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Tamagotchi Collection (NDS)

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Posted 21 December 2012 - 05:09 AM ( #1 )

I got Tamagotchi Collection for NDS in the mail yesterday and I was wondering, does anyone have any useful links or videos?

Ok, so at the beginning, you crash on Tama Planet and choose a friend: Mametchi, Melodytchi, or Lovelitchi. You will look a lot like your friend, but you change customize your appearance after unlocking more friends.

Ok, so, you can put furniture in your room which you either recieve as gifts from your friends, or from eBay-like auctions on your Tama-computer. You can also make money by selling stuff at auctions.

When you visit friends, you can give them gifts or play mini-games with them to increase your friendship. When you become good friends, you get a picture of the character...much like Animal Crossing!

Also on your tama-computer, you can go to some sort of Facebook-like site...you have all these messages which you may reply to. It's in Japanese but you can write in English :D

It's a fun game so far, but I am not quite sure of the goal. I have Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuromametchi as friends to visit. My character is a blue and red Kuromametchi with Memetchi eyes :P






21 Dec 2012