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My (hopefully) amazing first attempt at a Tamagotchi Log!

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Posted 22 December 2012 - 12:55 PM ( #1 )

Hey guys!! I'm starting my first-ever Tamagotchi log. Please, sit back, relax, and enjoy :))
Okay, let's start the PAR-TAY!! Well, first off, I'm currently running only 1 Tama, but I'll start another one for the sake of the log. The Tamagotchi I'm running is a Hawaiian Flowers v4.5. Right now I have a boy Kutchitamatchi (toddler) named Cider bouncing around in there. I started him up yesterday, so today he's evolving into a teen. Here are his stats:

Hunger: 4/4
Training: 3/9
Skill points: 6 (funny) ; 4 ( gorgeous) ; 12 (spiritual) I know. It's Christmas Break and I'm slacking off :P
Age: 1
Weight: 23 (Okay, I guess it's weight-losing time)

Yep! Right now he's at Preschool singing and... He failed both times. Aww. Stop shoving food in your mouth and DANCE!!! Haha... I guess that's all for now. Thanks SO MUCH for reading, and Happy Holidays :D
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22 Dec 2012

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Posted 22 December 2012 - 02:00 PM ( #2 )

*Shoutout to lala0629 for liking my previous post! Thanks so much. Please check out her profile because she is made of 100% AWESOMENESS!! Thanks again :D :D :D -KeroPyontchi*

Hey again, guys. My plan was to post only once a day, but I simply must say something :P It's that Cider evolved into a teen just now! The character's name is *looks up on growth chart* Kometchi! He's not exactly the cutest on the growth chart in my opinion, but I've never had him before, and if I keep his Spiritual points up, he may eventually become one of the male secret characters, Mukimukitchi or something like that. So I'm pretty happy with him! He has 19 spiritual points at the moment :P but I'll get them up! I also love how he never takes off his hat :D Okay, that's it for now. Remember to freind lala0629! Bye!

P.S: The world didn't end :D
P.P.S: Who knows how to post pictures? O.o

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Posted 23 December 2012 - 01:36 AM ( #3 )

*Shoutout to kutchipatchi.is.blue55 for attempting to teach me how to post pictures, and you rock for that, but I'm afraid l won't be posting any pictures anytime soon due to me using an iPad as opposed to a laptop. Thanks again!

'Kay guys. This is my... third post in one day? Yep, I'm now devoted to this *awesome* log ;) But yeah. Onto business. First off, I decided to run a v4 along with Cider for company :) So l did. It's my Skittles shell design, my only v4 :P I plan to order another one for New Years as well :D So anyways, I popped a fresh battery into my Tamagotchi, set the date and time, and waited for it to hatch. Then a baby boy was born. Although I wanted to get a girl so I could marry Cider to her, I'm aiming for the character called Minotchi, who is a boy. So I'm cool with it B) I named him Flame, don't ask me why. He later evolved into a Mohitamatchi and went to bed. So yeah.

v4.5 Updates: Cider received mail to go to school today! He chose Mr. Canvas, the Spiritual teacher for this version. Also, he received some crap in the mail, which made him unhappy. So I fed him a Soda and played some games. But then he received a gift from the Tamagotchi King in the mail, which was a Fishing Pole. He tried it out and reeled in a sack that contained 500 Gotchi Points!! Here are his stats:

Points: 16, 4, 36 (in order Funny-Spiritual)
Age: 1 (still :P)
Weight: 17 lbs :)

Okay, that's all for today folks! Good night, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! :D

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Posted 23 December 2012 - 02:19 PM ( #4 )

Hey guys :D So here is the first update on Cider and Flame for today. Let's start with Cider! :)

V4.5 (Cider): 'Kay. So far, Cider woke up, pooped twice... Er, three times now ;), had a sandwich from the shop, went to school (and gained 3 Spiritual Points :)). We also played 3 games of Manhole to increase spiritual, and connected with Flame twice :D Here are his stats of of right now:

Hunger: 3/4 (not anymore :D)
Life Points: 12, 2, 40
(Age and weight are the same as of last update)

What? Oh, ok. Hey guys! Cider wants to say a few words for you!
Cider: Hey Tamatalk! You guys are awesome for reading this! But you know what's awesomer? MY HAT!!! B)
KeroPyontchi (Me):....
Cider: You guys make me feel so LOVED!!! :D
Me: Hey! I'm the one who keeps you alive, so...
Cider: But they all ROCK!!!!
Me: I know, they have been very nice and supportive. Thanks TamaTalk! Now, Cider, let's give Flame his turn in the spotlight. Say bye!
Cider: Aww. Oh well! See you guys later! MWA <3

v4 (Flame): First, he woke up and had some pineapple, his favorite food! He did a cute little happy dance :D Then, he played a game of Mimic and gained some Fashion Points! ( Weird thing is, I'm aiming for Minotchi, an adult character that has more Intelligence Points than anything else, but he has more Fashion Points! But he is still getting the Intelligence teacher, Mr.Turdlepedia.) So then he got mail to go to Preschool, and he just came back from that. So it's stat time!!!

Life Points: 4, 23, 3
(Age and weight are the same as last update)

Okay, it seems like he's too shy to talk to you guys for now, but hopefully next update I'll coax him into it. But yeah! I guess that's it for now... See you guys later! Byeeee!!! :)
Cider: See yah!
Me: Cider...!


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Posted 23 December 2012 - 11:17 PM ( #5 )

*Shoutout to kittletchi for liking my post and for being awesome like that :D -KeroPyontchi*

Heyy guys! It's me again! I have GREAT news! But first: today I made a Tamagotchi Personality Quiz on Fun Stuff! Please be sure to check it out and see what Tamagotchi character is most like you! (based on v2 characters) ;)

V4.5 (Cider) Anyways, Cider is doing great. It's been a typical day. That's all. Here are his stats:

Training: 7/9
Life Points: 14, 4, 45
Age: 2
Weight: 22 lbs.

But yeah. Cider's asleep right now, but he told me to tell you guys good night. He also told me to ask you to PM me, telling him what kind of hats you guys wear. And to guess how amazing his hat is on a scale of 1-10. Yeah o.o

V4 (Flame)

Im so exited about him! So you guys know how I'm aiming for Minotchi as an adult, right? Well, Flame evolved into a teen. Not just any teen. YOUNG KUCHIPATCHI!! Now all I have to do is keep his intelligence points up. I'm so happy!! Stats:

Life/ Skill points: 28, 33, 8 (:P)
Age: 1 year
Weight: 20lbs :)

'Kay. So before, I set his time back so that he could evolve today, so he has exactly 5 minutes to talk to you guys. Did I mention he's not that shy anymore ;)?

Flame: Hi everyone! Im a Young Kuchipatchi now! Mommy says I'll be a Minotchi if things go according to plan!
Me: Yep. So what do you think of your new appearance?
Flame: I'm... Green. It's cool. What color is Minotchi?
Me: Lots of colors. You'll see... Hopefully ;)
Flame: Yeah. *Yawns*
Me: Are you tired?
Flame: Sorta. Hey, TamaTalkers! You guys know Cider? He's my best freind! I wish I had a hat...
Me: Nooo not more of this hat nonsense. Wait! Minotchi wears a hat!
Flame: Really!? Cool! *yawns*
Me: Okay you're tired now. Say bye, then go to bed, tomorrow's Christmas Eve.
Flame: Oohh!! Do we get presents!? And have a really big... ZzzZz
Me: :D Good night!

Okay! So that concludes this day's logging, please be sure to freind kittletchi, check out my Tamagotchi Personality Quiz, and... Oh yeah. PM me about hats for Cider ;)

Byeee!! Happy Holidays!!

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Posted 24 December 2012 - 02:21 PM ( #6 )

Hiya! It's time for the first update of today :) But first, Merry Christmas Eve! Enjoy today's first update!

So, let's start with Cinder. He JUST evolved, like literally 2 seconds ago, into Ura Kuchipatchi!! I'm so happy! It still says he's 2 years old but... Whatever. He's awesome! Here are his stats!!

Age: 2 years
Weight: 64 lbs. (Yesh :P)
Life Points: 12, 2, 43 (yeah, no chance of getting the secret character now :/ Oh well!)

Ok! So Cider's SUPER exited to talk to you guys! :D

Cider: Hey guys! I feel great!! The two most AMAZING things about my new appearance are...
Me: Yeah?
Cider: I match Flame! Get it? He's a Young Kuchipatchi, and I'm an Ura Kuchipachi!!
Me: Oh! Wonderful observation!! Whats the second thing?
Cider: I have a different kind of hat :D!!!
Me: o.o
Cider: Hey Kero, did you tell them to PM me -er, you- about hats yet?
Me: Yeah, hon. No one has said anything yet, so...
Cider: Aww!! I thought you guys loved me!! :(
Me: They do... *please help me TamaTalk*
Cider: It's cause of Christmas Eve, right?
Me: Uh... Yeah. Ok. Right. BTW, you need to buy something from the shop for Flame.
Cider: Oh yeah... Bye for now, TamaTalk! I gotta go! PM me about hats please!! I love you! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Oh, goodness. Too much coffee maybe? Right. Onto Flame!

Flame is still a happy little Young Kuchipatchi. Nothing much to report. Here are the stats:

Training: 7/9
Life Points: 46, 33, 15 :)
Age: 1 year
Weight: 23 lbs :)

It's Flame's turn in the spotlight! He has a few words...

Flame: Good morning, TamaTalk! Have you seen Cider yet? We're TWINS!!!
Me: Yes. I already told them. You are both very cute.
Flame: Yeah! So did he have any luck with the PMing hat thing?
Me: Nah.
Flame: I knew it! Why is he so obsessed anyways?
Cider: What? Hey, you where the one looking forward to being a Minotchi, just for the hat!
Me: Hey, yourself. Are you done Christmas shopping yet?
Cider: No...
Me: And you already got to talk in this post, right?
Cider: Yeah...
Me: So go finish whatever you were doing!
Flame: Yeah, Cider!
Cider: *growls*
Me: Boys!
Cider and Flame: o_o

Okay, so I'm going to end this post before it gets physical in between those two green, hat-loving trouble makers. I hope I see you next post! Happy Holidays!!!
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Posted 26 December 2012 - 11:28 PM ( #7 )

Woah! I FINALLY found some time to log :D So much has happened, I hope you guys had some very happy holidays! I know I have! Also I have good news: My long-lost freind who's currently in Florida told me he got me a Tama-Go! Best part is, he's coming over for New Year! I got him a new case, earphones, and gift card for his new iPhone his sister gave him! Shh ;) And in other news, Flame is now a Minotchi! Let's get to the logging:

V4.5 (Cider): He got his Job Mail earlier yesterday! He now works at the Tamagotchi School :) Still a happy little Ura Kuchipatchi! Oh! I just realized that the Matchmaker's coming tomarrow!! They grow up so fast :')... But yeah. Stats:

Hunger: 3/4
(Training will not be updated anymore since Cinder is an adult and will not need to be trained any longer)
Age: 5
Weight: 89 (Really now...)
Life Points: 12, 2, 51

Cinder's gonna talk now! Prepare to be amazed ._.
Cinder: Flame. Has. A. Hat.
Me: Hush! You ruined the surprise.
Cider: It never was.
Me: Meh. Tell everyone about your Christmas!
Cider: Well, I got a hat from Flame and I gave him some maracas! The hat was coolio :) But the sad thing was that Kero hung me in the Christmas tree like I was some kind of... Ornament!
Me: It was cute!
Cider: Yeah.. As cute as you
Me: Thanks for the compliment!
Cider: That was an insult...
Cider: o.o *dashes off*

V4 (Flame): Yes, my dream has come true! Minotchi at last! He's so adorable!!! Here are his stats:

Training: 9/9
Skill Points: 60, 38, 24 :)

Flame is so exited to talk to you guys!! Camera... Lights... Action!!
Flame: What up with the movie type intro?
Me: Just go with it...
Flame: I'm so happy I have a hat now!! Right Cider!?!?
Cider: Heck to the YES!! :D
Me: Oh goodness...
Cider & Flame: Meh.
Flame: Oh oh oh!! For Christmas I got some maracas from Cider!! Wanna hear me play?
Kero & Cider: ...
Me: Oh goodness, how could a sould like THAT come from maracas!?!?
Flame: Talent!
Cider: And...scene!!
Flame, Cider & Kero: LOL

So yeah... It snowed today :) I'm at my house near Yosemite right now!! And I'm eating a 15- inch candy cane!!! See you guys! Happy New Years!! Byyyyee!!!

Edit: I accidentally edited :D

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Posted 28 December 2012 - 12:53 AM ( #8 )

Hey guys :D Before I start, I would like to give a Shoutout to CheesyNoodleTama, who gave a Shoutout to ME, but more importantly, inspired my log and my TamaTalk account. So please read her log, and thanks to everyone, especially CheesyNoodleTama for making this log successful (over 100 views :D) Keep it up, TamaTalk! :)

Hiya! So nothing much to report except that Flame got his Job Mail. So here are today's updates:

v4.5 (Cider): He's doing great. But the thing is that he went to sleep, so the Matchmaker should come tomarrow morning... If I wake up on time :) *Note: I won't be updating Cider's stats, because other then him turning 6, his stats are the same. Also, instead of Cider and Flame talking separately at the end of their updates, they will both be talking together near the end of the posts. Thanks! :)*

v4 (Flame): Cute as ever! He got his Job Mail, and got a job at the Tama Bank! Today he also drank some Fruit Juice, his favorite food! Er... Drink ;) He also lost a lot of weight by going to work and playing lots of games :) Here are his stats:

Skill/Life Points: 84, 43, 34 BOO-YAH :D
Age: 4
Weight: 34 :)

Cider: Ok can we talk now?
Flame: Yeah... We have been waiting SOOO long for you to finish typing!!
Me: What? I don't type that slow...
Flame: Well how come I can type faster?
Me: Prove it!
Flame: bwafaywuwh How about THAT?
Me: I mean real words... :)
Flame: Acually, "bwafaywuwh" IS in the Dictionary...
Cider: Really now?
Me: Oh? And which dictionary may that be?
Flame: My dictionary...!
Me & Cider: Oh, good grief.
Flame: No really...
Me: Well. Shouldn't you two be in bed by now? You especially, Cider, you'll find your true love tomarrow!
Cider: Oh, ok. Yeah. G' night Kero, Flame, and TamaTalk. <3
Me & Flame: Good night!
Me: Flame, you better get to bed too. You have work, and... Such.
Flame: Good night Kero and TamaTalk!
Me: Good night...

So... That's all for today, except that I think I might pause Flame for a while after New Years for a 2013 Tamagotchi collection picture!! Yeah. So good night, everyone!!

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Posted 29 December 2012 - 11:57 PM ( #9 )

*Shoutout to atbajwa@gmail.com for all of his amazing compliments!! -Kero <3 :D*

Hey guys... Before I start, three major things have happened that affect this log. First of all, our good freind Cider is no longer with us. See, I left him in the car after a 3 hour drive, and it was freezing outside so my dad wouldn't let me get it :( He just said "Just reset it and name it Cider!" Oh, dad... Either way, Cider and his baby went home to Tama Planet :(
Good thing is, my freind from Florida got me a pink Tama-Go!! Not exactly my color, but hey, its a Tama-Go :) It came with a Kuchipatchi figure and is adorable. It was either a late Christmas or early New Year's gift :D So I'll be logging him as well ;)
Third is that I have decided to pause Flame so I can have him in my Tamagotchi collection 2013 picture :) So basically the only thing I'm logging is Jake, the little Mattaritchi on my Tama-Go ;)

Edit: The acual log will be on my next post, this was a news flash, per say :)

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Posted 30 December 2012 - 12:52 AM ( #10 )

So, if you read my last post, you should know I'll only be logging Jake, my Mattaritchi on my brand-new Tama-Go :) So let's start!

Okay, so first, we had about 4 trillion meals of Pork and Beans (Well, it seemed like it :P) And played Shoot the Bug and Long Jumper nonstop ;) And went to the park. There, we saw the following Tamagotchi in the following order: Makkiko, KuroMametchi, and Memetchi. So thats about it. Here are his stats:
Friendship: FULL/FULL (lol)
Age: 1
Weight: 23lbs

Me: Oh boy... Did I mention that he talks nonstop? :P
Jake: No I don't it's just all of the ICECREAM I had today and I WUV ICECREAM!!!!!
Me: Psh. I would love to see you on soda...
Jake: Soda? What's that? Can I try? PWEASE!!???
Me:You're not gonna like it it's--
Me: -- carbonated o.o
Jake: Acually... Hm! IT'S GOOD GOOD GOOD!!!!
Me: o.o
Jake: Can we go to the park and sniff strangers' hair and eat the local deer and give baths to homeless Tamas!?!?
Me: *Sigh* If you go to bed now, I'll let you have icecream for breakfast.... ;)

byrddghdjokjonsc JAKE GET OFF OF THE KEYBOARD!!!

Edit: Fixed a few typos :P

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Posted 31 December 2012 - 03:00 PM ( #11 )

*Thanks to those who rated my log, I appreciate it! Please send me a PM telling me what you gave it. Thanks again! --Kero<3*

Hi everyone, sorry I didnt get to post yesterday, I was busy. But let me tell you, I have got A LOT of updating to catch up to, so here we go!

v4 (Flame): Ah, yes. Flame is back for this post.See, he's still alive, but I paused him so I could do a 2013 pic of my collection. The thing is I unpaused him for a while so the Matchmaker would come (Flame's 7 years old) to him, so I set the time to 6:59 pm, and waited. Finally the Matchmaker showed up, and brought a lovely little... Hanatchi!! Aww! They're the perfect match!! I pressed "a" to get a baby girl when the Matchmaker's book was open, and it worked. So now, Flame has a daughter!! :D I will be pausing him again tomarrow.

Tama-Go (Jake): Wow, you don't post one day and you miss so much -_- Oh well, here we go: Yesterday when I woke up, Jake was a teenager! He was a Kilalatchi, the perfect care teen. That day, we went to the park and saw a Wooltchi, then hung out with a Memetchi. He also ate a beef bowl, drank some juice, pooped, played Shoot the Bug, got sick (IDK why :P), had some more juice, and called for discipline. So pretty fun day. Oh, and he had icecream for breakfast :D
This morning, I woke up, and he was a Mametchi!! Wow! That's weird, because I know I had about 2 care misses... In fact, I was aiming for Shimashimatchi, but Mametchi's pretty cool :) So far, we played STB (Shoot the Bug) twice, went shopping, went to the park and saw a Kikitchi, and ate a few scones and pears. Here are his stats:

Freindship: FULL
Age: 3 yrs (?)
Weight: 49 lbs.

v3 (Kayla): Yep. I started one up. Just for company. It's a girl Mizutamatchi named Kayla :) I don't really know what character I'm aiming for, but I think Leaftchi's pretty nice. Here are Kayla's stats:

Training: 4/9
Age: 0 years
Weight: 54 lbs :P

Kayla: Wow, Kero, that took FOREVER for you to type!!!
Me: What's up with my Tamas telling me I type slow!?!?
Jake: You kind of do...
Cider: I can't help but agree.
Me: Are you kidding?
Jake: Acually, yes. It's just revenge for you telling a bunch of awesome people about us POOPING. That's just messed.
Kayla: Aw, Jake! You ruined it!!!
Cider: Am I the only one that noticed all of our last few sentences we said have started with "A"?
Jake: Absolutly.
Me: Amazing. Not really.
Kayla: Yeah? Well, I'm breaking the pattern! Haha.
Cider: Whatevs. Let's let Blue talk!
Me: You decided on a name? Blue. How cute is that?
Kayla: Who's Blue?
Cider: My beautiful daughter <3
Jake: Oh, yes. Congratulations!!!
Kayla: :P
Cider: Thank you, Jake. I see you have matured, no?
Jake: Why, yes, thank you. Though I still believe icecream is quite wonderful.
Kayla: Icecream!?!?
Me: Oh, guys, on three, just like we planned...
Cider: 1...
Jake: 2...
Kayla: ...3!!!
Blue: *Giggle*
Kayla: :P

Welp guys, that's all for right now. I may update later, but if not, I will next year :D
--Kero <3
Edit: Typos again...

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Posted 05 January 2013 - 04:39 PM ( #12 )

*Shoutout to PurplePyonkotchi00! for liking my previous post! ~Kero<3*
*Shoutout to tamagotchialice BIG TIME for being awesome enough to follow this log! You rock!!! ~Kero<3*
*Finally, shoutout to lala0629 for teaching me how to do those symbols like :ph34r: and :puroperatchi: and such.~Kero<3*

Thanks for over 200 veiws!!

Hi everyone! It has been a while since I've updated :rolleyes: But I don't exactly have anything all that exiting. Everyone's on pause because I'm super sick -_- and I can't care for them. But I have one exiting thing. And its that I started up a v6 Tamagotchi Music Star! Oh, and I took out Flame and Blue's battery all together.... :unsure: But that's okay with you guys. I hope. So basicllyI'm only updating my Music Star, Sway :lol:

v6(Sway): Isn't his name pure epicness? But yeah. So his instrument is a guitar and his toy is a pirate ship, I believe. When he was a baby, his Skill Points were 53,56, and 57. Yep. I wrote them down. Then he evolved into a Kurbotchi, the good care toddler :kuribotchi: so that's great. But he's still paused so that's all.... his Skill Points are 136, 145, 155, and I don't feel like writing the rest of the stats down. But I'll just tell you that everything but training are full. Oh, and, the gang still wants to talk. Which is wonderful (*sigh*)

Sway: Hi! I'm Sway!! And a future Tamagotchi music star!! I hope...
Jake: You've just gotta BELEIVE!!! *cough cough*
Kayla: *snickers*
Me: Hey, Kayla, are you coming to school with me on Tuesday or WHAT?
Kayla: Yep. I'll hide in your boot.
Sway:Heyyyy how come I can't go?
Me: Because Music Stars are hard work! Anyways, I'm aiming for a good care adult this time.
Jake: What about me?
Me: Well.. your case is a little too big for my boots.
Jake: Aww. I was hoping to accompany you.
Me: Sorry, possibly it may happen if I get giant boots. Bigger ones, at least.
Kayla: It can be a girls only school party!!
Me: Fine, if that's what you want to call your day of possible neglect.
Kayla: What?
Me: *Think fast and cover quickly* Uh, woof? :lol:
Kayla: :o What?
Sway: Um, let's end the post... I'm getting bored, and the readers are probably too. Also I feel an argument between Kayla and Kero coming, so... yeah. Anyways, my point is let's end it.
Kayla: Well, maybe they're bored because of you!
Sway: Shut your piehole!!
Kayla: *growls*
Me: Okay, okay. Let's end this.
Jake: Byyyyye!!

EDIT: Real quick, I might not update for, like, a week or more, maybe only on weekends for a while, because of me being sick and because of ENDLESS homework and projects. ENDLESS I TELL YOU!! Why are Mrs. Franch and Ms. Maynard and Ms. Bond SO MEAN!?!? Jk they're all acually super nice BUT STILL. Okay bye. After this next week or so, we will be back on scedule, I promise. Okay bye for real this time... I'm gonna miss you guys. But I'm still here :')

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Posted 17 January 2013 - 09:24 PM ( #13 )

Heyyyyy guys! Hasn't it been a while? Yep, I paused everyone for like... Two weeks :lol: Buy yeah! I'm back now, with TONS to say so... LET THE LOGGING BEGIN!!!
In big news, Jake (remember him?) unlocked the Date Place, but I kinda want to keep him for another day ^_^ So he'll find the love of his life tomarrow first thing in the morning! As for Kayla, I snuck her into school along with Sway today, but she was mainly asleep for it because I changed the time, so she wouldn't beep (I had the sound turned off, but STILL). And Sway went along with Kayla, sleeping deeply as a teenager (he evolved) in my bag. Pretty sure that's everyone. Ok then:

v3 (Kayla): Like I said, she went to school with me today, and yeah. Here are stats:
Age: 3
Weight: 72 :rolleyes:

v6 (Sway): He also came to school with me, but he was asleep the whole time. Also, he is now the average-care teenager character, Hanatamatchi (the fire-like hair guy), and he has a band with a Chamametchi and Nonopotchi called "Star 75". But his blasted music teacher didn't give him a second instrument!! Grr.... Now they ALL play guitar....
Points: 154, 123, 176 :P
Age: 1
Weight: 27

Tama-Go (Jake): He unlocked the Date Place today, but, like I said, I'm keeping him single for another day. I'm sure gonna miss him when he leaves -_-

Training: FULL/FULL :lol:
Freindship: Also "Full/Full" :D
Age: 6
Weight: 30

Sway: Omagosh I MISSED YOU GUYS :lol:
Kayla: Well, of course they're back, because of me :wub:
Jake: Hello!!! Kayla.... I'm pretty sure they are here to congratulate me on my almost-marriage!
Sway: Or my new band!
Me: Um... Can I talk...?
Kayla: SILENCE, KERO!!!! You had your turn to talk!!
Me: Well, SOMEONE sure is mad that I didn't buy her a hamburger from the shop...
Kayla: It was on sale too!!
Jake: Um, sorry to cut this short, but we are AGAIN interrupted by Kero and Kayla's bickering...
Sway: Yes!! Byyyeee!!!! :wub:


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Posted 18 January 2013 - 11:32 PM ( #14 )

Hi everyone! Important news: I took Sway's battery out. I dunno, I just don't feel like running a Music Star right now. So I popped two batteries into my two v4.5's to marry them :wub:. Kayla evolved into an adult, but Jake did not marry yet all because of a STALKER OLD LADY *long story* So let's get to the logging! (Note: I will only be doing stats if they dramatically increase/decrease)

v3 (Kayla): Rawr. She evolved into an adult, I was SO exited and all when I heard the evolving beep, until.... Megatchi. Nooo! I treated her PERFECTLY, and I get a MEGATCHI. Those are supposed to be horrible care adults. I was acually expecting a Mimitchi, or at least a Leaftchi (Also known as Violetchi or Furawatchi :furawatchi:) I know v3's are random and all, but.... All of my hard work.... Naw, it's not like she's TOTALLY ugly.... *No stats (see above)

v4.5's (Josh&Berry): Yeahhh. Josh is in a Tiger Stripes unit, while Berry is in my Hawaiian Flowers unit. Berry is a Tamatchi, and Josh is a Kutchitamatchi right now (just like Cider was :(). They are just bouncing around like normal um... things made of pixels. :wub:

Tama-Go (Jake): He did NOT find his true love, because there was a STALKER oldie there who kept on coming I declined and declined, until I decided to just wait until tomarrow -_-

Josh: Heyyy!!
Berry: Hush! Let Kero talk first, Josh!
Me: How sweet, Berry. I'll let you guys talk in your first post ^_^
Kayla: AAAHHH I feel weird and Berry is like THE COMPLETE OPPISITE OF ME!!!!
Jake: Kayla, please, let the new editions to the family feel welcome for once.
Josh: But Kayla's so AWESOME to me! She tought me how to make muffins and I've fallen in love ever since!!
Berry: :(
Josh: I meant falling in love with the muffins!!!
Berry: What are muffins anyways?
Me: Let me explain... *pulls out dictionary*
Kayla: TOO SLOW!!! A delicious pastry that EVERYONE loves!! :lol: In fact, Josh is gonna whip us up a batch right now!
Josh: I am...?
Kayla: *stares hard at Josh*
Josh: I mean.... I am!
~Few minutes later~
Josh: Here guys!
Jake: Mm! These are great!
Berry: Yep! Awesome! Thanks Josh!
Kayla: Good job.
Josh: Want one, Kero?
Me: Um... There're made of pixels, so... No, thanks. It's time to go anyways. Everyone, say bye!
Berry: Bye guys! Good night!
Josh & Kayla: Bye!
Jake: Yay, we finally didn't argue for once! Bye!
Me: Byyyyeee.....

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Posted 20 January 2013 - 05:50 PM ( #15 )

Hiya everyone! Welcome to today's first post. First off, sorry I keep switching Tamas, but Kayla's gonna take a break for a generation. I switched her batteries into my v4. Here's the plan: I raise Kayla for a generation (already done), switch to my v4 for a generation, back to th next generation after Kayla on the 3, ect. So I'll be logging Blue (Flame's daughter, remember her?). That is, when Flame leaves tonight. Or tomarrow, I didn't keep track of when the Matchmaker came for him...
In other news, Jake finally got married, and NOT to the stalker oldie that wanted him so bad :eyeroll:. More on that later :lol:
Oh, and I just remembered Berry and Josh are teenagers now! More on that below.

v4 (Flame): Today was a normal day. Flame's now 7 years old, still as cute as ever ^_^ He and Blue had some cereal and a melon. Then Flame went to work at the bank and played a game of Mimic. I think he's leaving tonight though -_-

v4.5 (Josh): Like I said, he and Berry evolved into teens, he is now a character called.... Hold on... Daylatchi! The little gem character :)
First, he had a sandwich and some pudding, then played Apple and went to school (He has Mr. Turdlepedia!). I want him to be a Celebtchi, he seems pretty cute. Josh's skill points are 64 (Funny), 0 (Gorgeous :P), and 27 (Spititual). Oh, and I was testing favorite foods and found out that soda is Daylatchi's favorite!!

v4.5 (Berry): She evolved into a Zouritchi, I think that's what she's called. Please correct me if I'm wrong (send me a PM)! I want her to be an Ura Zukiutchi, so picked the spiritual teacher, Mr. Canvas. But I'm pretty sure she's scared of him -_- Anyways, she had some pasta and apple pie, played a game of Manhole, and went to school. Her stats are 28 (Funny), 4 (Gorgeous), 34 (Spiritual). Also, it's super funny because Berry and Josh are COMPLETELY in synch. Even the timer for the clock is the same speed on the two units. They evolved, get mail, beep, all at the same time. OH OH OH and the Gotchi King came and gave her a Ticket. What do I do with it? (PM me!!)

Tama-Go (Jake): Yayyyy! He finally got married, and NOT with that stalker oldie -_- She was annoying. But instead, he got married to a really pretty Kunoitchi :wub: No egg yet, though. They acually got married yesterday, and BTW, sorry I couldn't post yesterday, I had to finish up a project. But yeah, I think that's it but.... Oh yeah! I named Jake's wife Kim ^_^

Flame: Helllloo TamaTalk! It's Flame, remember me? I'm your favorite Minotchi on here!
Jake: And I'm PROBABLY your favorite Mametchi, considering there are TONS of Mametchi's on here.
Berry: So true. I've already read about three of them on three different logs!
Me: Um, Berry? Have you been on my iPad without me knowing lately?
Berry: *Think fast and cover quickly* Uh, woof? (Remind you of another post much?)
Me: :<.<
Kim: Hiii I'm Jake's wife! And I'm glad to be guest-starring on here, I've always wanted to be on a log. But NOOO. I just HAD to be a contestant on the Dating Show, meeting countless disgusting guys, and jerks who REJECT me, but then I met Jake. So that's my life story...
Jake: Lovely. Can we go now?
Kim: Fine. A promise is a promise.
Jake: YAYYYY!!!!!
Josh & Me: To where?
Kim: To the National Tama Museum of Icecream.
Jake: Let's go NOW honey!
Josh: Can me and Berry come?
Kim: Uh, sure.
Jake: The more the merrier!
Me: Wait. Woah, woah, woah. Hold your muffins-
Josh: MUFFINS!!!
Me: Uh, yes, Josh. I don't want all of my Tamas disappearing, just LEAVING to go to-- annddd they're gone. I guess It's just me and you, Flame. Wait. He's gone too. :P

~More later!!!


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Posted 21 January 2013 - 06:20 PM ( #16 )

*Big thanks to tamagotchialice, CheesyNoodleTama, and PurplePyonkotchi00 for following! You have helped make our log successful enough to reach over 300 views! Also, thanks to Kuchipatchi.is.blue.55 for the Shoutout on her log to me, and your nice comments. This one's for you five, so enjoy!! -Jake, Tristen, Kim, Berry, Josh, Flame, Blue, and Kero :wub:

Helllloo everyone! I know I said that I would have two posts yesterday, but, I didn't. Sorry, I had an epic quest to do, as usual ;) But yeah. So Jake and Kim had a baby boy!! I named him Tristen :lol: More on that below, of course. Also I tried to do that trick with the tinfoil and the Tama-Go figures where you can make certain figures seem like other figures, unlocking their features. PM me about that please :) So let the sixteenth annual Hunger Gam-er, post of Kero's log begin!!! :D

v4 (Flame): Flame, why are you still here!? No, JK, I love having him around, but he should have left last night... I guess he really LIKES me! That's all, but... This MAY be the last update for him :( He's such a good little Minotchi.

v4.5 (Berry): Well, nothing new with her either, just that she aged one year, is due to evolve tomarrow (Maybe not, I might pause her, we had a long weekend this week), and that she's all set to evolve, meaning I've got her Spiritual Points up, and I don't really think I need to raise them anymore. Sorry if this log is getting boring... They just arn't doing anything the one time I need them to be crazy :)

v4.5 (Josh): He's doing great. His Funny Points are about 73-ish or something, and he's also set to evolve into (hopefully) a Celebtchi. And I forgot to mention Berry and Josh are now partners :wub:

Tama-Go (Jake): They had a baby boy! I was hoping for a girl since Jake was my first-ever time running a Tama-Go, but at least now I can get a KuroMametchi!! He will be my first KuroMametchi if I'm successful, but come on, what can't I do? ;)

Jake: You guys! Yesterday the National Tama Musuem of Icecream was AMAZING!!! And now... Wait for it... I GET TO VISIT THE NATIONAL TAMAGOTCHI ICECREAM FACTORY!!!!!!!
Me: Wait... Another trip I don't know about?
Jake: Well, you know about it now.
Me: Whatever, fine. You can go, but ONLY if you promise not to freak out in there.
Jake: I PROMISE!!!! Let's go let's go LET'S GO TO THE ICECREAM FACTORY!!!
Kim: I wouldn't count on that promise, Kero. You should have SEEN him at every single one of the exhibits INCLUDING the Gift Shop.
Jake: Hey, I was "Mildly exited". Can we go?
Kim: Mmhmm. Let's take the baby too. Bye everyone!
Me: Bye guys!
Flame: Have a good trip.
Me: Hey, where are Josh and Berry?
Flame: I dunno. I last saw them-
Josh: Here!
Berry: Are we late?
Josh: DID WE MISS THE TALKING PART!?!? Oh no we missed the talking part... :(
Me: Yes, Josh. You missed the talking part.
Berry: Where are Jake and Kim?
Me: Nevermind on that.
Berry: Let me guess... Icecream factory?
Me: You got it.
Josh: Why do they never take me!?
Me: Well, you DID go yesterday, and oh yeah, you didn't show up.
Josh: Well, I'm here now. Berry, let's run and catch up with them!!
Berry: Yeah!!!
Me: Wait up!
Flame: Annndd they're gone.
Me: That's EXACTLY what I said yesterday.
Flame: Kids these days....
Blue: H-how come I never get to talk....?
Flame: Blue! You can talk!?
Blue: Well, yeah.
Flame: But how can you be talking already?
Blue: Well, you ARE kinda overdue to leave. Not that I want you to leave.
Flame: Okayyyy....
Blue: Dad, I'm hungry.
Flame: Fine, I'll call Kero... *Does attention beep*
Me: *Wakes up, startled* Huh? Ohhh it's just you guys. Ok. Wait, have you guys been typing without me?
Flame: Feed me for Cheerio's sake!!
Me: Ok, fine. I'm gonna end this post now though....
Flame: Bye! I love you guys.
Blue: Bye!

I MIGHT post later. No promises, though.

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Posted 22 January 2013 - 10:21 PM ( #17 )

Hey guys! Welcome to today's post :lol: Important news: Berry, Josh, and Blue evolved! For Berry and Josh, everything went according to plan, they are now Celebtchi (Josh) and Ura Zukiutchi (Berry)! So they're gonna get married in a few days. But the sad thing is that.... As you might have noticed, Blue evolved and, of course, that's not possible unless Flame has left. You get it, don't you? It pains me to say it -_- But anyways, let's get to the acual logging!!

v4 (Blue): In the morning, I gasped to see her crying by herself, waiting to be named. I kind of had to... Leave her there crying for the day because of school :P But I named her, and she is now a Mohitamatchi, I think it's called. So that means either Kuchi Family or Meme Family :) But let us wait and see what happens... I want her to become either a Memetchi or Violetchi, so I REALLY want the Meme Family. Which shouldn't really happen, considering its about 70% chance for a Mohitamatchi to become Kuchi, and Flame mated with a Universal adult, so Blue is pure Kuchi :unsure:

v4.5 (Josh): Aww, he's so cute as a Celebtchi! I unpaused him after school, and he evolved right after, in synch with Berry :) Speaking of her, they connected a few times and kissed :wub:

~To be continued, sorry I have to go :lol:

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