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tara's tamagotchi family! v u v

tamagotchi tamagotchi log tamagotchi nano log

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Posted 27 January 2013 - 01:31 PM ( #1 )

tara's tama family <3 uwu

hey everyone and welcome to my tamagotchi log!!
my name's tara, but you knew that already!!

so today, sunday january 27th 2013, i have decided to start up a version three tamagotchi connection, and a tamagotchi nano. hopefully by starting a log, it will help me be more dedicated to taking care of these little guys!! my nano may or may not be coming to school with me, but my v3 will definitely be staying home on pause! i'm not sure how long this will last, but as long as i'm not too busy i will be updating everyday! <3

Posted Image
((at this time my nano didn't have batteries yet!!))

around 2:10pm, my v3 hatched into a little girl!! i named her roxy! (yes, from homestuck, kids!)

her name being entered in!

jumping around on screen v u v

my nano was born a few minutes later, and i decided to name her rose!! i don't have any pictures at the moment, but i am sure to get some tomorrow!

i played a game of get with roxy, and fed her of course! she got sick a few minutes ago, poor baby! u n u
rose has been happily bobbing around on the screen, i'm going to play the tamagotchi game with her after i post this!!


to everyone reading this, thanks for checking out my log!! i'm really excited about raising these two rascals, and i hope they both have a great tama life u w u
please continue to read if you enjoy it, and drop me a message too and i'll feature you in the next post! also clicking that little follow button would be nice! (• ε •)

see you all tomorrow with some updates!! or maybe tonight even uwu

~ tara, roxy, and rose!

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27 Jan 2013

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02 Feb 2013


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Posted 27 January 2013 - 04:03 PM ( #2 )

sunday, january 27th 2013 <3

howdy!! i decided to post again today because i recently got back from shopping, and roxy evolved into a toddler! she is now a mizutamachi! u w u
((wow what a cutie patoot))

i'm currently studying for my french exam, and playing some games of "bump" with rox. i've noticed rose barely eats at all compared to roxy!! o: either roxy is a really big eater, or rose doesn't eat much at all!!

Posted Image

sadly these two are not helping me get any work done!!

Posted Image
roxy. roxy what are you doing. you are a tamagotchi. roxy get out of a super mario game.

Posted Image
hoohoo here's little rose in her own picture!! does anyone know what character she is? i'm trying to look it up but to no avail!! i'm not even sure if she's a boy or girl, haha! drop me a message if you know, please! <3

roxy is a little overweight since i haven't played many games with her yet!! get takes a while to beat so i haven't played much! but we're going to play bump a lot of times so she wont be too chubby!
she also has one training bar!! woohoo! v u v maybe tonight or tomorrow i'll go to tamatown with her, and we can get some cool stuff!!
i also have 420G if that means anything to you guys.

there is nothing interesting in the shop right now, which is good so i can save up!! c:<


thanks for reading!! see you tomorrow! <3
wish me luck on my french exam!!


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Posted 28 January 2013 - 01:30 PM ( #3 )

monday, january 28th 2013 <3

hey everyone!!
i just got back from school and i wrote my french exam! guess who came along with me?
yup, rose did! v u v

little roxy was on pause for some of the day, but only until about 11:30am!! so far she hasn't evolved, but i've been playing a bunch of games of get with her, and bump too!
roxy currently has three training bars!! go rox! and she has 2185G! we bought a fishing pole about an hour ago!! i forget what it does! o:

i tried to snap some photos of roxy playing bump, we haven't beaten it yet but we got to round 6, i think??
Posted Image Posted Image
she is one tough chick!!

so i'm thinking about going to tamatown in a bit, after i clean my room and study for a while!!
let me know what stuff i should buy in the shop if you want! drop me a message and we can chat! u w u

here's my sweet tamagotchi tissues or napkins?? i got two christmases ago, with roxy and rose on them! ((sick background yo!))

Posted Image Posted Image
these are definitely unused!! and shall forever remain in their packages!! v u v

also a big shoutout goes out to tamagotchialice!!
she found out that rose was a pichikutchi! thanks a bunch! <3

i hope you noticed that i said "was", because that's right! as i was typing this, rose evolved into a lovelitchi!!
i'll most likely be posting again tonight with some pictures, and hopefully roxy will have evolved into a teenager too! u w u

thanks for reading guys!! hope you're enjoying my log!
like i said earlier, feel free to drop me a message, or click that little follow button at the top if you like what you see! <3 if anyone wants to chat about tamagotchis((or anything else, that is!!), i'm always open to talk!

have a nice day <3
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Posted 28 January 2013 - 06:42 PM ( #4 )

still monday, january 28th!! u w u

i said earlier that i was hoping for roxy to evolve, and she did!!
roxy is now a... ~drumrollllll~

young mametchi!!

Posted Image
((the two girls along with some of the many figures i have!! also a ringotchi for the tama-go v u v))

i've been playing so many games with roxy all day today so she's not overweight anymore! we bought corn and hot dogs from the shop so she'll have a better diet. 8)
she's also up to four training points, and 2550G!! there's a flat screen tv in the shop right now but i don't think i'll be able to get to 5000G by tonight! plus, i don't want to spend all of roxy's money!!

rose update: she's been pooping a lot more since she's become a lovelitchi, haha!!

here are some photos of rose and roxy in their newly evolved forms!! c:

Posted Image Posted Image
((wOW they are such cutie patoots!!<3 ))

also a huge shoutout goes to Moussette for a lovely message!

I love your log ! please continue to update it daily ^^ It's really nice to read and well written

thank you so much! <3 it really means a lot to me u w u

that's it for today, everyone!! tomorrow's the last day of exams for me, so i'm going to bring rose to school once again!! maybe she'll help me out with english!! 8) then wednesday i have the entire day to do fun activities with the girls!!

thanks for reading, and i'll see you all tomorrow! <3
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Posted 29 January 2013 - 07:49 PM ( #5 )

tuesday, january 29th 2013 <3

howdy y'all!! sorry for the later update today!!
i didn't get much time to play with the girls today, but since roxy evolved i have been playing many games of heading!! rose has been her usual self, and she did indeed some to school with me again!! u v u
Posted Image
i just realized how much bigger rose is compared to roxy wOW hahaha!

there was a sale at the shop today!! u w u
Posted Image

roxy now has a bunch more foods to eat!! she's underweight now from playing so many games too!! golly roxy you have to eat more o:
we also bought some toys!!
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
((yes you can see some blue writing on my hand if you look closely!! u v u))

it's 8:40pm over here so roxy's gone to sleep, but maybe i can snap some photos of her playing with them tomorrow! i'm also going to get the v3 codes from the shop that i forgot to get!! i remember when i was younger i would always try to memorize the codes so i could tell my friends v u v

roxy's training has gone up to six!! she also has 1840 gotchi points! i wish rose could take some of them! too bad she doesn't have a shop u n u

i had to keep roxy on pause for a few more hours today since i went to my grandma's, so i'm not sure when she'll be an adult! she's only one year old gollly!
rose is lucky, she never has to be paused since she's so easy to take care of!!

that's all for today!! no school tomorrow so i'll hopefully have more updates!! but i'll probably be sleeping in too, i hope rose and roxy aren't lonely with me sleeping in so late! D:

also another HUUGE shoutout also goes to PurplePyonkotchi00! for sending this wonderful message!!

I love your log! I just realized that your tama's name is Roxy, which is what I named my Tama XD we can be... ROXY BUDDIES! XDDD jk... anyway, just wanted to tell ya that I love your log! :33

golly thank you so much you're so kind <3 roxy buddies for the win!! u v u

have a nice day!! <3

((also sorry for the flashes in the pictures!! it's difficult to take pictures at my grandmas since there's not much lighting, so i had to leave the flash on!!))

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Posted 30 January 2013 - 06:56 PM ( #6 )

wednesday, january 30th 2013 <3

good afternoon everyone!~ i slept in till about ten am today, and roxy hadn't even lost any hearts! she got to go unpaused for the entire night and day so hopefully she'll be evolving soon!
roxy is two years old today! and rose is still a lovelitchi as usual. u v u
Posted Image
((rose and a violetchi!! they're both so tiny! <3))

so i did what i said i'd do today, put in the v3 codes that i forgot about! roxy received these items!!
ABBA ACBA - cake
BCAB ACBC - steak
CBAC CABC - cuckoo clock
CACA BABC - stuffed animal
ACBB BACC - hairgel
BCBC CABA - love potion (honey)

i also caught roxy taking a bath!! she was very happy v u v
Posted Image

since she had a fishing pole that we bought from the shop, we decided to go fishing!! hooray!
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
but we only caught a tin can u n u
better luck next time, rox!!

she also had a shovel!!
Posted Image Posted Image
woohoo!! a hundred gotchi points!! u w u

she has nine bars of training now, so it's completely filled! we also have 3890P, but i just spent 1800 buying a trumpet from the shop!! 8)
i can't wait til roxy evolves into an adult so we can play with all of her cool toys c:

thanks for reading everyone, i really appreciate it!! <3 i hope you're enjoying the life of roxy and rose u w u
i think i've decided that after roxy has her baby, i'll change the colour of the text to something different to show that it's a new generation! sounds good?

see you tomorrow lovelies!!


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Posted 02 February 2013 - 12:11 AM ( #7 )

friday, february 1st, 2013 <3

hi everyone!~
first of all, i'm SO SO SO sorry for not updating yesterday!! a bunch of personal stuff happened and i was extremely busy!!

roxy has sadly been on pause for most of the time!! i'm going to take her off pause in the morning and hopefully she will evolve into an adult really shortly!

i'm pretty sure she's three years old!! wow!! v u v

rose has been a good girl, definitely not as needy as roxy so i could keep her on!! u w u

i promise i will be back to normal tomorrow, with a bunch of pictures for you guys! for now here a picture of my tama-go, +color, and iD L!!
Posted Image
((shall i start one of them up? v u v))

thats all for today!! thank you for reading and i'm sorry for the lack of updates!!

have a nice day lovelies <3

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