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pls read and review but be nice!!! tytytytyty!!!!!! xD

chapter one - the dream of many

it was a warm summers day and john key had a very important meeting to attend to. he was supposed to be meeting the president of america, barack brobama but brobma was running late so john was waiting nervously outside the office. suddenly a deep manly voice said "come in john" so john came in. "well hello john it's a pleasure to finally meet you" "oh no the pleasure is all mine said john". "well as you know i am barack brobama, president of the america and the most important man in the world" he chuckled. john felt a lump in his throat this man was simply gorgeus and john had to make him his. but how.

chapter two - soft teardrops on the wind

john key awoke in the morning. nothing was fair about america because he was to scared to share his feelings with brobama. they had talked about the econemy system and about declaring war on isreal and other things, but john had never shared his feeling which was sad. john began to cry.

meanwhile in the other room next door brobama sat against the wall very sad. "why o why did i not share my feelings with john he is going to leave america forever today. brobama began to cry.

but god was on there side that day as he moved the wind so they heard each other crying and john rushed to see brobama.
brobama smiled and said "john follow me i want to do something with you"

chapter three - this is love

*****WARNING LEMON ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!************

brobama gently put his hand down on the bench. "are you sure you know how to make lemon pie" john turned to him and said "no" tears streamed down brobamas face "you lied to me how could you" as he run over to the living room. john turned to him and ran after him the ran outside and john saw the wishing well and new what he must do. "i must wish for brobama". john threw a dollar in the well and chased after brobama. when he caught him he said "brobama, listen to me i threw a wish in the well" but suddenly a voice whispered "we're kidzbop and we're taking over.

-The End pls read and review

this is a parody goddamnit people

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ai crey evri tiem
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best fanfiction 10/10 would reccomend
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