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Alien Invasion

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Posted 29 January 2013 - 10:24 PM ( #1 )

It's a story I'm writing with my friend. My paragraphs are every other one starting at the beginning.

I walked down the dimly lit street, the only sign of life from the few passerby. Since the invasion, everyone walked at a quick pace and always carried a weapon. Every day there were more reports of missing people, and I was starting to get worried.

It was nerve wracking, every report. I wasn't sure how long this would last but I knew it had to stop. The pale dust from the road surrounded my aching feet as I slipped into the alleyway, I saw no indication of someone's presence except for the eerie sound of muffled breath.

I felt as if someone was watching me and looked around. Behind me was a pair of glowing, purple eyes in the shadows. One of the aliens. I ran, ran as fast as my legs could carry me and turned the corner. Three more pairs of glowing eyes stared me in the face. I was hyperventilating now and started crying. This was not how I wanted my life to end! Suddenly, lowering from the sky was a rescue helicopter with a ladder. I jumped onto it and climbed quickly, but not quick enough. A bug-like hand grabbed my leg and pulled me down. I kicked it in the face and climbed again, getting in the helicopter.

I held my eyes shut and cringed as the ladder pulled me up. I knew to save myself I would have to hold on. The helicopter pulled me up slowly as the aliens jumped at the aged ropes. I was loosing time. For the first time I felt a searing pain in my leg and nearly let go. I was too scared to look down for I knew the aliens were just below me. Also, I wasn't a big fan of heights. The co-pilot pulled me up into the helicopter and I dropped to the cold floor.

After a few hours I had woken up to a bright, white room with marble flooring and pale walls. I was in a plain bed with one pillow and blanket, and when I got up I noticed my thin white PJs. The floor beneath me was cold, but I ignored it and wandered through the building. It was mostly empty and every room had a number on it. Finally I reached the front desk, where a well built guy with chocolate brown hair and deep blue eyes monitored the computer.
I braced myself against the front desk as a wave of dizziness came over me. It became more and more difficult to see and the room began to spin. The icy floor felt closer and closer as I toppled to the floor.

I had woken up again, trying to adjust my eyes to the room. Oh, it was the room I woke up in before. Someone else is here though..?
"Hey. I noticed your fall and brought you back here. You were injured by the.. Creatures.. So I fixed you up and gave you some medicine. You should be better in a day or so." The boy at the front desk said. His voice was not too high, but not too low, and I found myself blushing.
I propped myself up on my shoulder and pushed my light red hair out of my eyes so I could see better. Above my bed was a TV, something I didn't notice before. It had a movie playing right now, but I didn't pay attention to see what it was.
"What is this place?" I asked, my voice sounding higher than normal.






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Posted 30 January 2013 - 11:26 AM ( #2 )

omg dude thats awesome ._.
I couldn't write anywhere near that well when I was your age ^^! You should totally enter some competitions and stuff and earn some 'caching'.

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Posted 30 January 2013 - 04:11 PM ( #3 )

I entered my school ready writing contest. I got 7th place. Thanks for the comment though :3

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Posted 30 January 2013 - 04:24 PM ( #4 )

Chapter 2

"You'll know when you get better." the guy said, not even looking up from his hands. "You might pass out again. Just wait." I sighed and pulled myself off of the bed. Again the floor was freezing as I dragged myself around. I walked down what appeared to be the main hallway to find branch after branch of the building.

The final branch of the building was smaller and sealed off, a big biohazard poster on locked metal doors stood before me. There was a small window to the side, where I could barely make out people in there. They were severely injured and some, though I would rather not come to the conclusion, looked dead. I felt a gag coming on so I turned around and headed back the other way. I was starving, the growls from my stomach making me realize it. I headed to a cafeteria I saw earlier and entered, where some people in the work uniforms were eating, and some people like me eating. I slowly walked up to the counter, feeling all eyes on me, and looked at the menu.

It may have just been the pain medicine they gave me but I could not recognize the words. In my mind they appeared to be written by the aliens. Before I knew it there was food, though it looked more like a sponge on a cold metal tray than edible. The worker serving the food gave me clear water, which I hadn't seen since the invasion and I walked to the tables.

A group of people around my age were discussing the unfamiliar ( and inedible) food. I took a deep breath and sat down next to a petite girl with pale blonde hair and hazel eyes, looking down at the meal before her.
I said shyly to everyone. I wasn't ever one to make friends.

For what felt like eternity they stared at me before the blonde girl finally spoke. "Hi. I'm guessing you're new here? I saw you walking with a crazy limp, what happened?" My mind froze for a second as her question rang through my head " I was attacked, uh, I don't know how long ago actually. I can't remember much." Not knowing what else to say, I poked the spongy food nervously.

They took the answer in for a minute before replying.
"Oh. We've all been attacked. That's why we're here. This is a protection center for the injured, this is where everyone is disappearing to."
The boy across from me said. I was a little glad that was what this place was. finally I fit in.
I looked across to the boy and was about to say something when his facial expression darkened.
"Is there something wrong with your.. your eyes? They just flashed purple.."
My heartbeat raced as I imagined everything that could be wrong with me at once.

Was I going to turn in to one of the monstrous aliens from one scratch? Was I going to die? Was this boy one of them? The questions piled up in my still adjusting brain as he answered, "Nothing. Nothing is wrong with my eyes. Nothing." His tone was nearly a mixture of secrecy and fear. He even looked somewhat offended as he glared at me.

The girl beside me looked like her biggest secret just got out. She got up quickly and half ran half glided back to her room. What was that all about? We're we all turning into aliens? Is this some kind of zombie-alien camp? I could not die here. I had so much to look forwards to in life, and now it's all ruined?!
My breathing became faster and faster until the workers grabbed me and took me somewhere...