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Webster Holiday Log

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Posted 22 December 2012 - 12:37 PM ( #1 )

Well it's almost christmas and for the rest of the year till new years hits I will be typing a holiday log^-^

So without further ado lets start this!

Hold on, ok just set the time on my angelgotchi Kitsune and next to him is Ryusei who right now is 2 yrs old with 50% discipline and either sometime today or tomorrow should be getting sick followed by changing. My goal (like I use to do in the past) is to get Ginjirotenshi and Mimitchi in time for christmas but since I stopped my last log things have gone downhill for me. I've hatched ryusei a total of 15 times since then and have not been giving him the best care I can so I've been getting pochitchi's and zukitchi's on him almost all the time but I plan on changing that this time around.

Kitsune just hatched so I quickly fed him and played 2 games with him to make him full and happy, also I should note that even though it's almost noon here I set kitsune to 6:50am so he'll change when his clock hits 8am instead of having to wait till past noon. I was considering going for Futagotenshi on him but I rather not deal with a character that lives so long and gets so needy at a very early age, but we will see how things go over the next day till he changes into his teen form sometime tomorrow.

Ryusei has been watching some christmas movies with me along with being there while we made snikerdoodles, sugar cookies and chex mix and even went with me as I bought some gifts for my parents yesterday. Tomorrow will be yet another day of cooking as my dad makes home-made cinnamon rolls to pass out on monday (a usual tradition in my family) and both of my tama's will be with me through all of this^-^ Right now though were just noming on cookies, listening to some great music and just plain relaxing... but who knows what will happen later on (btw kitsune just went down for his nap... which shows how long I'm taking at typing this first log out).

Ok, I now have about 18 minutes till little kitsune changes form so I'm gonna end this log for now. But I will write again later on with what we've done for the rest of the day.






22 Dec 2012

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