when I thought about it, I think it must have disappeared on the 2nd christmas day or something.
I've been playing hardly any games with my tama. Therefore his weight is at 50 an his money is very low(less than a thousand).

On a side note, I'm pretty surprised I didn't get the battery-symbol. Normally it last about less than a regular generation. In fact I was already guessing on christmas eve that it would display the message. The contrast is on the minimum and the sound off, but that's always the case actually.
Maybe my tama-go, which is still fairly new, finally has adapted to this kind of batteries. :P

Anyway, thanks for reading my log. Till my next update. :)

Stefan Bauwens

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Posted 08 January 2013 - 11:52 AM ( #20 )

So, my Tamagotchi was getting quite neglected by me since I didn't have too much time to check on it., let alone playing games with it.

So he was around 70lb and his friendship level was basically at 0. I didn't think it was worth it to try to get that back up if he anyways was soon going to get a kid which would again have an empty friendship bar. So the baby was born. It was a girl.
When the parents left I didn't look at the baby. It evolved to a toddler and had 6 poops. I decided to do what I did. :P

I pulled out the batteries. Yup, I've stopped my tama from running. After all, he had lived for 5 generations non stop. I was getting a bit tired and just was having too little time. It's kinda pathetic that I didn't even reach page 2 on this thread. :P

So I won't be posting any updates in the near feature. Perhaps in a few weeks, months, years or possibly even never anymore. :P
Thanks for reading. I hoped you liked it. ;)


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