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Chama's Tamagotchi Ideas #1- Rayman Tamagotchi Virtual Pet? (Part 1)

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Posted 05 January 2013 - 09:59 PM ( #1 )

Name of Pet- RaymanGotch

Colored Pixels or Original Black and White?- Black and White

Shell Design- Would look like a standard Tamagotchi Connection V1, has the words "RaymanGotch" on the top, purple shell with Rayman's ears peeking out of the left and right top of the shell.

Screen Background- Stars and Swirls Background

Buttons (Shape)- Mini stars that are known as the A, B, and C buttons

Icons- Meter (Stats), Half-eaten Drumstick (Feed), Dustpan and Broom (Cleaning and Bathing), Ball (Game I and Game II), Rayman's Fist (Fight), Sparkly Stars (Discipline and Praise), Leaf w/ Dew Drop (Medicine), Rolled-Up Newspaper (News, Battle Requests), Book w/ Heart (Friend List, Parents, Points/Donation), Silhouetted Rayman Faces Happy and Mad (Attention)

Basic Stats- Hungry, Happy, HP (Hero Power) Meter, DP (Dark Power) Meter, Friendship Meter, Name, Weight, Age, Generation #, User Name

Setting Up Your RaymanGotch- When you pull the tab by the left side of the shell, a pulsating egg will appear on your screen. Set the clock and date, then type in your User Name. The egg will hatch in 1 minute. When your egg hatches, it will tell if your RaymanGotch is a boy (Black with tiny white ears) or a girl (White with tiny black ears). After it hatches, you get to type in a 6-letter name for your RaymanGotch. You're ready to play!

How To Make Your RaymanGotch Grow- When you first play with your RaymanGotch, it will beep at you to tell you what it needs. Check its Stats by selecting the Meter Icon with the A button until it is highlighted, then confirm with the B button. Your RaymanGotch's Hungry and Happy Meters will be filled if you feed, and play games with it. But be careful, because this creature can evolve into an ill-mannered Rayman character when you fail to care for its needs. With Hero Power (HP) and Dark Power (DP) Meters, you can determine which character you get by treating it differently.

WARNING: Filling the DP Meter all the way will cause your character to become a villain and play tricks on you. Don't do this if you want your creature to become good and healthy!

Feeding Your RaymanGotch- Press the A button until the Half-Eaten Drumstick Icon is highlighted, then press the B button. You can choose between Meal or Snacks. When you play with your RaymanGotch, the food it will start out with is Baby Food and Baby's Milk. As it grows, you can get more food from the Shop (unlocked after you beat Gimme Five) using RP (Rayman Points) that you earn from playing games! There are many likes and dislikes of your pet's taste buds, so feed it when it needs food.

NOTE: Don't overfeed! Overfeeding your RaymanGotch pet will cause it to become bloated and sick, or even die! Don't let your RaymanGotch bloat if you want to keep it alive.

Let's Play Games!- Press the A button until the Ball Icon is highlighted, then confirm with the B button. There are two games that are included. Game I is "Get ♥!", where you have to avoid dung and black Lums, and collect hearts using the A, B and C buttons. A to move to the left, B to move to the middle, and C to move to the right. Game II is "Gimme Five!", where your character has to high five the other character within the time limit with the B button. If you miss a character, you get a strike. If you miss 3 characters or more, you will lose the game.

Uh-Oh!- If your RaymanGotch pet makes a mess, or is dirty, press the A button until the Duspan and Broom Icon is highlighted, then press the B button to clean it up its messes and/or bathe it. If you don't clean up its messes and/or bathe it, it will become upset and sick. Be careful!

Let's Fight!- Press the A button until the Rayman's Fist Icon is highlighted, then press the B button. Your RaymanGotch pet will begin fighting another character on your screen. Press the A button rapidly 3 times to punch the enemy. If you miss, the enemy will attack. If you want to forfeit the match, hold the B and C buttons and you will get this following message: "Cancel?" Select Yes on your screen if you want to forfeit. If you press No, the fight will still go on. When it's a baby, however, the Rayman's Fist Icon can be selected, but instead of going to the fight menu, it will make a beeping sound.

Disciplining and Praising Your RaymanGotch- If your RaymanGotch is beeping for attention for no reason, refusing to eat even though it's hungry, or sends an unexpected gift to a friend, you might need to discipline it. If it's in a bad mood, it just needs a little pick-me-up. Select the Sparkly Stars Icon, then confirm with the B button. You will see two options: "Time Out" and "Praise". If your RaymanGotch is misbehaving, select Time Out. If it's in a bad mood and just wants to be loved, select Praise.

WARNING: If you mistakenly select Time Out even though it's in a bad mood and really needs to be praised, the DP (Dark Power) Meter WILL fill up halfway at the starting point. Be careful! Same goes for Praising when your RaymanGotch is being bad!

Medic!- If your RaymanGotch has a Skull Icon near it, it might be ill. Select the Leaf w/ Dew Drop Icon to cure your pet from the illness it has. It might take more than one dose to cure it, however.

Read All About It!- When you get News or Battle Requests, you will hear a beep and you will see a Postman Teensie appearing on your screen with either a envelope (news), or two swords (battle request). When you get any of those two things, the Rolled-up Newspaper Icon will flash. Select the icon to check what you have. If the Envelope Icon flashes, that means you have news. If the two swords icon flashes, that means that there might be a tournament you want to join. Select one of them by pressing the A button, then the B button.

My Family of Many Generations!- Press the A button until the Book w/ Heart Icon is highlighted, then press the B button. You will be able to check on your Friends list, Parents, Generations, even Point Donations!

NOTE: If your RaymanGotch is at the first Generation and hasn't been married yet, that means the Parents section will not be enabled. You have to be at the second Generation in order to activate that part of the book.

Friends List- When you connect with other pets, they will be added to your Friends List. Scroll through your friends list by using the A button.

Parents- When you reach second Generation, you will be able to see your Parents, which are the RaymanGotch pets that got married and had a baby of their own on the first Generation. You can go up to 99 Generations in the Parents section of the book.

Generations- You start off at the first Generation, then as you marry others, you get the second Generation. It can go all the way up to 99 Generations in one section.

Point/Donation- If you want to donate some of your RP (Rayman Points) to the King, select this. You can give him 1,000 RP, 2,000 RP, or 5,000 RP. He will thank you for the donation after you have given him some of your RP for his kingdom, since it has fallen to pieces. You can even look at how much RP you have!

HELLO?!- If your RaymanGotch needs something, it calls you with a beep to tell you what it needs based on its stats. If you don't tend to it, the DP (Dark Power) meter will fill by 2 dots. If you do, the HP (Hero Power) meter will fill by 2 dots.

How To Get a Good Rayman Character- If you fill the Hero Power meter halfway, you will either get Ly, Globox or Betilla (Even maybe one of her sisters). If you get lucky, you might unlock Uglette.
If you fill the Hero Power meter all the way, you might get Rayman, Murfy, or Tily. If it's nowhere near full or halfway, you might get Sssam or Clark.

Dark Power Goes Wrong!- If you fill the DP Meter fully, you will get Razorbeard, Dark Rayman or Dark Globox. If it is filled halfway, you will get a Robo-Pirate, or Glombrox. If it's nowhere near halfway or full, you will get a Rabbid.

...So, what do ya think? It would be cool if Ubisoft and Bandai teamed up to make this.

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Posted 07 January 2013 - 04:29 AM ( #2 )

Wow!! So much work you put down on this, and it really sounds awesome!
The only thing I do not personally approve of is the fighting. :P
But otherwise... Way to go Chamame!!

It sounds like it would fit in perfectly with the connection series, and it'd be awesome if they finally picked up the old shell shape of the connections again, as the size and feel of it was so nice.
I'm not so familiar Rayman personally, but this tamagotchi sounds great nontheless. I'd also love if the variation in characters was very grand and maybe included some good ol' tamagotchis as well.(cough*Nyatchi*cough) :D
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Posted 07 January 2013 - 09:31 PM ( #3 )

Thanks Jokus. That really means a lot to me...


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Posted 08 January 2013 - 08:03 PM ( #4 )

I, personally, have an abnormal hate towards Rayman, but since you put a ton of thought into this and made it sounds kinda neat, I'd definitely get one :)


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Posted 01 May 2013 - 11:58 AM ( #5 )

Don't forget to add Twinkle and Sparky to your Tama!