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Tamagotchi Angel/Angelgotchi Growth Log

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Posted 13 December 2012 - 07:53 PM ( #1 )

So, guys. The growth charts are unreliable, and no one seems to care enough to try and figure out how an Angel's growth works.
It's definitely care, but in a rather odd way.

It's not at all sensitive. My first try, I ended up getting a Futagotenshi. (secret perfect care character.)

Second try, attempting to get the bad care teenager, Takoten.
Notes: 1-2 Hearts, 0 AP, No praise.

I got Kodoten, the good care teen.

Third try.
Notes: 0-1 Hearts, 0 AP, No praise.

It died.

Fourth try.
Notes: 0-1 Hearts, 0 AP, No praise.

Kodoten again.
So, I tried to see if I would get Kuriten (perfect care adult) if I continued like this.
Notes: 0-1 Hearts, 0 AP, No Praise, as usual, but this time I tried something I hadn't thought of: Not turning off the lights.
So I did this, and got Ginjirotenshi, the bad care adult (in the good path).

So, after Ginjirotenshi dies, I'm going to attempt to get Takoten by not turning off the lights.

Could this be the one variable preventing me from getting the bad care teen? Find out when Ginjirotenshi dies.







13 Dec 2012

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14 Dec 2012

Stefan Bauwens

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Posted 14 December 2012 - 05:41 AM ( #2 )

Unreliable? I remember checking this on out when attempting to make an angel-simulator for my calculator(see avatar).
It looks pretty legit to me.

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