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Posted 12 December 2012 - 02:24 PM ( #1 )

Hey there... again! I thought I'd start up a THIRD log, just because I, err.. felt like it! Ha! Well, stay tuned, guys.

Right now (8:25pm), my beautiful Shelltchi's asleep. I've called her Shelly! Here she is up close to the screen to say 'hello'! Oh, isn't she just SO cute (lol)?

Posted Image

I would start logging about my blue P1 right now, except that's either needing a new battery, or is broken (I hope it's the first one... in fact, I wish it's neither, lol)!

Yeah, that's actually IT for now... I think hopefully tomorrow I'll add more, like speech (whatever) and stuff... you know.

~ Siro

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12 Dec 2012

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Posted 13 December 2012 - 02:33 PM ( #2 )

So I think my Tama's (literally) dead...

My P1's broken for GOOD I think... *sigh* that's just so so sad. But, like they say, everything has its time...

Back to logging now, I suppose. Here are some random photos of my previous characters on my Tama-Go :-)

Posted Image

Shelly sayin' 'hi'!

Posted Image

My wonderful Mattaritchi, lookin' cute!

Purple: Shelly!
Blue: Me!

Hey, can I see what you're writing?

Umm, yeah... if you really want to!

Cool! Are you typing about ME? I wanna see, I wanna see!

Look, I'm gonna try and fix my P1 tomorrow...

Sounds GREAT! Hey, I really want to talk to your P1, but it's broken... I hope not for good! Hey, are you gonna get a new Tama?

Shelly, think about what you're SAYING! I would never EVER replace my P1, unless it was desperate! I might get a V2 though - not to replace my P1, obviously - just to relive the awesomeness of owning a Ginjirotchi ;-)

Oh, sounds fantastic! I can't WAIT till you get a new Tama!

Yeah, I know! I think I just might get a Music Star for Christmas...

OMG! Wow! How?

I put it on my Amazon wish list, didn't I tell you?

Cool! Hey there - I remember now, you did! You did!

Listen - I'm sorry, Shelly, but we have to go now.

HUH?! Oh, fiiineee...

It's only 'cause I'm tired of typing :-P

LOOOL! :ichigotchi:

Kay, bye!

~ Siro

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Posted 15 December 2012 - 03:56 AM ( #3 )


(Well, maybe.)

Shelly transformed in her sleep yesterday. She's now a Marotchi. Personally, I used to really not like Marotchi, but she's actually alright, I suppose... I wish I got Violetchi though.

Anyway, I can't wait until Christmas Eve, because apparently Santa appears at 10:30 (on the Tama-Go, not in real life)!

I love how Shelly's got an Xmas tree in her room... cute ;-)

I can't WAIT until Xmas... did I say that already? :-P Because if I do get that Music Star, I'll be able to connect Tamas! This is a picture of 'that Music Star', btw:

Posted Image

I really like the design ^ I've also put an iD L on my Wish List, too :-P I doubt I'll ever get that ;-) Lol, I know, the picture's pretty tiny...

Posted Image

And, about my *almost broken?* P1: I've replaced the batteries (ordered off eBay) and put my Tamagotchi in the airing cupboard to let out any moisture (if it has any). There's also a 'rice' trick, which I'll probably try soon enough. Maybe after I've gone to the cinema to watch The Hobbit :-)

~ Siro

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