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How Rayman Was Born- A Poem-Like Story of Rayman's History

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Posted 15 December 2012 - 05:09 PM ( #1 )

Music: James Horner – Christmas, Why Can't I Find You? (Listen to the background music instead of the lyrics)

Have you wondered how Rayman was born?
He was born with the synchronization of the Lums...
He was born a being of light, a creature that would help the Glade get back together.

Though many creatures say he's a nuisance to the Glade's magical properties,
He's just a little creature that makes good decisions, though he tries his best to save someone.

He was none other than a living baby Limbless, a living thing that has something to do when he has grown.

His intelligence is greatly served, though his brain is small. His ears are nice and floppy, while he begins toddling for the first time, exploring what he sees.

Is there not much to ask of him? Does he follow what other people tell him?

He's his own mind. He learns as he grows up, into a full-fledged hero.

He says words like "Frog" and "Fairy", as he sees Ly and Globox looking at his proud mind. His babbles make people think he's crazy, but he's really saying something to someone.

Though things might not happen like Rayman wants them to, he just has to wait.

His little sleeping techniques at bedtime make the Nymphs bless him with health and light.

His cooing noises at daytime make the Nymphs bless him with intelligence and the ability to speak.

Though something went awry, as Rayman had cried at night...he never knew what would happen as he was growing.

The Nymphs tried to calm him, but he sensed that Mr. Dark's follower, the Magician, is coming to destroy his life.

When he grew into a seventeen year old teenage Limbless, he fought Mr. Dark's follower, the Magician.

His powers seeps right through his hands, feet, and body. He used all that he got to defeat the Magician,
But he began to become weak and fragile.
All the Nymphs tried to soothe Rayman to sleep, so they could get all his powers.

"Rayman's greatest powers, where art thou?" said a Nymph with a voice of an angel.
The powers were surged back into Rayman, as he woke up from the slumber.

Moral: Though you try your hardest to fight off an enemy, the enemy might not come back.






15 Dec 2012