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Danii's Tamagotchi Log

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Posted 03 February 2015 - 08:16 PM ( #35 )

Hello readers, if there are any of you out there! 


Yesterday was a pretty big day for all of my Tamagotchis, with all three starting new generations! Since I have quite a few photos, I'm going to make separate posts for each Tamagotchi, starting with my P's. I'm using Photobucket today, so hopefully you'll be able to see the pictures better! 


Himespetchi went to school for a few hours today, and left a journal entry for me to read! When she came home, we finally saved up for the right TamaMori item, the lab coat with blue pants, as you can see pictured on my happy little Himespetchi below. She was so pleased to earn her final puzzle piece (as I'd already had her for long enough to achieve the fourth piece) that she rewarded me with some just adorable animations (below). We also visited what must be an enchanted forest, as I was surprised to see Himespetchi jump into the mouth of one of the trees, only to end up in the laboratory pictured below to have a chat with that strange fellow next to her. When all the fun had been had, Himespetchi visited the matchmaker, who offered her a few suitors. But of course, her choice had to be Mametchi! We all know how much Himespetchi loves and admires Mametchi. The dating and marriage animations were darling, they go out to a few places, then walk through a blank space having what appears to be memories of each other before visiting the chapel and marrying. Himespetchi returned to her home with her baby boy, who you can see her reading to below, who is now in my care. He evolved into the turtle toddler and I am so in love with this character! He's adorable! I've really enjoyed running my first generation of the P's and don't know why I waited so long to purchase one! 




Gosh, some of the photos are very big! I'm not sure how to fix them, unfortunately, but at least it's close up! Hopefully I'll have better luck next time.


Till then! 



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