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Tama-Go Figures

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Posted 20 December 2012 - 10:51 AM ( #1 )

I have a few questions in regards to the Gotchi figures for the Tama-go.

1. Those of the same character but different waves, do they have the same games and shops? For example Mametchi on the green Tama-go and Mametchi on the black Tama-go.
2. How many are there altogether?
3. Do they unlock different things depending on the wave of the Tama-go?
4. Is it worth getting all of them?

That's all I can think to ask, but if you have anything else to add that would be relevant, please add it.






20 Dec 2012

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20 Dec 2012


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Posted 20 December 2012 - 03:07 PM ( #2 )

Wave 1 and wave 2 have different games. Cradle catch for wave 1. I think coin catch for the 2nd... (I usually run my wave 1) easy enough to mess with the figures to get other lite figure games... (sliding them in part way on...)

No idea this moment. I want to say 12... But I haven't actually counted/collected them all.

The figures stay the same. So if you used a Ringotchi one a green tamago. It would be the same on the black.

I am glad I have the figures I do. It adds more glitter to the game. More food options/toys/outfits...etc.


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