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My (hopefully) amazing first attempt at a Tamagotchi Log!

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Posted 28 February 2013 - 11:10 PM ( #35 )

Hi everyone ^_^ Ahh, it feels so good to be posting on this log again. So I started up my v2 about 30 minutes back. So remember Mimi, right? (scroll up if you don't) Well, she already left her baby with me, but I tabbed her up right there, so when I pressed download, I was surprised to see Mimi greeting me at the screen as usual. After much debate, I decided to just let her leave now. So I set the time to 11:59pm, waited a minute, said my goodbyes, snapped a few photos, and watched as Mimi the Violetchi floated up. I wish I could magically fly like that :P
Also, I won't be logging Micky because he'll always be here (hopefully; I joined an oldie hatch with him), and I want to keep the variety of Tamas up, you know? So that's all, except that there will be pictures next post. Whenever that will be, I'm going up to my lodge in PML (Pine Mountain Lake) with my parents and a friend for the weekend. The same friend who killed Kyoto :P

v2 (Debby): First of all, I didn't agree with the name. But my freind wanted Debby really badly. Probably because that's my friend's name :) Debby's a girl (The Tama Debby, not the human... Well, both are, but I mean the Tama. :P)and in her baby stage taking a nap at the moment. She should evolve at 8:58pm. today. I like the idea of a Wooltchi, I haven't seen that Tama since I was about 8 or so. That means I'll have to take not-so-good-care, but-not-too-over-the-top care. See? Oh, she's asking for praise now. Yays! And now she's using a plant... And got a mean one :P I got a picture of it though :D Mo to come on Debby!

v4 (Alice): Ugh. She evolved into a Ringotchi the other day. No Ponytchi after all. Possibly a Mimitchi though. That's still nice. She picked the intelligence teacher, Mr. Turdlepedia, so she could be one. There will possibly be an evolution from her tomarrow, as she's 2 years old today.

Music Star (Taylor): Nothing new. Not even a teenager evoulotion yet! And tomarrow she'll be the age of an adult... What has this Hitodetchi come to? But she's still doing ok overall. I guess.

Kero: <_<
Alice: Not this again...
Kero: Uh, isn't it your bed time?
Taylor: Oh, nonononononononono. NO. I just had coffee, remember???
Kero: Whhhyyyy?
Taylor: I was thirsty....
Kero: Ohhh, well did you know that the coffee was acually a sleeping potion?
Taylor: *GAAAAAAASSSSSSSPPP* Oh, I feel sleepy already... ~falls asleep~
Kero: See, you can tell any Tama anything and they'll believe it.
Alice: Not VERY Tama.
Kero: On an unrelated note, did you know that people can fly, they just choose not to?
Alice: Gasp! REALLY!?
Kero: ;)
Alice: Wait a second... The winking face, the shaking hands-
Kero: My hand are shaking because I'm typing every word you say <_<
Alice: Well stop it then.
Kero: If you say so...
Debby: Um, Kero? I think I'm evolving... Did you just type that? Please, you know I'm shy.
Kero: Yes!! Kinkamotchi, I think? I haven't gotten hit hat one before. And Debby, hardly anyone ever reads this thing. (Trolololo)
Debby: *Yawn* Ok... Kero, could you turn out my lights please?
~Everything goes dark~
Kero: Goodnight. Well, we have 2/3 of our Tamas asleep and one refusing to talk, so I guess we'll just end it here ^_^

Edit: Sorry to say I'm not too sure about my promise icon pictures next post. I have to go though, thanks for reading!

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Posted 03 March 2013 - 03:10 PM ( #36 )

NOTE: Sorry about some of the things I say in my posts... Autocorrect gets CRAZY ideas sometimes. "Icon pictures" means "Any pictures" :P
* Shoutout to tamagirl1017 for her support on both my other log and this one!! It means a LOT :3
*Shoutout to kuchipatchi.is.blue.55 for following!!! .... I think that was the newest follower, but just in case, thanks to everyone who followed! I'm so happy you enjoy my crazy log :D
So, I have some news. I got a LOT (like, five) of requests to start up my Tama-Go again, so I'll be logging Austin, my Tama-Go, as well. And as for pictures, if I have them today, I'll make a separate post with just pictures. But anyways, here:

v2 (Debby): Someone. Tell me how I got a Young Mimitchi. I tried to take bad care, and I end up with the best care teen? I really don't want ANOTHER Mimitchi, but I guess I'm not the right person to neglect Tamas -_- At this rate, I'll probably get a Debatchi. Wait.... DEBATCHI!! I like that character a lot... Alright, new goal. Debatchi ^_^

v4 (Alice): Alice is one of those Tamas who never get a job for some reason. All of her stats are really high, but no matter what job is offered, she always gets rejected. Or maybe the three old duck things that judge if you got the job or not are mad at her for being awesome like that :P WOAH I just heard someone evolve... It's Austin. I'll tell you everything on his update.

Music Star (Taylor): 4 years and a teenager... That's the age of Alice o.o Oh, she formed a band with a Chamametchi and an Ichigotchi. The Chamametchi's name is Penny, and the Ichigotchi's name is Lisa. My mom knows a woman named Lisa Penny Taylor on Facebook :P She didn't get a third instrument, though. But it's ok. They can all just play violin :) Their genre is Jazz, if I didn't say that already. Oh, and the band name is Smiles :D OH and she's a Ringotchi.

Tama-Go (Austin): Alright, just a second ago he was an Ahirukutchi (What a moulthful!), and now he's at his teenager stage as a Kurokotchi, the chestnut looking one. He's average care, I think. Since Micky passed away (-_-) I entered Austin into the oldies hatch, so that's pretty good.

Taylor: FIRST! Firstfirstfist!!!!
Debby: Second!
Alice: Third!
Austin: Uh... 1,2,3,4.... FOURTH!!!
Kero: This isn't a compatition <_<
Taylor: Now it is.
Kero: That is forbidden.
Alice: Kero's TV just said, "WHY IS YOGURT NIGHT SO DIFFICULT!?" It's scary.
Debby: I had yogurt yesterday...
Taylor: KERO!! When are there PICTUUUURRREEEESSS!?
Kero: Well... Maybe later....
Austin: That's what you always say.
Taylor: MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB WHO'S FLEECE WAS WHITE AS SNOW!!! And then it fell in a mud puddle and then it's fleece was brown like chocolate and Mary thought it was chocolate so Mary ate it and she was acually the Big Bad Wolf in disguise and then she ate grandma and then she ate Kero and then the hunters came but she punched them in the gut and they fell into the Deep Dark Abyss and then Mary wanted pigs so she chased the three little pigs and then she was cooked in soup and then they all lived happily ever after because she turned into a vegetable and she lived in soup but then the soup expired but Mr. Crabs still gave it to his whale daughter, Pearl, because he is cheap and now Pearl is sick and-
Kero: *Presses post really fast*


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Posted 09 March 2013 - 11:35 AM ( #37 )

I. Am. So. Sorry. I haven't been posting. But I DO have an excuse. First of all, I had to fly off to Seattle because of  a family emergency, (everyone's fine, thanks for asking  ;)) AND my camera broke. So no pictures for a while, sorry. But I've been changing the "cast" of the log again. Lets see... where did we last leave off? Well, Debby turned into a Wooltchi, just like I wanted... and Alice got married and left, leaving her baby. I think that's all, besides the fact that I've secretly been running a v4.5. Oh, and Austin evolved into his adult stage. So here's the update:


v4 (Dylan): Dylan is Alice's baby boy. She left last night. I'll really miss her -_- She married a Tosakatchi, which I was pretty happy about, because he is from the Meme family. I only like two characters from the Mame family, Mametchi and Mimitchi  :newmametchi:  :mimitchi:, and those were the two previous generations. So hopefully I'll get a Meme family character. I really want either Shimashimatchi or Togetchi. I think I'll go for Shimashimatchi this time around. Oh! Dylan just evolved into a Mizutamatchi, so chances are I'll get a Meme family character ^_^ So that's all for Dylan.


v4.5 (Cole): So this is the v4.5 I was talking about. Cole is a male Ura Togetchi at 3 years of age... but his batteries are dead :P So that's just WONDERFUL. But yeah. Ura Togetchi is probably one of my favorite adults on the v4.5.


Music Star (Taylor): FINALLY they got Pro Debut! It took FOREVER. Her bandmates evolved into Makiko and Violetchi  :furawatchi: They are 49th in Star Rank. They haven't gotten their first concert after Pro Debut yet. Let's see what that brings.


Tama-Go (Austin): I'll only be doing updates on him once per week, because he is in the Oldies hatch. He is 6 years old today and unlocked the Date Place. We went just for fun and Austin was presented with a lovely Memetchi. He casually rejected her and went back home.


Today is a Visiting Day!!! This weekend, our friend Flame the Minotchi will be paying us a visit!!


Flame: Hi everyone! How's life been?

Kero: Good, good! How is Tama Planet with everyone?

Flame: Wonderful! I live with my wife, Violet the Hanatchi. And Jake the Mametchi and his wife live right across the street. He owns an icecream store, and-

Kero: No surprise there.  <_<

Taylor: KERO KERO KERO KERO can I PLEASE talk!? WOAH!! Who are you? You're so colorful and you have a HAT!! SWWWEEEEEEETT!!

Flame: I'm Flame, the second Tama to be featured on this log EVER.

Taylor: NO WAY!! You're THE Flame?

Flame: Yup. Wait... are you Taylor the Maidtchi? From the Smiles?

Taylor: The one and only!

Flame: Wow! 

Dylan: Aww eww Mailman you're so CRAY CRAY!!!

Austin: I know right? HE gave me a SNAKE once.

Dylan: Noooo I got poop :P IM SCARED OF THE MAILMAN NOW!!!

Kero: We should end this now..

Flame: Well, nice seeing you again! Hope to visit again soon! Woosh woosh *Magiclly flies back to Tamagotchi Planet*


Everyone: Ow! 

Taylor: Do you think he heard me?

Everyone:  <_< Yes.

Kero: Even from 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles away -_-


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Posted 10 March 2013 - 12:01 PM ( #38 )

Hi everyone! So yesterday something amazing happened. And something amazing happened today.The first one is that Taylor got married and had a baby, and the second one is that Dylan is now a teenager. And as for the talking part at the end, I've decided to start color-coding what they're saying. So like: Who wants to be the example?   Taylor: I DO KERO I DO

Hi guys! Its TAYLOR!!! Wait, Kero, why'd you give me GREEN. Its horrible.

Fine, you can choose a new color if you want after the post.

And also, the normal style I do (Like make sections for the upddates) takes WAY too long, so I'll just have them talk the whole time and only tell you the important stuff. Let's see how this works out, and then you people can PM me telling me what style you like best. Soooo let's start!! (Oh, and I'll be this normal black color when I talk :))



Okay. Dylan, Taylor, Austin, Cole, pick any color.

OOH OOH OOH I'LL GO FIRST!!! This is so hard... I like this color! (That's Taylor)

Umm... I guess I'll be red like this!! Wait, what? (That's Dylan)

I want the color of rainbows.... like this.

Woah that's so awesome!!

Uh, I don't think that's a good idea. Pick just one color, ok?

Fine.... How about this?

Better. Austin?

I want the color TAYLOR thought was ugly.... THIS ONE!!!

Ok. So, let's tell them what you evolved into..

Yep! Well, I'm a Gourmetchi now! It's AWESOME. Me an Kero even went to TamaTown UK, because the US one is closed down... but I got to visit Drip and Alice! And they gave us money and a fishing pole! We even went to the arcade and played ring toss FOREVER. Now, I have 11,678 points!! :D

Who cares? I got MARRIED and I have a baby. My husband is a Shimashimatchi, and I have a baby boy!

Where are they, by the way?

On a walk. I was scared they would take away my SPOTLIGHT.

Uhh... yeah. (Oh, and by the way, Taylor never got her First Ranking Award, but its ok since I already have the Pop Music award from Amber.)

Kero!!! When shall I have batteries?

Um, soon. I'll go and buy them today. I'm going to the mall with my friend, so...




NO. Just kidding here's some bread and rice.

Yay! Ok bye TamaTalk I have to go eat.

I have to go and sulk about the battery thing.

Oh, I have to go too. My husband's here.

Well Dylan, I guess its just you and me.

Um.. I have to... study or something.

Study? Oh shoot have to study too! Let's end this, we all have to go.



Guys, just to make it easier for everyone, I'll be reminding you who has what color at the beginning of each post. So yeah. Thanks for rating 5 stars! And please PM me which style you like better. Bye!


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Posted 13 March 2013 - 08:51 PM ( #39 )

Hey guys! So I decided to start up my Ketai because Taylor left and I didn't want to go through the whole process of the Music Star again. So meet Zach! (I just picked a name, because the Katai is a Japanese Tamagotchi, by pressing random buttons. But my camera is STILL broken -_- But on the bright side, Dylan evolved and so yeah.


Cole the Ura Togetchi

Dylan the EPIC Shimashimatchi :3

Austin the Tarakotchi

...Zach, what color do you want? *whisper whisper*

Zach the Ringotchi


So that was the "color code" you'll be seeing at the beginning of each post. :)


Oh yeah, so I made Dylan use the pencil item to see how he writes with no arms, and he HAD ARMS. I'll post a picture when my camera gets fixed.

They're called the awesome arms of hiddeness.

Well I'm an APPLE so THERE.

I.... am suddenly craving an apple ._.

........ :o

Be right back.


WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?! *franticlly presses random keys*


Edit: I'm back and SOMEBODY accidentally pressed post :rolleyes: But I think I'll go now...

:wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

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Posted 30 March 2013 - 01:43 PM ( #40 )

Some of you might think I gave up on my log. But no. Acually, I broke my finger and stopped running my Tamagotchis for a while. I also couldn't type with the finger, so I couldn't log. But...


It's finally SprinBreak!!!


So I can start logging again :D Hopefully after this post I get 1,000 views. I have 960+ at the moment  :lol: So, all of the Tamas I was running when I left off either left or have their battery out. Or dead. Let's see... Cole the UraTogetchi got married to a... Shitektchi I think? (LOL at name  :P)and had a baby girl. I tabbed them up after that. Dylan the Simashimatchi got  a job as a chef and I took his battery out. Austin became an oldie and lived up to the age of 25, then left me  :(. Zach became a Memetchi (Same exact growth pattern as Koby, remember him?) and I tabbed him up. I think that's everyone. I will soon start running Dylan again, but only when I get back home. (I only brought the v3 I'm running because I'm in Europe!) So about that v3 I mentioned. I started him up a few hours ago, and he is a Mizutamatchi named Ziggy. I named him after one of my parakeets in real life  :wub: So that's about it, I think. 


So, Ziggy. You want to pick a color?

Already did. 

Ok, cool. Tell the readers about yourself.

I was born in Europe, so yeah. I'm pretty awesome. AND I LOVE SPY MOVIES!!! And Canadian bacon. Which is just ham. 

Uh... interesting. 

Dun dun, dun dun, dun dun dun dun DUN dun dun dun.

What are you doing?

Singing my spy song. Kero, can we END THIS!? I want to watch Jonny English ;_;

Um, isn't that a little too intense for a toddler? 

Who said I was a toddler? *puts on fake mustache* 

*Sigh* As awesome as that mustache is, you arn't even 24 hours years old yet!

you think I was born yesterday?

No, I KNOW you were born today. 

Agent Ziggy. I like it. 

Yeah.. um.. bye guys... I have to... handle him.




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Posted 31 March 2013 - 12:46 PM ( #41 )

Important notice: Ok guys, so I just realized that some of the stuff Ziggy said yesterday didn't show up in the right color -_- Sorry about that! I'm pretty sure you can figure out what he said. And once again, I'm changing the format of the log because apparently some people don't like the current arrangement. But:
In good news, the log has 997 views right now. I wish I could thank each and every one of you seperately, but that's, you know, kind of impossible. So please accept my HUGE shoutout to ALL of our readers! <3 <3 <3
Hi TamaTalk! The only big important news concerning Ziggy is that he evolved! I'm really glad with what teen I got and I've never gotten this one before. And I want to answer some questions before I start:
Are you ever bringing back the pictures? Yeah, but I can't in the next few posts because my camera broke and I'm in Europe so I can't get it repaired quite yet.
Are you still doing that thing where past Tamas come and visit on Fridays? Of course. But now, I want YOU people to choose! There are just so many choices, so I'll leave the deciding to you. PM me with your suggestion and you will receive a shoutout and a follow on a topic of your choice. If I already follow that topic I'll give you 5 likes on any of the posts you want. AND you get to read about the Tama you chose's amazing visit :D
v3 (Ziggy): Like I said, he evolved into something I'm SUPER exited about... Obotchi! You know, that really tall Tama that looks like a person with a tuft of hair on its face. I'm pretty happy because he's a good care teen! I want him to become either Kuchipatchi, Hashizoutchi, Billotchi, or Mimiyoritchi. That took a long time to type :P
Hey, Ziggy? Where are you?
*Falls from ceiling, dangling from a piece of string*
AAAHH!!! What are you doing?
Being James Bond. 
Oh, so you're James Bond now?
Well, I have an awesome BANG OF HAIR now!
.... Yeah... 
*Floats down*
*Jumps back up to the ceiling*
KAYLA!? What are you doing here?
Just checking on how your log came to be. *Glances at Ziggy awkwardly* Uh... I'm outta here  :o *Floats back up*
Who WAS that? 
Um, one of my old Tamas on the log, Kayla. How did she GET here?
... Can you help me down?
Oh my Cheerios  <_<
Edit: Page 3!!
Edit 2: Over 1,000 views!!!1  :wub:  :wub:  :wub: 

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Posted 01 April 2013 - 09:08 PM ( #42 )

Hi guys! I've got a big surprise for you... pictures!!! ( ^_^) So yeah, this'll be a just-pictures-nothing-much-else-really kind of post.

And guess who's back!! Yep, its Cole, Kero finally gave me back my battery. And I have my baby Rose with me!

And there's still me of course!

And me! And... my little baby Cyan!

And m-my name's P-Peanut! I'm on the T-Tama-Go...

Don't be shy, Peanut! Alright then, PICTURE TIME!!!


Woow what a long link. Anyways, that's me! Why is the link orange?


This is me taking a- Kero!?


Right. Onto the best Tama, me!


That's me using a pencil... I HAVE ARMS!?!?!? What ARE those things!?

:o  :o :o 

Oh look, the link's blue...

.. Yeah. So here is my picture!


It's me and my daughter being awesome as ever.

Link's dark blue again...

Uh, Peanut? You're up...

O-oh! U-ummm.... my p-pictures are n-next I guess...


Th-that's me...


A-and me at th-the p-park...

Oh, and one last picture...


Of my collection. My connections are in the black box :)


Hope you enjoyed this post! More tomarrow! Bye :)


Edit: I think I'll marry Rose and Cyan together... we'll see ;)

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Posted 01 April 2013 - 10:46 PM ( #43 )

Ohmygosh. I just realized I didn't post the update I wrote before the picture one! This'll be just a news kind of post. As you might have guessed, Dylan got married and had a baby boy. His wife was a lovely Ponytchi. Hopefully the next generation will be a character from the Meme family. So that's basically it, sorry for the mixup :P


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Posted 02 April 2013 - 10:16 AM ( #44 )



Sorry guys... I'm just testing something. ;) There'll be a full post today.  Let's see if this shows up.


Edit: NOOO! Wait.

Edit 2: Yes!!! :D :D :D :D Sorry for the size.. its Dylan catching money.

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Posted 04 April 2013 - 04:56 PM ( #45 )

Whoops. I lied. Sorry I haven't been posting, I'm working on a History Report, and this'll be a shorter post for that same reason. Sorry guys -_- So everyone evolved and I actually started my v1 up and was greeted by my old Tama, Whale the 32 year old Ojitchi. I'm using him in the Oldie's hatch, so I won't be logging him here. Moving on:

v3 (Ziggy): SO CLOSE. So close. I got a Paparatchi. So close to a Mimiyoritchi, stupid random programmed adult evolution <_<. Naw, Paparatchi isn't my favorite, but I can definitely live with him :)

v4 (Cyan): Or should I say "Ayan?" Yep, his name changed :-I Anyways, he evolved into a Young Androtchi. Since I already had Mametchi a few generations ago, I'm going for a Universal Adult. Prefferrably Pyonkotchi, I think he's called. Oh, and he chose Mr. Turdlepedia as his teacher.

v4.5 (Rose): Nothing new with Rose except that she is now an Ura Young Memetchi. She has Ms. Flower as her teacher. The funny thing is, I got all of her Skill Points to 7, so I'm not sure what she'll be evolving into :D

Tama-Go (Peanut): Ugh. I took horrible care of him. Long story short... Gozarutchi :P He's pretty cute and fits Peanut's shy personality though. :)

So that's it, sorry guys I have to run.


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Posted 14 April 2013 - 12:34 PM ( #46 )

Well, I never said WHEN I would post. Meh. History report, Science Project, 2-mile run in Advanced PE (I know right? <_<), and even a MATH PROJECT. No joke. Oh, and STAR testing in 3 weeks. Plus regular homework and studying. Luckily, I got that done, so first here is some awesome news: I got my hands on a teal Yuki Penguin. Snagged it off eBay for $20! There was also a Dinkie Dino for the same price, but I'm already ordering another Dino pet: a Tamakaci Dino! And a Tamakaci Duck! PM me telling me which I should run (and log, of course ;)) Annnnddd this won't be a full post... Sorry. But there WILL be a full post with pics AND a conversation later. I'm 99.99999% sure! Well:

Ziggy: Married a Mimiyoritchi and had a baby boy, Kiwi the Hinotamatchi (who is named after my other bird. I'm predicting he'll be a Decotchi for an adult. He's the only one I'm running.)
Cyan: Actually became a Mametchi. I was very surprised. He ended up marrying Rose, and having a baby boy named... Sorry, I forget at the moment :P
Rose: Became an Ura Violetchi, marrying Cyan, like I said. She had a baby boy named Kuchi!
Peanut: Married a Marotchi, and I tabbed him up after that. CONSTANT BEEBING DRIVES ME UP THE WALL >:(

Soooo yep. Full post with pictures (I figured out how to direct link them to the page, so you'll see the pic instead of a link :D), a conversation, and updates on Kiwi. And I'll start running the Tamas I'm NOT annoyed with. (AhemPeanetAhem). Then, there'll be a Tama from the past visiting! So see you then! Bye!


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Posted 14 April 2013 - 09:56 PM ( #47 )

Hiya! Well, look who FINALLY got to keep their promise... ;) So yep. Welcome to this post! First off, I'd like to say that June the Makiko is here to visit us! She'll be in this color. Squirt the v4, a Mohitamatchi, will be this color. Peanut is still red. And Kiwi will be green.  And Yuki, the Yuki Penguin (creative name, eh?) will be this color!
Yeah, yeah. Guess who's back!
I already told them...
Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh my first actual speaking part in the log!! :D
Hehe, glad to see you're exited.
Ok, now this is just getting weird.
C-could we, um, start with the p-pictures now? I don't really w-want to t-talk...
Good idea. Ready, go!
That's me playing with Superman!! He's soooooooooo awesome.
And me playing Bump!
A-and me enjoying a k-kabab with my w-w-wife...
And a look at my Yuki Penguin!!
End of part 1...

Edit: Yikes... That didn't go as planned. Sorry, I'm kinda tired so I decided to end the post. I don't even KNOW what happened to the size of the pics. And the beginnings of the URLs on them. I'm trying to fix them.. But if I erase the wrong thing, they'll be gone. SO sorry, everyone.

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