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A Very Modest Mouse's Tamagotchi Log

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Posted 23 January 2013 - 11:51 PM ( #1 )

(Creative title, I know.)

So, I've decided to start a general Tamagotchi log! Right now, I'm only running a Tamagotchi V3 (pink bows shell design), but I'm planning on getting some more batteries after exams next week. I'll probably start up my Tamagotchi Angel or P2. It's been awhile since I've run a vintage Tama! :)


My V3 is currently a Mametchi (he just evolved today) named Boo. He's 4 years old, weighing 34 lbs. He's still only on the 1st generation, but I'm hoping the matchmaker's going to show up soon! Boo also has 8 training bars, nearly filling the thingie. (Wow, such a great description.)

Unfortunately, Boo is currently sleeping, otherwise I would use one of the two plane tickets he has in his inventory. Tomorrow I will for sure! I can't remember if you're supposed to use the plane ticket on the Tamagotchi, or on TamaTown... oh well, I have two tickets for a reason, I suppose, haha!

Today, I mostly played the Heading game - where your Tamagotchi bumps a ball with his head - with Boo, though I did win the Flag game. I was playing it during English, and I think it's the first time I've ever beaten that stupid game! Usually, the half flags mess me up and make me lose. ;c Nothing exciting really happened with my Tamagotchi, aside from beating a few games and Boo evolving. He was a Young Mametchi, so I guess I should've seen his evolved form (Mametchi) coming, eh? Oh, well. I was aiming for a Mametchi, anyways. :P Next gen I'll try for a Kuchipatchi, haha.

Blah, I'm sorry my first entry is so boring. I've never kept a log before, so this is going to be trial and error... bear with me, okay? I promise I'll make my next entry much better!

Boo's Stats:

Hungry: filled~
Happy: filled~
Training: 8 Bars
Age: 4 Years
Weight: 34 LB
Name: Boo
Gender: Boy
Generation: 1
Points: 380

I'm also thinking of starting up my V5 again, but I don't really like how easy it is to play. With other connexion versions, you can play games with your Tamagotchi, buy stuff for it, and I've always loved how your Tamagotchi can fall in love with your friend's (or another of yours, aha). I mean, the V5 can do all this stuff, but it just feels so bare bones to me... I hope that makes some sense. I have a hard time articulating sometimes!
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23 Jan 2013

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Posted 24 January 2013 - 12:02 AM ( #2 )

Oh, and I'm going to post my current Tamagotchi collection! Running and non-running. ^^;


Connexion Series:
V3 (Blue Camo)
V3 (Pink Bows - currently running)
V4 (Red Hearts)
V4.5 (Red Tiger Stripes)
V4.5 (Green Swirls)
V5 (Cookie Dough)
V5.5 Celebrity (Red Carpet)

Misc English:
Tamagotchi P2/G2 (See Through)
Music Star (Blue Instruments)
Music Star (Blue Microphone)
Music Star (Pink Stars)
Tama-Go (Kuchipatchi)
Tama-Go Figurines: Chamametchi, Kuchipatchi, Shimashimatchi, Sebiretchi


Tamagotchi Angel (White with Gold)
Tamagotchi Nano (Blue)
Tamagotchi + Colour (Pink)

I also have some Tamagotchi kleenex given to me as a gift by a seller! :P

Yep... I think that's all! I'm hoping to get some more vintage Tamagotchis, like a P1/P2, though. :3


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Posted 28 January 2013 - 04:42 PM ( #3 )

I haven't updated in awhile, sorry! It's midterm week (like final exams but a lot shorter), so I've been studying like mad in the hopes I'll pass. ^^

Well, a few days ago, I finally used one of the two plane tickets I had bought for Boo. It displayed a pixel animation showing a plane taking off with my Tamagotchi in it, and then an "AWAY" sign showed up on the screen for maybe 10 or so seconds. Then the plane was shown descending, and a code to use on TamaTown popped up. I haven't logged onto TamaTown yet; I've been busy and the computer's usually taken by someone before I get to it -- I'm actually typing this on my iPad, haha.

Then, around Saturday night, the matchmaker paid Boo a visit! He was around 5 or 6 years old, with is the standard age for Tamas to get married off. Well, in my past experience, anyways! She brought a Memetchi along, and I remembered how much I dislike the V3 sprite for that character. :P I accepted yes for the whole "love?" option, because true loves blossoms after knowing someone for maybe half a second, kids. <3 Boo and the unamed Memetchi had a boy together, and then she dissapeared into the wild green yonder, never to be heard from again~

Boo left sometime around 12 am last night, which I unfortunately missed despite being up... too busy attempting to absorb all that interesting knowledge about Canada's geography. (Three cheers for Socials 9, everybody!) But, when I checked on my Tama around 1 am out of habit, I noticed that there was only one tiny "z" admist a sea of black pixels for the sleep animation, instead of the usual big Z - for the parent - and little z - for the baby - side by side.

Boo's stats when he left:

Hungry: 3 (studying makes me neglect my poor Tamagotchis!)
Happy: 4
Training: 8
Age: 7 Years Old
Weight: 65 LB
Points: 216

This morning, around 8(ish), Boo's son woke up to discovered his dad wasn't there. I named him "K" after Lana Del Rey's songs, For K (Part 1/2). It was also a really short name because the bell rang for us to go to our homerooms and later exams, and I didn't have a lot of time to think about it. I kind of wished I had given it a bit more thought... K sounds so much like the slang term and it's going to bug me so much, erghhh.

I left K on pause for most of the day (exams)... I hate leaving my Tamagotchis on pause, it takes forever for them to evolve and messes up their growth rate so I can't figure out how much longer until they evolve. Ugh, oh well. Leaving a Teletchi off pause without care for a long time is a really bad idea.

K did evolve about 20 minutes ago, though! He evolved into a Kuchitamatchi, which I'm fairly certain is a "bad care" character. I was studying for Science, so I'm not surprised that he evolved into a bad care Tama, haha. Here are his current stats:

Hungry: Full
Happy: Full
Training: 1 Bar
Age: 0 Years Old
Weight: 52 LB
Name: K
Gender: Boy
Generation: 2nd
Points: 216

After exams are over, I'm planning on starting up my P2. ^.^ I've had it since December of last year (present from the best brother ever <3), but I've never actually played it through. I did start it up, but I got bored after twelve minutes and took the batteries out. I'm so impatient, aha. But, yes! I shall start it up for reals this time and then try to raise it to adulthood without accidentally killing it. (I've heard that P2s can be fairly high maintenance, but I'm hoping it's not too insane!)

Whelp. That's all I'm going to log for today. Like I've mentioned three million times -- I'm boring myself, too! -- already, I have exams this week, so I probably won't post any more this week. So don't expect to hear too much about K. :P He's probably going to be a bad care adult, too. I won't be paying much attention to anything this week. xP

I'm off to study (i.e. complain to my friends about exams and read Creepypasta), so bye for now! My next entry will have 100% less complaining about my life and exams. I'll actually log about, y'know, Tamagotchis. (Such and odd concept, ik.)

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